10 Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

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Are you somebody that loves tattoos? Would you like to commemorate your wedding in a special and unique way? More people are choosing to get wedding ring tattoos. In other words, on the ring finger, you would get a special tattoo for the wedding. This can be in place of exchanging rings or it can be special for underneath. This is going to be your decision.

If you love the idea of a wedding ring tattoo, you are going to want to look at inspiration to find the perfect design for you and your partner. After all, this is going to be a symbol of your love forever. Here are 10 wedding ring tattoo ideas that are going to give you some inspiration.

The Mr and Mrs Tattoo

Let’s start with a simple yet effective wedding tattoo. We are talking about having Mr and Mrs tattooed onto the wedding ring finger. This is going to be simple and subtle, but at the same time, remind you of your love every time you look at your hand. You can choose the position to have this tattoo, whether you want the writing to go up or down, as well as horizontal and mimicking where the ring would be. What’s more, you can choose the font and color.

The Roman Numerals Tattoo

The date of your wedding is going to be very special to you. Indeed, you are going to want to remember this date for anniversaries and to celebrate in the future too. So, why not have the date of your wedding tattooed on your wedding finger? You can make it more interesting by making it Roman numerals. This is going to look cool and make it unique. You can have this tattooed around your finger or some people like to have it on the inside of this finger. This can be for a subtle tattoo.

The Love Heart Tattoo

You can keep it really simple for your wedding tattoo. We are talking about having a heart tattooed onto the ring finger. This is going to show that you are in love and married to your best friend. You can make it a modern heart with thin lines and this is going to allow a subtle tattoo. Alternatively, you can have it filled in with color if you want it to stand out on your hand. You can really make it your own.

The Initials Tattoo

When you are married, you want everyone to know about it. After all, you are proud to tell everyone that you are married to your soul mate for life. This means that it can be a great idea to get initial tattoos. In other words, you can get the initial of your partner’s first, middle and surname tattooed onto your ring finger. This can look very elegant and subtle, showing that you married them.

The Ring Tattoo

Let’s not forget that you can keep your wedding tattoo simple. In other word, you can have a ring tattooed onto your finger. This can be a simple black band that goes all the way around your wedding ring finger. Alternatively, you can choose a color or design. You can also make it as bold and thick as you want. This is sure to grab everyone’s attention and you can be different from the crowd.

The Red String of Marriage Tattoo

You may have heard about the red string of marriage before. This is when a red thread is used to connect two people. Well, this is a design that you can get tattooed on your wedding finger to symbolize your love. It will look beautiful and it is definitely going to be a conversation starter. You and your partner can get matching designs or choose something similar but unique.

The Infinity Tattoo

When you get married to your partner, you want your union to last forever. So, this means choosing a special wedding tattoo that is going to symbolize this. We have a fantastic idea; why not get infinity tattoos? This is a symbol that shows your marriage and love is forever. What’s more, it is an elegant and attractive symbol that is on-trend right now.

Along the Finger Tattoo

Would you like something different when it comes to a marriage tattoo? Well, we have an idea that you can explore with your partner. We are talking about getting an along the finger tattoo. Just as the name suggests, this is going to be tattoo that runs along the inside of the finger. This means that you can read what it says and you can say something meaningful. This could be the date or location of your wedding. You can even have something special that only you and your partner understand.

The Calligraphy Tattoo

Do you like the style of calligraphy? This is a type of writing that is considered an art. It has an elegant style that a lot of people like. Instead, people choose calligraphy for creating a wedding tattoo. This is going to create an attractive design that you are going to look at fondly for years to come. You can create your own design with calligraphy, whether you want it to be your partner’s name or another message that is special to you. You can also add embellishments like hearts to make your wedding tattoo unique and perfect for you and your partner.

The Lock and Key Tattoo

You and your partner complete each other. You often referred to you both as soul mates and you plan on being together forever. This means that you are going to love having a lock and key tattoo. This is going to show how your love is compatible, with one person having the lock tattoo while the other as a key. This is a sweet gesture to demonstrate your love when you get married and it can be cool design to feature on your ring finger or the side of your finger.

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