Wedding Ring Too Big After Weight Loss

By Mackenzie •  Updated: 11/30/21 •  3 min read

After losing weight, you may find that your wedding ring is too big. The ring should fit snugly, but it may not. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem.

What are the causes?

The wedding ring becomes too big after weight loss because you lost your fat layer, or adipose tissue. The fat layer holds the ring on your finger. You can see it in the picture below. The ring fits better when you are heavier because the fat layer holds it in place. When you lose weight, the fat layer goes away and the ring slips off your finger more easily.

How to fix it?

There are several ways to fix your wedding ring after your weight loss. You can cut the ring in half, or you can take it to a jeweler and have it sized.

Resize your wedding ring

Cutting the ring in half can help you get a more snug fit. This is the easiest and cheapest way to fix your ring.

You can take your ring to a jeweler and have it sized. Jewelers charge a fee for this service, but it is worth it if you want your ring to fit better. You will probably need to go in several times before you get the right size.

Get an old wedding band that fits you well and have it sized up to fit your new one

You can cut off an old wedding band and then have it sized up to fit your new one. This method works well if you are still able to wear your old wedding band as well as the new one. It will be easy for you to change from one ring to another when necessary, but both rings will still be fairly tight on your finger when worn together. It will also make getting dressed in the morning easier because you don’t have two rings on at once! If you don’t have an old wedding band that fits, then buy one from a thrift store or try eBay . This way, even if you lose weight again, there is no need for you to buy a new wedding band.

Wear your ring on your pinky finger

Wearing your ring on your pinky finger will help you get a better fit because the ring won’t slide off as easily as it would if you wore it on your index finger. If you wear your wedding band on the same finger that you wear a wedding ring, then it may be difficult to find rings that fit you both. Wearing them on different fingers allows you to get a better fit with the one that is easier for you to wear.

You can use your ring as an accessories

If you don’t want to change your ring size, then you can use it as an accessory. It can be worn on your other fingers or it can be used as a pendant. You can make a statement with your ring, instead of hiding it.

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