Top 10 Wedding Venues in Delaware

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Are you on the lookout for an impeccable wedding venue in Delaware? You are lucky enough for bumping into this post.

Below is a list of the ten best wedding event venues in Delaware.


The Deerfield offers a spectacular blend of natural landscapes and stately architecture which make it perfect for your big day. Couples have the option to celebrate indoors with the venue’s fine art and exquisite decor or outdoors on lavish lawns with stunning panoramic views.

Deerfield can help couples achieve their dream wedding through the help of their in-house team of professional coordinators. Thus, whether you have a theme in mind or you are still looking for inspiration, their team of experienced coordinators can help you.

Address: 507 Thompson Station Rd, Newark, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-368-6640


Hotel Du Pont

Hotel Du Pont’s elegance and sophistication will serve as a great background for your wedding day. The venue has been one of the most popular wedding venues in Wilmington, Delaware for decades.

Couples may celebrate their wedding in the Gold Ballroom, an area in Hotel Du Pont that offers neo-classical architecture style, gilded rosettes, and glittering chandeliers. On the other hand, couples may also choose to hold their wedding at the venue’s du Barry Room which showcases elegant scones, a luxurious crystal chandelier, and towering pillars.

Hotel Du Pont offers the service of an experienced wedding planner who can help couples plan the best wedding.

Address: 42 W 11th St, Wilmington, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-594-3100

Salero Restaurante

The Salero Restaurante overlooks the boardwalk of the Rehoboth Beach as well as the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want the sea to serve as a backdrop for your wedding, then this venue is something you should definitely consider choosing as your wedding venue.

The venue offers four wedding packages that couples can choose from. Their highest-tier wedding package is the most popular due to the numerous features and inclusions it has.

The Salero Restaurante is a perfect place for couples who wish to celebrate their wedding day in a stunning and romantic ocean view.

Address: 511 N Boardwalk # 8, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Phone Number: 302-227-8630


Secluded Oasis

If you want to celebrate your big day at a top-notch wedding venue in Delaware, then you should check out Secluded Oasis. This venue also provides all the amenities and services couples need for their wedding day. Thus, they do not only provide an exceptional place to hold your wedding day, but they can also help you with everything you need to make your most-awaited day a huge success.

The venue features the stunning beauty of the nature that surrounds it including the lakes, ponds, bridge, and towering trees. Moreover, apart from the impeccable view, the venue also comes with experienced staff to accommodate you and your guests.

Address: 18674 Asketum Branch Rd, Georgetown, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-858-6555

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is titled as the hidden gem of Delaware for a reason. This wedding event venue offers a romantic setting for wedding ceremonies.

The place features a gorgeous outdoor space that serves as the venue’s ceremony site. The area features a 4-acre manicured garden which makes a beautiful background for weddings.

The Farmhouse offers a professional event planning service, catering service for a maximum of 175 guests, a premium-quality sound system, a coffee and tea bar, and other essential amenities.

Address: 5600 Old Capitol Trail, Wilmington, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-999-8477


Buena Vista

Buena Vista is a country estate in Delaware that was built by  John Middleton Clayton, a US statesman. The venue is luxuriously classic when it comes to architecture and style, hence why it is a perfect place for special events and gatherings such as a wedding.

If you want to have your wedding in the venue with all the people that are closest to you and your other half, you can book the entire estate. The venue includes rooms which you and your guests may stay in overnight.

Address: 661 S Dupont Hwy, New Castle, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-323-4430

Brick Hotel

Located in quaint Georgetown, the Brick Hotel is a traditional and magnificent wedding venue. This hotel features indoor and outdoor spaces that offer historical sophistication which you surely won’t find anywhere.

Brick Hotel also offers a professional wedding planning service to help couples achieve their dream wedding at the place. Whether you want a unique theme or a specially customized menu, their staff can surely cater to your requirements.

Address: 18 The Circle, Georgetown, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-855-5800


Claymont Ballroom

The Claymont Ballroom offers a spacious venue for couples to have their dream wedding. The place is ideal for themed weddings and posh decors due to the space being unobstructed. With the venue’s expansive area, couples can definitely do any type of wedding theme they desire.

The venue’s wedding package includes 5 hours of venue use and it can accommodate up to 350 guests. The package also includes a full-service buffet, customizable beverage packages, as well as a complimentary champagne ceremony for the bridal party.

Covered Bridge Inn

If celebrating your big day on a country farm in Delaware seems like an interesting idea for you, then you should check out the Covered Bridge Inn. When you choose to get married in this venue, you and your other half will exchange your vows while being surrounded by a historical farmhouse, pastures, ponds, a barn, and more.

Covered Bridge Inn features their event center which is called the Dairy Barn. This event center can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Address: 30249 Fisher Rd, Lewes, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-542-9605


Bear Trap Dunes

The Bear Trap Dunes earned the title as one of the best wedding venues in Delaware. The venue features a clubhouse that serves as an impeccable setting to celebrate your big day with your life partner and the people closest to you.

The Bear Trap Dunes also feature their Dunes Room Lawn which is a picture-perfect area for wedding ceremonies.

Address: 7 Clubhouse Drive, Ocean View, Delaware

Phone Number: 302-537-5600


Now that you know the ten best wedding venues in Delaware, you should be able to pick the best place for you and your loved one’s big day in no time.

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