Wedding Rings Without Nickel

By Julie •  Updated: 10/19/21 •  3 min read

Allergic reactions to nickel, or to any other metal, are rare. Nickel is used in most wedding rings because it is an important component of most modern jewelry, and is also very common in nature.

However, the use of nickel in all jewelry can lead to allergies if a person is allergic to nickel. The specific reactions are typically localized reactions around the site of the jewelry; there are no systemic effects and there is no need for medical attention.

How to Know You’re Allergic to Nickel

Here is a simple test that you can do to determine if you are allergic to nickel:

There are many types of jewelry that do not contain nickel; however, many of these items are made from precious metals such as gold or silver, which may cause reactions for some people who are allergic to those metals.

After 15 minutes, check for a rash around your wrist by gently rubbing it with a cotton swab. If you have a reaction, you will probably see a rash on your wrist after 15 minutes. If there is no reaction, then you may be able to wear nickel-free jewelry.

You can find a wide variety of wedding rings without nickel, and many of these items are made from different materials. The materials used in the wedding rings may include sterling silver, rose gold, palladium, white gold, rhodium, platinum and stainless steel.

There are also many types of gemstones that can be used for the wedding rings; you can choose from diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Another alternative is to use jewelry with a design that does not contain any metal at all.

Some people who are allergic to nickel may still be able to wear jewelry made from other metals or materials; however, there are some items that should not be worn because they may contain nickel.

Items such as costume jewelry and jewelry made with pearls should not be worn by people who have allergies to nickel because the pearl is often made from plastic and the item may contain small amounts of nickel.

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