My Wedding Ring Smells Like Mildew – What To Do

By Julie •  Updated: 11/12/21 •  3 min read

If you notice a smell coming from your wedding ring, you should probably take it off right away. This is a sign that your ring has been contaminated with bacteria, and the smell will only get worse over time. However, what the cause of the smell is depends on how the ring was stored. Some rings are designed to be water resistant, so they can get wet while swimming or washing dishes. However, if you wear your ring in the shower or a pool, you should avoid this because it can cause mildew to grow on the band.

The smell of mildew is especially noticeable when you put your ring on, but you may also notice it when you take it off or while wearing it. In some cases, people notice a faint but foul odor when they wear their rings at all times, even if they don’t wash them in between wearing them. This can be a sign that your wedding band has been contaminated with bacteria and needs to be cleaned immediately before the odor becomes stronger and more noticeable.

Tips for removing the mildew odor

  1. Remove any stones or gems from your ring before cleaning to prevent scratching them during cleaning. This can be difficult if the stone is inside an intricate design on the band, so keep this in mind before beginning to clean.
  2. Soak the ring in warm water mixed with a mild soap for about 10 minutes. This should remove any residue that is on the ring and prevent further staining.
  3. Dry the ring completely with a soft cloth before storing it away. The moisture from the water and soap can cause the mildew to grow more quickly, so you want to prevent this from happening by drying it completely.
  4. Use an anti-bacterial cleaning solution to wipe down your ring before putting it away. You can purchase this solution at most local jewelry stores or order it online from your favorite retailer. You should also store your ring in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

It is best to remove the rings from your fingers as soon as you notice the smell. Do not wear them when you go out or have people touch them while they are in your hand. It is also a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the ring and before touching other objects. You should also avoid wearing jewelry with other people’s rings on it, especially if you notice a strong odor. If you do wear another person’s ring, take it off right away and store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight until you can wash it properly.

In conclusion, you should remove your wedding ring immediately if you notice a smell coming from it. The mildew odor can become stronger over time, and you don’t want to risk damaging your ring by not taking care of it properly.

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