Top 10 Wedding Venues in Utah

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Are you searching for the best wedding venue in Utah? This list of the top 10 wedding venues in the state might help you choose the right one.

Barbwire and Lace

Address: 2182 N Glendon Way, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Phone Number: 801-787-7325

Located in Pleasant Grove, Barbwire and Lace is a unique event venue offering magnificent mountain views. The property provides 3.5-acre grounds, and it provides couples with a vast array of outdoor and indoor event spaces. The venue also has ample parking spaces where your guests can park their vehicles conveniently.

Barbwire and Lace also come with a bride’s room and a groom’s room where couples can separately get ready along with their parties. The venue also offers several essential amenities to make your big day a success.


Heritage Gardens

Address: 2050 Creek Rd, Sandy, Utah

Phone Number: 801-944-4575

The Heritage Gardens is hailed as one of Salt Lake City’s top outdoor event venues for many great reasons. The venue offers a full-service, urban-style event space within Utah’s astonishing forests. Thus, if you and your soon-to-be wife are big nature-lovers, then the place is perfect for holding your big day in.

Heritage Gardens provide a magical setting where couples can tie-the-knot while surrounded by the people closest to them. The venue features a gazebo and adorable flowers, which makes a picture-perfect backdrop.


Le Jardin

Address: 1910 Dimple Dell Rd, Sandy, Utah

Phone Number: 801-326-2511

This location is considered one of the most stunning wedding centers in the state of Utah. It is undeniably a magical venue where you can make your dream wedding come to reality. The property has a lush garden event setting and exquisite vista views that make incredible wedding backdrops.

The Le Jardin features two indoor garden buildings and a gorgeous courtyard garden boasting an extravagant fountain and lush greens.

Lastly, the entire property can accommodate up to 800 guests. Thus, whether you plan for an intimate wedding or a grand one, the Le Jardin has you covered.


Millcreek Inn

Address: 5802 East Millcreek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone Number: 801-278-7927

Secluded along the mountains, wildflowers, pines of a majestic canyon, and tranquil streams, the Millcreek Inn is an exceptional wedding venue for nature-loving couples. This event venue has been providing exceptional hosting service for wedding events in Utah since 1999.

Stunning sceneries of majestic mountains and garden cliffs surround the entire outdoor setting and make exquisite wedding backdrops.

The property’s outdoor event space can accommodate up to 250 guests.


Quiet Meadow Farm

Address: 1805 E 1200 N, Mapleton, Utah

Phone Number: 801-438-9394

If getting married at a rustic barn event venue is something you and your other half would be into, then you need to check out the Quiet Meadow Farm. This Mapleton-based property offers ample space for wedding events.

The venue can accommodate up to a maximum of 200 guests for its indoor venue and up to 300 guests in its outdoor seating.

Furthermore, the Quiet Meadow Farm’s main space features exquisite decors, wagons, and antiques, which will definitely make the venue utterly magical.

Shangri-La Event Center, Toquerville

Address: 1700 Shangri-La Rd, Toquerville, Utah

Phone Number: 435-258-6232

Nestled in Toquerville, Utah, the Shangri-La Event Center is an astonishing oasis surrounded by lush trees and beautiful waters. This wedding venue delivers a romantic, unique, and secluded outdoor event venue where couples can celebrate their most awaited day.

The entire property welcomes couples and guests with exceptional settings and sceneries that make great backdrops for photos and videos.

The Shangri-La Event Center also provides a clubhouse that comes with a bridal suite, television, a kitchen, and two restrooms.


Aspen Landing

Address: 6388 South Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, Utah

Phone Number: 801-966-1280

Suppose you are looking for a simply elegant wedding venue in Taylorsville, Utah. In that case, you might want to consider picking Aspen Landing. This exceptional event venue provides a luxurious and romantic ambiance, which makes every wedding held in the place unforgettable.

The venue is widely renowned for offering top-notch wedding receptions and a number of exquisite property amenities. Moreover, the entire property can accommodate up to 350 guests. Thus, whether you are planning on having a more intimate wedding or a luxurious one with a bunch of people, you can count on Aspen Landing’s first-class wedding event setting.


Log Haven

Address: 6451 Millcreek Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone Number: 801-272-8255

The Log Haven is an utterly beautiful wedding venue that features stunning wildflowers, magnificent waterfalls, and impressive wedding celebrations. The venue is renowned as one of the top properties that showcase Utah’s mountain splendor’s beauty.

The Log Haven boasts an average of 40 acres of land, which features a tranquil lake that is secluded at the Wasatch National Forest.

Lastly, apart from being an exceptional wedding venue, the Log Haven also provides an array of outdoor accommodations and activities.


Louland Falls

Address: Highway 80, Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone Number: 801-455-4989

The Louland Falls is a unique wedding venue surrounded by gorgeous mountain views, which make great wedding backdrops. This rugged yet utterly beautiful outdoor event venue is a great wedding destination for couples who want to celebrate their big day in a serene and inexplicably romantic place.

The Louland Falls also offers a pavilion for couples who prefer to hold their wedding ceremony or reception indoors.


Alpine Art Center

Address: 450 South Alpine Highway, Alpine, Utah

Phone Number: 801-763-7173

The beautiful views of the mountains, majestic waterfall, and the Alpine Art Center’s delicate flower gardens definitely make every wedding celebrated in the place unforgettable.

The venue provides both outdoor and indoor event spaces, which, overall, accommodates up to 500 guests. The place also offers an array of exquisite amenities to make your wedding at the place utterly magical and memorable.


Final Words

There you have it – those are some of the best wedding venues offered by the state of Utah to date. You have plenty of beautiful options to choose from whether you are planning for an intimate or grand wedding.

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