Key West Destination Wedding The Ultimate Guide

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Have you always dreamed of a tropical wedding? Would you love to get married on the beach, with sun and sand? Then you should start looking into having a Key West wedding. This is a stunning place in Florida that brides and grooms love and it can provide you with the island getaway you have always wanted.

Do you like the sound of Key West already? Let’s find out more about this destination. Enjoy our ultimate wedding guide!

Where Is Key West?

Chances are, you have heard of Key West before. But you may not be sure where this beautiful destination is. Well, let’s start by saying it is located in Florida. In particular, you will find Key West at the end of the Florida Keys. This is a tropical destination, which is part of a chain of coral islands. If you are looking on a map, you will find Key West at the southern tip of Florida. In fact, this location is the southernmost point in the country. It is also the most expensive place to live in Florida.


Why Should I Have My Wedding in Key West?

There are many reasons why Key West is a popular destination for weddings. Namely, people that are looking for a tropical wedding are going to love it here. The sun is always out and summer weather is here to stay. You can get married outdoors and have celebrations outside with friends and family. Key West actually enjoys the warmest winters in the continental United States. This means that you can still have a warm wedding outdoors during the holiday season.

What’s more, the weather is not the only great thing about Key West. Do not forget that you are on an island. You are surrounded by beautiful beaches, soft sand and blue waves. In other words, you can have an exotic wedding! The beaches in Key West are beautiful and it is one of the main reasons why people vacation and visit this location. What’s more, the sunsets here are unforgettable. This is going to look beautiful in your wedding photographs.


If you are still not sure where to go for your honeymoon, consider staying in Key West after your special wedding day. There are lots of fun activities you can enjoy, such as going reef snorkelling or jet skiing. If you are a daredevil, you can even go parasailing. There are endless activities to enjoy and even if you just want to relax with your new partner, you can lay on the beach and chill out after a big wedding day.

Do not forget that there are a lot of wonderful restaurants and bars in Key West. This gives you lots of options when it comes to celebrating your big day. You are never going to be stuck for places to visit In Key West. What’s more, the locals are friendly and they are sure to be congratulating you on your special day with your new partner.

How Can I Get to Key West?

If you are located in the United States, Key West is going to be quite easy to travel to. A lot of people worry there is not a lot of transport available since it is an island. But this is not true. In fact, it can be pretty fun to get to Key West. First of all, if you are looking for a fun way to get there and are going to fly, you will want to arrange flights into Miami International Airport. You can then rent a car and enjoy a road trip. You will go from Key Largo to Key West, which is an enjoyable journey over a famous bride. It is seven miles long and it is one of the longest bridges you will find in the world. Alternatively, if you are looking to get there quickly, you can fly into Key West International Airport. There are going to be taxis and shuttles that will get you where you want to go.


Where Can I Get Married?

The great thing about Key West is there are lots of places where you can get married. It is all going to depend on what type of wedding you are looking for. For example, you can keep it casual and have your wedding ceremony on the beach.

But there are also a lot of venues you can choose from if you want to take advantage of what the island has to offer. For example, if you are a fan of Jimmy Buffett, you can always stay and get married at Margaritaville Key West Resort & Marina. This is going to give you a beautiful waterfront location to enjoy. Alternatively, if you love nature, you can tie the knot at Audubon House and Tropical Gardens. This is an amazing spot that is popular with couples since you can enjoy the lovely garden for your wedding ceremony. 


Are there Wedding Planners?

It can be difficult to plan a huge wedding on your own. This is particularly true in Key West if you are not familiar with the island. Thankfully, there are a lot of wedding planners here that can help you make your day really special. This includes Blue Orchid Events and Design and Destination Wedding Studio. There are going to be professionals that can help you plan every detail and to make sure that your big day is one that you will never forget.

Are there Photographers?

Do not worry about having to find photographers and fly them in for your wedding. There are a lot of professionals available in Key West. They are going to be able to capture all of the special moments from your big day and you can cherish the memories forever. For example, you can contact Merari Photography, Care Studios, Erika Tuesta or Christopher Ramos. They are all going to have their own style and you can choose one that you like the best for your wedding day.

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