Top 10 Wedding Venues in Long Beach

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On the lookout for a top-rated wedding venue in Long Beach, California? This list of the top ten wedding facilities in the city might help you with your hunt.


Belmont Shore Chalet

Address: 5107 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-438-1557

Located at the core of Long Beach, the Belmont Shore Chalet is an exquisite ballroom studio renowned for its impeccable wedding hosting services. This wedding venue provides couples with three stunning ceremony venues, which are The Peninsula, Granada Beach, and Claremont Beach.

The Belmont Shore Chalet also features an expansive bar area and banquet room with polished wood flooring, neutral color tones, and dazzling chandeliers.

When you choose to get married in this venue, you will be provided access to an array of exceptional amenities such as chairs, tables, linens, catering service, and wedding planning services.


Long Beach Marriott

Address: 4700 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-425-5210

Boasting a 17,000-square-foot event space, the Long Beach Marriott is the perfect place to turn every bride’s dream wedding into reality. This sophisticated hotel offers the service of an expert wedding planner who can help you achieve an impeccable wedding celebration.

This wedding event venue also caters to various wedding types and provides an array of inclusive wedding packages to meet every couple’s needs and budget.


Queen Mary

Address: 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 877-342-0742

Queen Mary has been one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Long Beach for over 70 years. This lavish ship in Southern California features world-class amenities, including their expansive event spaces: Grand Salon and Queen Salon.

If you are planning on having an intimate wedding, the Queen Mary features an exclusive wedding chapel which is perfect for private weddings. On the other hand, if you plan on having a more luxurious wedding, the ship’s Grand Salon can accommodate up to 750 guests.


Scottish Rite Event Center

Address: 855 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-435-8381

If you would like to tie the knot in a historical landmark in Long Beach, California, then the Scottish Rite Event Center is the way to go. This event venue is perfect for couples who are big on historical charm and elegance.

This historic building features a romantic spiraling staircase which makes a great spot for wedding photos. The venue also offers an auditorium with 800 seating capacity, a first-class performance stage, arched entryways, a grand piano, a cutting-edge sound system, and so much more.


Socal Beach Wedding

Address: 3740 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 855-933-8697

Socal Beach Wedding boasts a number of wedding ceremony spaces along southern California’s Pacific Coast. This mobile wedding venue provides top-notch beach wedding celebrations.

If you are on a budget, the Socal Beach Wedding’s Long Beach wedding location is their most affordable option.

Moreover, this mobile-based wedding venue can help you choose the best location where you and your other half can start a new life together.


The Modern

Address: 2801 East Spring Street, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-373-2801

For couples who are looking for a contemporary-style wedding venue that exudes elegance and urban charm, The Modern in Long Beach, California is a great choice. This luxurious wedding venue provides couples with the opportunity to experience flying on a private jet to celebrate their big day.

The Modern also features a spacious hall with a private elevator, lavish chandelier, expansive windows, and stunning concrete flooring.

This wedding venue is undeniably the ultimate wedding destination for couples who relish world-class luxury.


The Reef Restaurant

Address: 880 Harbor Scenic Drive, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-435-8013

The Reef Restaurant offers stunning views of the ocean as well as the magnificent vistas of the skyline. This wedding and event venue features a romantic outdoor patio featuring marina views as well as an indoor ballroom with high ceilings, pane windows, and an expansive dance floor.

This wedding venue also provides a professional wedding coordinator service who can help you plan every detail of your wedding and ensure that everything flows accordingly on the big day.



Betty Reckas Cultural Center

Address: 5761 East Colorado Street, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-426-7059

Betty Reckas Cultural Center provides couples and guests with both indoor and outdoor spaces for wedding ceremonies and a stellar ballroom for receptions.

The Banquet Hall’s foyer features travertine tiles as well as an attached bar. The venue’s main ballroom boasts a massive fireplace, a luxurious chandelier, and high ceilings.

The venue provides couples with an array of wedding packages that already includes a number of essential amenities.


Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Address: 200 South Pine Avenue, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-624-6102

If you dream of celebrating your wedding day in an extravagant hotel along with the Convention Center and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, then the Hyatt Regency Long Beach is the best place to choose.

This wedding venue boasts a 30,000-square-foot event space that couples can use to host their wedding ceremony and reception.

When you book one of the hotel’s wedding packages, you will be provided with a number of amenities such as pre-wedding prep rooms, event coordinator, lighting, sounding, and more.



Virginia Country Club

Address: 4602 North Virginia Road, Long Beach, California

Phone Number: 562-427-0924

Couples who want to experience the ultimate wedding celebration should check out Long Beach’s secluded treasure, the Virginia Country Club. This wedding venue is perfect for couples who want to have an inexplicably romantic ceremony in a luxurious event space.

This event venue features three indoor and two outdoor event spaces which can cater to any type of wedding ceremony and reception.

Moreover, the Virginia Country Club also provides the service of an expert wedding planner and an array of wedding packages.



 Long Beach is undeniably one of the dreamiest cities where you can make your dream wedding happen. So if you are looking for the best wedding venue in town, one of the facilities mentioned above might be the one you’re looking for.

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