Top 10 Wedding Venues In El Paso

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A wedding is a special day for every couple looking to build a great future for the family. If you plan to celebrate your big day in El Paso, Texas, here are the top 10 most recommendable wedding venues today:

Sky Room

Address: 14801 Montana Ave El Paso, Texas 79938

Phone Number: (915) 922-8220

The Sky Room has all the things a couple will need for a wedding. Besides getting the beautiful venue, you will also be receiving a reliable team led by an in-house event planner. This will help ensure all the necessities and details are taken care of.

You can also have the option to avail the services of in-house catering and also transportation. The venue also offers powder rooms to prepare and relax before making a grand entrance on the staircase.

Keystone Heritage Park

Address: 4220 Doniphan, El Paso, Texas 79922

Phone Number: (915) 584-0563

The Keystone Heritage Park is an excellent venue for meaningful outdoor weddings. You have the Franklin Mountains as the backdrop, and in the surroundings stretching towards the botanical gardens, the pathways are lined with flowers.

Dramatic photoshoots are definitely possible with the special participation of nearby creatures such as birds’ many types. This place is perfect for intimate weddings with a few guests. You can fully utilize the amphitheaters’ availability for your exchange of vows. 

Lone Star Golf Club

Address:  1510 Hawkins Blvd, El Paso, Texas 79925

Phone Number: (915) 591-4927

If you plan to give your guest a blast during the reception, then Lone Star Golf Club can take care of you. For your catering needs, it is a one-stop-shop. You can avail of the in-house catering, and the menu can be customized for your event.

The high-ceiling ballroom, equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, is large enough to accommodate a few hundreds of guests. It also has powder room suites wherein the entourage, and the couple can prepare or adjust the outfits.

Firefighters Hall

Address: 3112 Forney Ln. El Paso, Texas 79935

Phone Number: (915) 598-8065

The Firefighter Hall is owned by El Paso’s Local 51 Firefighters union, which was established in 1984. The facility has undergone renovations and turned into a location where outsiders can utilize it for events such as wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The staff offers different packages that can accommodate all your concerns like budget and style. You can have enough in 4 hours, or you can fully maximize all amenities in 6 hours

El Campanario Ballroom

Address: 10142 Socorro Rd, El Paso, Texas 79927

Phone Number: (915) 858-1419

There is a unique setting located just a walking distance from the Old Socorro Mission. This is the El Campanario Ballroom, wherein it is a blend of vintage and modern elegance.

The area also boasts a gated lot of 8 acres with numerous fountains and a waterfall along the way. This is amazing if you prefer to conduct outdoor photoshoots.

The venue can accommodate around 400 to 500 guests, with a 3,000-square-foot dance floor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.

Epic Railyard Event Center 

Address: 2201 E Mills Ave. El Paso, Texas 79901

Phone Number: (915) 373-7840

The Epic Railyard Event Center should be on your shortlist if you want an extravagant outdoor wedding. . It has an open space location that can accommodate up to 500 guests and give you a degree of liberty in terms of decoration and set-up.

If you prefer having the ceremony indoors, you may do so either in the ‘West Wing’ or the ‘Star Room.’ For a large venue, it is pretty versatile for holding events.

International Museum of Art

Address: 1211 Montana Ave El Paso, Texas 79902

Phone Number: (915) 543-6747

For art lovers, nothing is more romantic than having a wedding ceremony in a museum. That is the opportunity that the International Museum of Art is giving you and your 100 guests.

You get a lot of elegance in the venue, from architectural features such as a grand staircase and hardwood-floor ballroom to the beautiful glass chairs and tables in the marbled-floor foyer available for use. Not to mention, you can access the kitchen area for food preparation and the bridal suites for outfit preparation and adjustment.

Cascadas Ballroom At Country Club 

Address: 1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, Texas 79932

Phone Number: (915) 845-3510

If you don’t have a ceiling on your budget, then the Country Club’s Cascadas Ballroom is a great selection. It can house 700 guests at most. This place has it all; landscapes, VIP treatment, light show, all-out entertainment with a professional DJ’s help, and a seasoned team of designers, wedding planners, and support staff. You don’t need to worry about anything about what you need and want for the wedding.

Alcantar Sky Garden

Address:  One Civic Center Plaza, El Paso, Texas 79901

Phone Number: (915) 534-0600

The downtown of El Paso may be busy, but there is a magical place for special events. This is the Alcantar Sky Garden, a rooftop garden area wherein it has a seating capacity of 160 guests. This is pretty great for a wedding ceremony to be attended by the most special people with concerns for accessibility.

The simplicity is partnered with convenience due to the beautiful outdoor backdrop for photo shoots, varied options for catered dining, and a relaxing ambiance over the busy urban setting.

Royale Palace Ballroom

Address: 11189 Rojas Dr. El Paso, Texas 79935

Phone Number: (915) 591-2015

Do you want to have a ceremony like royalty? This is what the Royale Palace Ballroom can offer you on your big day. With a seating capacity of 120 guests, the venue offers various packages that suit your needs.

In every package, everything is taken care of – ceremony, catering, entertainment, and decorations. Additionally, you can get access to a candy station, bottle service, and professional DJ. It may not be a traditional monarch style, but you can still feel like a modern royalty just for that day with all the amenities and features. 

Final Words

There are plenty of beautiful venues for weddings in El Paso but the list mentioned above takes the cake. Regardless of which one you choose, you will surely have an excellent wedding.

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