Top 10 Wedding Venues in New York

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Being wed in one of the best cities in the world can both be a delight and a challenge. While you are most likely guaranteed a beautiful accommodation with top quality service in exquisite Architecture, finalizing the choice of the venue remains to be the first hurdle.

It can get so complicated, having been surrounded with such splendor. However, we’re here to help you out. We have compiled a list of the top 10 wedding venues from every part of New York.



Address: 175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Contact: (718) 963 3639

What used to be the Williamsburg Savings Bank is now among the best wedding venues, suitable for both the intimate and the grand. This feat of architectural restoration has garnered so much praise and many awards over the years.

In this venue, guests are guaranteed an experience nothing short of glorious with so many sights to see – from the marble flooring, then the intricate mosaic work, to the frescoed ceiling. If you’re one with style but has a budget to work with, this may prove to be a good choice.


The Foundry

Address: 42-32 Ninth St., Long Island City, New York

Phone Number: 718 786 7778

Among the century-old buildings in Long Island is this refurbished 19th-century beauty. The Foundry used to be a manufacturing spot for varnishes but now showcases the aesthetic of brick and industrial steel.

This venue is excellent for weddings because of its European vibe, indoor greenhouse, and glass enclosures that let the light in. This is an ideal choice if you’re planning to hold a more exclusive ceremony.


Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Address: 630 Bedford Rd., Pocantico Hills, Westchester County, New York, New York

Phone Number: 914 366 9606

Nothing beats saying your vows over the spectacle of vast farmland acres. Blue Hill at Stone Barns is mostly known for its exquisitely fresh farm-to-table food and exceptional service, making it a great choice for weddings. Chef Dan Barber leads the establishment and has never failed to deliver on the best meals for any occasion.

Due to the pandemic, the venue has been revamped to be a chef-in-residence program. Still, they are sure to get back into the business once the medical crisis has been averted.


The Carlyle Hotel

Address: 35 East 76th St., New York, NY

Contact: +1 212 744 1600

The Carlyle Hotel is among the iconic Rosewood hotels in New York. This can only mean modern elegance with an unparalleled standard for customer service. This venue’s visual aesthetic leans on to the charms of “Old New York” blended with Art Deco sophistication.


Tribeca Rooftop

Address: 2 Desbrosses St., Tribeca, New York

Contact: 212 625 2600

If you want to experience New York under the sun and in all its glory, the Tribeca Rooftop is the best choice for you. This venue is peak trendy and chic for the downtown aesthetic.

It champions an overlooking view of the city and a beautiful backdrop of skyscrapers. This is among the best outdoor event spaces for larger gatherings in the city. While it can be a bit pricey, this guarantees any couple a worthwhile investment.


501 Union

Address: Union Street, Brooklyn, New York

Contact: 347 529 6486

As a showcase of flexible space planning and industrial interior design, the 501 Union is a venue that will imbue your celebration with a 50 ft. vaulted skylight over the length of your gathering.

The main spaces include the roofed atrium, a chic cocktail lounge, and a reception hall for your ceremonies. While its amenities are quite modestly few, this can be a great reception venue after a church wedding.



Address: 545 W 25th St., Chelsea, New York

Contact: 212 242 7800

Suppose you like taking your wedding to new heights. In that case, the Glasshouses of Chelsea can promise you magnificent views of New York skyscrapers and skylines.

This venue is especially perfect for ceremonies and celebrations set on the latter half of the day. In addition to the high ceilings and grand terrazzo flooring, assistance is also provided by expertly competent planners and staff that aim to give you the best experience.


The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel

Address: 123 Nassau St., Financial District of New York

Contact: 212 233 2300

Made known by its pyramidal skylight and nine-story atrium, The Beekman is a New York classic and gem created from combined genius. We have the sophistication of designer Martin Brudnizki and chef Tom Colicchio’s culinary prowess for the interiors and the cuisine, respectively.

This venue can be a bit costly, but it’s glamour and architectural features offer nothing short of an unrivaled standard. This Thompson Hotel is the perfect choice if you’re thinking of an exclusive ceremony for just family and friends.


The Rainbow Room

Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown New York

Contact: 212 588 8601

A Manhattan hot spot and a timeless image of New York architecture, The Rainbow Room is a top pick for any celebration with fun and entertainment at its core. With a revolving dance floor as a centerpiece and an iconic crystal chandelier that hovers over the hall, every guest is offered a visage of a perfect event.

It also champions a great view of the city. On top of that, it offers nothing short of grand, and it can hold up to a few hundred of the invited.


The Plaza Hotel

Address: Fifth Avenue, Central Park South of New York

Contact: 212 759 3000

This venue is not only a New York classic; it is an unparalleled staple and a go-to for all higher-ups of fashion and celebrity. The Plaza hotel can hold up to a thousand guests and has several halls to choose from, namely the Grand Ballroom, the Terrace Room, the Oak Room and Bar, the Edwardian Room, the Palm Court, and more. Booking this venue may be a challenge, but if you can get yourself a foot in the door, consider yourself a winner.


Final Words

Getting your big bucks ready is part and parcel of having a New York wedding. Still, in return, you are given an experience worthy of note and recall. A good number of the places mentioned in the list are feats of architectural renovation and restoration, while some showcase old New York’s glamour. With that, being wed in such places may feel like an honor, but it is one that you deserve.

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