Wedding Rings Are Pagan

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Wedding rings are a symbol of marriage. In Pagan Practice, the couple should wear a wedding ring to represent the union of the couple, their commitment to each other, and to their community. This article will explain the history of wedding rings, the tradition of wearing them, and the Pagan implications of wedding rings.

What is the history of the Wedding Ring?

The wedding ring has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, rings were worn on the thumb to symbolize the joining of two families, or as a token of affection between two people.

Sometimes, couples use an engagement ring before using a wedding ring. In this case, the engagement ring is a symbol of their commitment to each other.

In modern times, many couples choose to have their wedding rings made by a jeweler. These days, a wedding ring is usually made of gold or silver. Wedding rings usually have some type of gemstone in them. For example, a diamond may be set in the center of the ring, or a sapphire may be set on top of the ring. The center stone may be used to symbolize eternity and love between two people. The stone is also used to represent their union as husband and wife. In some cases, the ring is engraved with their names so that they will always know where each other’s ring is when they are apart.

Why are Wedding Rings Pagan?

Many Pagans believe that wedding rings are Pagan symbols because they represent the joining of two families and an eternal bond between two people. They also represent loyalty and commitment between two people and their community as well as community support for one another through hard times such as illness or bereavement (divorce). Many Pagans believe that wearing a wedding ring represents honoring your family by showing respect for your parents and spouse’s parents in life (by honoring them in death as well).

Wearing a wedding ring can also represent other traditions. Some Pagans wear wedding rings to honor their heritage. The same applies if the person wearing the ring is married to someone who is not a Pagan. Wearing a wedding ring can also symbolize joining two families together, like when two people get married in a Christian church and then receive communion together. Wearing the wedding ring at these times shows respect for your family by honoring them and showing support for them in life as well as honoring them in death by taking communion with them.

Other Pagans believe that wearing a wedding ring represents an eternal bond between two people and an unbreakable commitment between them. Some Pagans believe that wearing a wedding ring is an act of respect for their partner and their family. Wearing the wedding ring at these times shows support for your partner and your family as well as honoring them in life by showing respect for them while you are alive (as well as honoring them in death by taking communion with them).

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