10 Blush Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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Are you trying to choose a bouquet for your wedding? You want to ensure that your special day is memorable and that everything goes to plan. This includes creating the perfect theme and choosing a style you love. Planning the bouquet can take some time. In particular, choosing what color you want to start with.

A popular color that a lot of brides are thinking about for their wedding is blush. Let’s take a closer look at this color and some wedding bouquet ideas.

What is Blush?


If you are not sure what color blush is, we suggest that you think about the makeup. You often put blush on your cheeks to give you a lovely and natural glow of color. Indeed, blush is known as a medium bright tone of pink.

There are variants of blush, which should be considered. This can give you a lot of choice for your wedding bouquet. For instance, you can get lavender blush and pale blush at one end of the spectrum if you are going for a subtle pink color. Then you have bright blush, blush and deep blush at the other end and this is going to give you an intense and vibrant color. There are a lot of shades in between too.

There are a lot of positive connotations, which mean that brides love the color blush. For example, it is an elegant and soft color that is going to look very feminine for your special wedding day. When you choose a paler version of this color it could almost be neutral. But the real blush color is pretty and perfect for a bride. Some say that it is also a calming and relaxing shade, as well as complements a contemporary or traditional style. In particular, it can suit golds or silver. White is also a good color that suits blush, in addition to grey, mint green indigo blue. This is all going to depend on the style and theme you are going for at your wedding.

10 Blush Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Have you decided that you like the color blush? If this is the case, now it is time to look at some wedding bouquet ideas. This is going to make sure your special day is one to remember and goes to plan. Here are 10 of our top ideas for some wedding inspiration.


Choose Roses

The obvious choice if you are looking for a blush wedding bouquet is roses. This is a stunning flower that is often used at weddings. Of course, it is a flower that is often associated with love and there are different pink shades you can choose from. What’s more, you can enjoy a beautiful rose scent when you are holding your bridal bouquet. There are blush roses to suit everyone’s budget.

Consider Astilbe

Do you want to create a romantic bouquet for your wedding? Then we suggest using astilbe. This is going to look lovely, with pale blush colors, which can change into peaches and pastel shades. You can also combine astilbe with peonies for a beautiful look. You will never want to put your bouquet down!

Combine Peonies and Roses

If you want to be pretty and pink, we suggest combining peonies and roses. You can enjoy a lot of blush shades that complement each other nicely. A wedding florist will be able to combine the best peonies and roses for your wedding bouquet. Remember that peonies are a seasonal flower, which is going to be best in spring and summer months.


Enjoy Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are known for being spring and summer flowers, which might be just what you were looking for for your wedding bouquet. There enjoy a range of purple and pink colors, which includes blush. They can be big and vibrant, which can stand out but still look graceful. They are often used to symbolize love and peace.

Choose Fresh Lisianthus

A lot of people think that Lisianthus looks similar to roses. Again, this makes it the perfect choice for a wedding bouquet if you like this shape. There are a lot of blush and pink shades to this fresh flower, as well as having a luxury style. You may also find that flower called prairie gentian or prairie roses.


Celebrate with Germini

A lot of people find Germini flowers beautiful. This makes it a wonderful choice for your wedding day. They are eye-catching and are available in pink shades, including blush. This flower is referred to as the little sister of gerbera. You can mix Germini with other flowers or enjoy a small and delicate bunch for your bouquet. This choice is all yours.

Select Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a very popular flower since a lot of people love how they bloom, as well as lovely scent they have. This means they are going to be perfect for your special day. You can enjoy the fragrance and the blush colors, as well as mixing them with different shades. This can include red, white and purple.

Try Wax Flower

Have you ever heard of wax flower? This can be another flower that is going to look good for a blush wedding bouquet. This flower is actually native to Australia and it can be a different and unusual choice for your special day. They are going to bloom in late winter, as well as early spring. The wax flower is often thought of as a romantic flower that enjoys long-lasting blooms.


Look at Phlox

If you are having a summer wedding then you have to consider phlox for your wedding bouquet. This flower has beautiful shades of blush and pink that are going to stand out on your special day. They are cheerful and put a smile on your face, as well as smelling lovely. If you want vibrant color, this is the flower you need to go for.

Pick Calla Lilies

Last but not least is calla lilies. This is a beautiful flower that is going to look elegant and classy for a wedding. They are native to South Africa and have grown very popular. You can enjoy pink shades, as well as white and purple.




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