Top 10 Wedding Venues in Vermont

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Vermont is an excellent wedding destination for those who are looking to have a 19-th century themed wedding. However, with plenty of venues to choose from, choosing the best one can be challenging. But, to make the decision process easier for you, we have shortlisted the top 10 wedding venues in Vermont below:


Shelburne Vineyard

Address: 6308 Shelburne Road, Shelburne, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-985-8222

Popularly known as a producer of exquisite quality wine made from grapes grown in northern Vermont, Shelburne Vineyard is an exceptional vineyard and event venue at the same time. If you and your partner would love to celebrate your wedding with some of the best wines in the state, then this place is the way to go.

This venue also provides a loft space that is ideal for wedding rehearsals, private weddings, and small group gatherings. On the other hand, if you plan on having a larger wedding, the venue’s Tasting Room can accommodate a larger volume of guests.


Common Ground Center

Address: 473 Tatro Road, Starksboro, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-453-2592

The Common Ground Center is essentially a Starksboro-based retreat center that offers accommodation services for wedding events. The venue prides itself on providing eco-weddings. Thus, it is perfect for eco-conscious couples but wants to experience top-notch service, first-rate amenities, and picturesque scenery.

You can book the entire event venue for the whole weekend so that you, your partner, and your guests can have the whole property for yourselves. Moreover, the facility can accommodate up to 200 guests, and up to a maximum of 150 people are allowed to stay overnight.


Crisanver House

Address: 1434 Crown Point Road, Shrewsbury, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-492-3589

The Crisanver House is a 120-acre property nestled in Shrewsbury near Shrewsbury Peak. This event venue features country-inspired, historic touches along with a wide selection of first-rate contemporary amenities such as marble bathrooms, heated floors, WiFi connection, and many more.

The venue is well-renowned for its specialty in elegant weddings. Additionally, you, your other half, as well as your guests, would be pleased to stay for a couple of nights in this property and enjoy all of the venue’s on-site amenities.


Mountain Meadows Lodge

Address: 285 Thundering Brook Road, Killington, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-775-1010

The weddings held at the Mountain Meadows Lodge are truly memorable. The wedding venue offers couples exclusive use of the entire property for their big day. Proving top-notch event accommodation for over 30 years, the Mountain Meadows Lodge is truly one of Vermont’s best wedding venues.

Conveniently located along near numerous vendors, the Mountain Meadows Lodge is a convenient venue to plan everything without driving from one city to another to book third-party vendors.


Riverside Farm

Address: 57 Tweed River Dr. Rd, Pittsfield, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-746-8822

The Riverside Farm is a stunning venue that is widely popular among couples across the country. However, the venue only accommodates a few weddings each year, and they get fully-booked fast. Thus, if you and your future spouse plan to hold your wedding in this facility, make sure to book ahead of time.

This 700-acre venue offers several event settings, including six beautifully-renovated barns. If you are looking for the perfect rustic-style wedding, then the Riverside Farm is the way to go.


Skinner Barn

Address: 609 Common Road, Waitsfield, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-496-4422

The Skinner Barn is a Waitsfield-based event venue that is widely popular for its tourism and resort industry. This wedding venue offers a rustic yet exceptionally romantic and elegant feel, which makes all weddings held in it unforgettable.

The property features its red barn as the focal point surrounded by the background of rolling farmland. Additionally, the stunning meadow and the hillsides and mountain views make the perfect backdrop for your wedding day.


Stowe Mountain Lodge

Address: 7412 Mountain Road, Stowe, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-282-4625

Would you like to celebrate your wedding day in a five-star resort hotel along Spruce Peak? If the answer is yes, then you would fall in love with the Stowe Mountain Lodge. This Alpine-style property offers top-notch rooms for overnight guests to stay in.

Apart from providing a first-class resort experience, the Stowe Mountain Lodge also hosts world-class weddings. Whether you are planning on having a more intimate wedding or a large and luxurious celebration, the venue can cater to all your wedding hosting needs.


The Mansfield Barn

Address: 3 Irish Farm Road, Jericho, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-899-2823

The Mansfield barn is an exquisite historic barn nestled in the Jericho farmlands. The property offers a majestic view of its surrounding grounds, making a perfect background for every wedding celebrated at the barn.

When you choose to get married at The Mansfield Barn, you will be enjoying the beautiful vistas of Mount Mansfield.

Lastly, you are allowed to pick your desired location for your wedding ceremony and reception.


The Vermont Wedding Barn

Address: 152 Merino Lane, Bridport, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-758-3276

The Vermont Wedding Barn is a rustic yet romantic and sophisticated wedding venue situated on an 80-acre farm. This family-owned property offers an elegant barn as a venue for events, mainly weddings. Moreover, the barn is also typically used as a reception area for most weddings held at the property.

The place is a great place to host an outdoor wedding as stunning views of nature and farms surrounding it. Furthermore, couples can also opt to stay overnight at the property’s cozy cottage located beside a pool.


Grand Isle Lake House

Address: 34 E. Shore N., Grand Isle, Vermont

Phone Number: 802-372-5024

The Grand Isle Lake House is a 55-acre property nestled along the 2500-foot lakeshore of Lake Champlain. When you choose to tie the knot in this wedding venue, you, your other half, and your guests will enjoy the majestic mountain views, a romantic sunset, as well as the property’s historic touches.

The venue can accommodate up to 32 guests in one of their 13 guest suites. However, if you plan on having a large wedding, you can rent one of the property’s tents.



The venues mentioned above are undoubtedly some of the most romantic wedding venues where you and your life partner can start new beginnings together.

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