Top 10 Wedding Venues in Baltimore

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Planning your wedding can be exciting and at the same daunting, especially when it comes to choosing the right venue. Just like most couples, you probably want a blissful, unforgettable wedding ceremony that is held in a perfect venue.

If you are living in Baltimore, then selecting the most suitable venue for your needs will never be a problem. Baltimore is home to dozens of historical buildings, luxurious hotels, and other scenic wedding venues.

To make the planning process less dreadful and stressful, below are suggestions for the best wedding venues in Baltimore.


Belvedere and Co. Events

Address: One East Chase Street, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4103321000

This event venue is situated in Baltimore’s downtown. It has been accommodating memorable and extraordinary celebrations for over a hundred years. This well-preserved functional space has plenty of stunning features, including elegant, bright chandeliers, soaring ceilings, and a wide ballroom. The ballroom can accommodate a maximum of 400 people for meals and cocktail receptions. Wedding packages include a three-course dinner, champagne toast, bridal parlor, and cocktail room.


1840s Plaza

Address: 29 S. Front Street, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4103851840

This famous Baltimore spot is no stranger to weddings and grand celebrations. It has its dedicated organizing and management team who will provide their guests nothing but exceptional accommodations and services. 1840s Plaza is also available for guests who prefer to stay overnight.

Moreover, they work with well-known caterers who provide seamless catering services. Celebrations can be held at the Ballroom or the 1840s City event space. Each area has different vibes and decorations.

The 1840s City has Latin-inspired decor while the 1840s Ballroom has bar mitzvahs and scenic garden views. It is up to soon-to-wed couples to choose what suits their preference the most.


Address: 2010 Clipper Park Rd #119, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4102432010

As the name states, Corradetti is a gallery and a glassblowing studio. Sitting on 3,300 sq. ft of land, this historical venue is unique and one of a kind for wedding celebrations. One can’t deny its incredibly fascinating and gorgeous setup as it features a 20-foot ceiling, massive windows, bamboo floors, and stylistic brick walls.

If you choose this venue to celebrate your big day, you will gain access to its top-notch gallery level with a bar, glowing glass, elevated stage, and vibrant party lights.


American Visionary Art Museum

Address: 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4102441900

For couples who dream of having an incredibly unique and mesmerizing venue for their wedding, then the AVAM – American Visionary Art Museum will perfectly suit their interest. Hosting an event at this venue will indeed astound your guests as it features unlimited focal points and photography opportunities.

The Sculpture Barn and Garden can accommodate a maximum of 125 people while the cocktail-themed reception can accommodate up to 250. Moreover, the banquet room, which is the iconic Jim Rouse Center, can hold up to 400 people, making it ideal for hosting grand weddings.


Baltimore Museum of Industry

Address: 1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4107274808

This local museum has facilities available for rent. Whether you are hosting a big or small event, this museum can indeed accommodate your needs. It has two functional areas: the Alonso Decker Gallery and the outdoor pavilion.

The Alonso Decker Gallery has a terrace, floor-to-ceiling-tall windows, and a room good for 300 guests, a dance floor for 250 people, and cocktail service for 500. On the other hand, the outdoor pavilion can accommodate a maximum of 300 guests and they will get to enjoy the scenic water views.


Evergreen Library and Museum

Address: 4545 N Charleston St., Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4438409585

This venue offers tranquil garden views that are perfect for a wedding backdrop. Its Upper Garden is an open area and it can accommodate a maximum of 500 people. Nonetheless, it can be tented if you want more comfort and convenience. Additionally, this venue has a dance floor that can comfortably hold 400 people seated.

This stunning location is home to manicured lands, marble statues, and a historic fountain. For a grander occasion, you may want to rent the 5-acre meadow with a picturesque footbridge and tall trees.


The George Peabody Library

Address: 17 E. Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4438409585

If you’re the kind of person who believes libraries have an impactful vibe for a romantic, fairytale-like wedding, then this venue is for you. The George Peabody Library specializes in wedding receptions and ceremonies. Nonetheless, it can also cater to other special occasions.

The entire library can accommodate a maximum of 350 people standing and 200 seated. The management offers alternatives to amplified music as amplified sounds aren’t allowed in the venue to maintain it.


Kimpton Hotel

Address: 2 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4436926170

This luxurious spot provides easier access to Baltimore’s urban offerings. This elegant boutique hotel is located in the B&O Headquarters and is home to 221 guest rooms. These rooms greatly vary; some have bunk beds, while some have soaking tubs specially made for couples to enjoy their bubble bath. Party rooms devour a total of 10,000 sq. ft. of divided spaces that can host a maximum of 150 people and 300 people for cocktail receptions.


Martin’s Caterers

Address: 9000 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4106868500

This event venue can host dinners and banquets for both large and small groups. Accommodation capacity ranges from 50-2,000. You and your guests will take pleasure in their extensive menus as dinner is prepared by experienced culinary teams and a chef. Moreover, the management also allows off-site catering services to further suit their guests’ preferences.


Mobtown Ballroom

Address: 861 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD

Phone number: 4436993040

If you and your partner are after a more vibrant, fun, and playful atmosphere for your wedding, then Mobtown Ballroom might be worth checking out. This venue features live dancing, music, and more. It also includes a 2,500 sq. ft. dance floor, a 1,200 sq. ft. foot stage, a beautiful oak bar, and a quality sound booth. There is also an air-conditioning system to keep your guests cool during and after the dance.



The best thing about planning your wedding is you can personalize it all you want. You also have the option to choose a wedding venue that is most fascinating to you and your partner. If you are searching for a wedding venue in Baltimore, use these suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

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