Top 10 Wedding Venues in San Diego

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Are you searching for the best wedding venue in San Diego? To make the task a lot less laborious, here is a shortlist of the current top ten wedding hosting facilities in the city.

Depending on your style, budget, and preferences, one of these event venues will surely help you achieve the epitome of the perfect wedding experience:


Ortega’s Restaurant

Address: 141 University Avenue, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-692-4200

Nestled in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood, the Ortega’s Restaurant is a lobster restaurant in Puerto Nuevo style. This upscale wedding venue is perfect for couples looking out for an event venue that offers world-class cuisine masterpieces.

Moreover, apart from spectacular food menu options, the venue also features three event spaces that couples can rent for their wedding day. The three settings accommodate 50 to 75 guests.


The Lafayette Hotel

Address: 2223 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-296-2101

The Lafayette Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in San Diego to date. This luxurious facility offers the charm of old Holywood, making it look luxurious and exceptionally romantic.

The hotel offers three event venues for various wedding styles and sizes. For more intimate weddings, the Veranda is ideal as it accommodates up to 50 guests. For medium-size weddings, the Louisiana Ballroom holds up to 110 guests. Lastly, for more grand and lavish weddings, the Mississippi Ballroom accommodates up to 300 guests.


Flagship Yacht

Address: 990 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 800-442-7847

Have you ever thought of celebrating your most awaited day on a splendid Yacht in San Diego? If you are interested in this idea, then you should definitely check out the Flagship Yacht.

The Flagship Yacht offers flexible wedding packages to suit all couples’ needs, styles, and preferences. Couples can also use a ceremony Captain’s service wherein the yacht’s Captain is the one to officiate the ceremony at the same time.

Furthermore, the venue also offers the following services as an in-house DJ, a professional photographer, event coordinator, and so much more.


Moniker Warehouse

Address: 705 16th Street, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-300-2415

Couples who are searching for the perfect venue for a contemporary wedding style would surely fall in love with the Moniker Warehouse. This modern space located in downtown San Diego is essentially a warehouse with dark wooden flooring, an open ceiling, and white walls.

The venue welcomes you inside a majestic event setting with massive chandeliers and Edison light strings.  It also provides couples with a blank canvass that they can decorate and turn into their dream space for the big day.


The Pearl Hotel

Address: 1410 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-226-6100

If you and your future spouse are big on sustainability, then you would truly appreciate The Pearl Hotel. This event venue offers a 1960s vintage-contemporary style and specializes in intimate weddings.

The romantic events space provided by the hotel accommodates up to a maximum of 150 guests. The hotel also provides many boutique rooms that the couples and their parties can use to get ready before the ceremony.

Apart from sustainability, the hotel is also well-renowned for providing couples with fairly reasonable wedding hosting price points.


Rose Creek Cottage

Address: 2525 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 858-490-0468

The Rose Creek Cottage is essentially a preserved 1920s cottage in San Diego. This event venue has been one of the premier destinations in town for couples who are looking for an exceptional wedding setting at a fairly affordable price.

The venue specializes in hosting small and more intimate weddings with its several distinct event spaces. Furthermore, the Rose Creek Cottage also offers a full-service wedding package, including several services and amenities access.


Hotel Palomar

Address: 1047 5th Avenue, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-515-3000

For couples who are big on style and modern-day sophistication, the Hotel Palomar is a great wedding venue as it exudes urban elegance.

The venue offers three event space options: the stellar ballroom, luxurious penthouse suite, and a lavish rooftop swimming pool deck. Thus, whatever wedding style and experience you want to achieve, the hotel offers you three splendid settings to turn your dream wedding into reality.


Sunset Temple

Address: 3911 Kansas Street, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-795-3630

The Sunset Temple is an exceptional and one-of-a-kind wedding venue located at North Park’s core in San Diego.

The venue boasts a 6,500-square-foot ballroom that holds up to 120 guests and is perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and pre and post-wedding celebrations. On the other hand, for private and smaller weddings, the venue’s VIP mezzanine is perfect as it accommodates up to 50 guests.

When you choose to rent this venue for your big day, you will get access to a wide array of essential amenities to help you achieve the best wedding experience.


Luce Loft

Address: 1037 J Street, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-630-5570

If you and your partner are looking for a stellar wedding venue that exudes a rustic and vintage vibe, look no further than the Luce Loft.

The venue welcomes you to a number of first-class interior touches such as stained-concrete flooring, Edison Light strings, an open-beam ceiling, massive street-facing windows, and a romantic loft.


VENUES Liberty Station

Address: 2640 Historic Decatur, Suite 101, San Diego, California

Phone Number: 619-573-9306

The VENUES Liberty Station is a top-notch event venue sought-after by numerous couples searching for the perfect wedding space. This venue offers couples top-tier indoor and outdoor settings to host their big day.

If you are planning on having a more intimate wedding, the property’s rose garden is perfect as it can hold up to 150 guests.



That’s about it – those are the wedding venues in San Diego that you definitely need to check out. Moreover, now that you have finally unraveled the top venues in the city to date, your next step is to choose the best one who can help you turn your dream wedding into reality.

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