Magical Harry Potter Inspired Wedding

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Have you always dreamed of receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter? Are you an avid fan of Harry Potter and want to include your love in your wedding day? Anything is possible when it comes to your special day and you will be glad to know that you can bring the magical fantasy world of Harry Potter to life on your wedding day. It is becoming more popular for weddings to have themes and people are bringing in unique aspects that make it special for them.

If you are a huge fan of Harry Potter, we have some fantastic wedding ideas that can give you inspiration for your big day. Let’s check them out!


Daily Prophet Save the Date

Everybody has to send out save the date cards to their guests. This is going to let everybody know you are having a wedding and when they can expect the ceremony. Of course, it also lets them know they are invited and that they should keep that date free for the special day. But if you are having a Harry Potter style wedding, you have to make sure everybody knows what to expect. Therefore, we suggest making Daily Prophet save the date cards! This is featured in the movie and you can be on the front page. This is a fun way to let your guests know they are invited.

Include a Quill Guestbook

If you are going to have a lot of guests are your wedding, it can be difficult to speak to everyone on your big day. One of the best ways for your guests to leave their messages to the happy couple is with a guestbook. Again, this is a good way to have fun at your Harry Potter themed wedding. You can have an enchanted guestbook that includes a quill pen. This is exactly what students at Hogwarts use to write with and it can be the small touches that really add to the theme.


Chocolate Frog Wedding Favors

A lot of couples like to give all of their guests a wedding favor on the special day. After all, you want to thank all of your guests for coming and making the day wonderful for you and your new partner. But a lot of wedding favors are popular and have lost their value. But if you really want to bring the magic of Harry Potter to your wedding, you are going to have to mix up the wedding favors. A fantastic idea we have is to give all of your guests’ chocolate frogs. For anybody that knows the movie, this is going to be a funny gift. Of course, it is also going to be one that is delicious to enjoy later on.

Potter Props for Photographs

On your special day, there is always going to be some time that is dedicated to photographs. This is your time to have some fun and really capture the magic of Harry Potter on your wedding day. You can have a lot of props to have fun with for the images. For example, this can include flying broomsticks, the real Harry Potter Books, school scarves and wands. You can have some fun with this part of the wedding and these are going to make wonderful photographs that you can cherish forever.


Themed Attire for Guests

Have your guests join in with the theme and have some fun is going to make your wedding day special. So, why not get everyone dressed up for the occasion? You can provide all of your guests with Harry Potter scarves for the big day. We are talking about including all of the different school houses, such as Gryffindor and Slytherin. This allows everyone to join in and there are also going to be some fantastic wedding photographs during the ceremony. You can also give your guests some freedom to choose the house they want to be in for your wedding day. You can even allow them to grab a magic wand for the ceremony!

Choose a Castle Venue

Unfortunately, it is not going to be possible to get married at Hogwarts. But you can choose somewhere that looks very similar. Spend some time researching castle venues where you can get married. It can help with the overall Harry Potter theming. Once you add some props and custom signs, this is going to look amazing.

Include Honeydukes’ Treats

Every wedding has to have sweet treats for after the celebrations. This is a perfect opportunity to build on your Harry Potter theme. There is only one place that is going to sell amazing treats for your guests and that is Honeydukes! Here, you can have some fun and enjoy some magical treats. This can include chocolate wands, chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Beans. You can include some different flavors and guests can have them during the dinner courses or afterward with the cake. You can even have sweet treats available during the day. guests are going to appreciate the extra effort you are making.


Offer Butterbeer

Weddings are for celebrating and this means offering a bar to your guests. Again, get your thinking cap on and think about beverages you can serve that fit your Harry Potter theme. One that we think is great is Butterbeer. This is going to give your guests the opportunity to try something new and enjoy the butterscotch flavor of this beer. Your wedding is all about having fun and we cannot think of a better way to do it than with some amazing Harry Potter themed beverages!

Have Large Dining Tables

A lot of the time, couples choose to have round wedding tables and have a lot for their guests. But why not try to make your wedding reception look like the Hogwarts Great Hall? In other words, you can have long dining tables and this is where your guests can enjoy their dinner after the ceremony. It still gives everyone the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the evening together.

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