Floral Musings: How to Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

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As the bride, you are going to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect wedding dress. Once you have found the design you love, it will be time to move onto the accessories. While shoes and jewelry are very important, another consideration you have to make is the bridal boutique. Choosing a beautiful bunch of flowers is going to complete your outfit and make you feel amazing when you are walking down the aisle. Here are some tips on how to choose your bridal bouquet.


Choose the Wedding Dress First

If you have not already chosen your wedding dress, this should be the first thing you should do. This is often going to dictate what your bridal bouquet will look like and you want everything to match your dress. So, hit the town and find your wedding gown so that you can move on and choose your bridal bouquet.


Know Your Budget

Before you start to look at different flowers and consider ideas, you need to be aware of what your budget is. This is going to be different for everyone and you may want to spend the majority of your money on other accessories. Others will want to splash out on a beautiful wedding bouquet. The most important thing to know is that there are going to be options for every budget. But you have to decide what the highest price is you are willing to pay. This is going to narrow down your options and make sure that you do not spend too much.

Show the Florist Your Wedding Dress

If you are visiting a florist for help choosing your bridal bouquet, do not forget to bring a photo of your wedding dress. They are going to see what style you have chosen, as well as the detailing. This is all going to help find the perfect bouquet that is going to complement your dress. Showing them a photo is better than describing the dress. This way, they can see exactly what will match. For example, you will want colors to match and not to clash.

Think About the Season

You may have your own ideas when it comes to your bridal bouquet. For instance, you may have a favorite type of flower that you want to feature in your wedding. But you have to think carefully about what flowers are going to be in season for your special day. There are going to be some that are available all year round. But others will only be certain months, whether this is during spring or summer. This is something to consider.


Choose the Color

One of the most exciting things about choosing your wedding bouquet is thinking about the colors. This is your opportunity to drift away from traditional white and ivory and have some fun. Perhaps you like the traditional look and what your bridal bouquet to follow suit. Of course, this is your decision. But you also have the freedom to choose vibrant and bright colors that match the overall theme of your wedding day. For example, you can choose pinks and reds, as well as greens and yellows. Take your time to decide the colors you like, as well as if they are going to complement your dress.

Consider Your Wedding Theme

Are you someone that likes to have everything matching and making sense? The same principle will probably apply to your wedding day. In other words, you might want your bridal bouquet to match your wedding theme. This is more common than you think and it can really make a difference. Therefore, thinking about the theme of your wedding first is going to be beneficial. Then you can take a look at flowers and colors that are going to complement this theme. This is going to give you a lot of satisfaction on the day of your wedding.

Look at Silk Flowers

Have you ever considered fake flowers for your bridal bouquet? Hear us out on this one. This can be a great option if you do not want to use real flowers. You can get around the seasonal limitations and you can choose from a variety of colors. Essentially, you can enjoy everything you like about real flowers and more. Plus, they are often lightweight and comfortable to hold. Take a look at silk flowers when you are choosing your bridal bouquets. You do not want to write off any ideas too soon.


Make it Comfortable

Do not forget that you are going to be holding your bridal bouquet for quite a while on your wedding day. Everybody forgets just how long a wedding can be. Of course, this is one of the best days of your life. But you are already going to have a long dress, new shoes on and everyone watching you. So, you want to make the day as easy for yourself as possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that the handle of the bouquet is comfortable to hold. The best thing you can do is for plan for this in advance and choose wraps and materials that you like to hold. You also want to try out your bridal bouquet before the big day. This is going to make sure that it is the right size and weight, as well as the right shade for one hand. The more you practice holding your wedding bouquet, the better it is going to look on the big day and in your wedding photos.

Be Personal

If you are unsure of what bridal bouquet you want, why not choose flowers that are meaningful? This is a good way to make them special, as well as to connect with people at your wedding. For example, if your mother has a favorite flower, you could walk down the aisle with it. Think about how you can make your bridal bouquet personal so that you are going to enjoy having it with you on your special day.



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