My Wedding Ring Is Getting Tight – What To Do

By Julie •  Updated: 11/10/21 •  3 min read

For those of you who have just bought a new wedding ring, it is important to be aware of how your ring fits. You should also know what to do if your ring becomes too tight. If your ring becomes too tight, it could cause problems for you in the future. In this article, we will be discussing how to know if your wedding ring is getting too tight and what to do about it.

How To Know If Your Wedding Ring Is Getting Too Tight?

The first thing you should do is visit your jeweler and get it checked. This is because it is very possible that the jeweler will not be able to tell you if your ring is too tight or not. You should also go to a doctor and have him check your ring for signs of problems like: swelling, bruising, irritation, etc. If there are any problems, you should talk to your doctor about it immediately. This way, they can take the proper steps to deal with the problem before it gets worse.

When your ring gets too tight, it can cause a number of problems. The most common is that it can cause swelling on your finger and if this happens, then it will need to be resized. If the swelling is caused by a blood clotting problem caused by wearing a too-tight ring, then you may need to have your fingers cut off in order for them to be removed. This is why you should never wear a too-tight ring for an extended period of time because this can lead to serious problems and possibly death.

Get a blood test for any problems with your circulatory system

There are a few reasons why your finger could be swelling up when wearing a too-tight ring. If there’s something wrong with your circulatory system, such as an aneurysm or heart attack, then you could be experiencing internal bleeding because of wearing a too-tight ring. This could be treated by having blood work done on your finger and if there’s anything wrong found in the blood work, then this would explain why you’re experiencing swelling on your finger when wearing a too-tight ring.

Get a new ring made or sized in order for the fit to be right again

If you’re having problems with your current ring, you may need to get it sized or made so that it fits right again. This is because there are several reasons why your ring could be getting too tight and one of these reasons is that it’s time for your ring to be replaced. When your current ring needs to be replaced, this is when you should take it to a jeweler who can make a new one or resize it so that it fits better. The process of making a new ring or sizing an existing one can take up to two weeks and if you want your new ring as soon as possible, then this would be the best option for you.

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