My Husband Took My Wedding Ring – What To Do

By Mackenzie •  Updated: 11/13/21 •  3 min read

Husbands who steal their wives’ wedding rings are an affront to women who want their husbands’ devoted and loyal partners but also understand that it is expected that husbands can at times not be faithful and commit adultery.

Many women do not report this matter out of shame or fear of the social stigma associated with infidelity. Others simply cannot afford for their marriages to end in divorce because they are unable to provide for themselves financially without a job or because they have children from previous marriages who depend on them. Husbands who steal their wives’ wedding rings have committed a crime and as such must be prosecuted and brought to justice.

It is important for wives to know that if their husbands have committed this crime, they should do all they can to recover the ring from their husbands. They should also make sure that they are protected in the event that their husbands ever attempt to get the ring back.

What To Do When Your Husband Took Your Wedding Ring?

If you suspect that your husband has stolen your wedding ring, there are several things you can do immediately:

  1. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible and ask for advice on how to proceed with filing for divorce. If your husband has not yet filed for divorce, you may want to contact a lawyer immediately so that he will not be able to contest your claim of adultery on the grounds that he did not know about it until after he had signed the papers of marriage or by filing a petition under marital laws. You may also want to file for divorce before your husband files for divorce.
  2. Contact the police immediately and tell them that your husband has stolen your wedding ring. The police will then need to report the matter to the criminal court, which will require you to appear in court and file a formal complaint against your husband. If you cannot go to court on your own, you may want to hire a lawyer who can represent you in court.
  3. If your husband is still in possession of the ring, ask him for it back immediately and try to get it back from him by legal means if he refuses. If he does not give it back or does not respond at all, consider filing a case against him in criminal court or asking a lawyer for advice on how to proceed with filing for divorce. You may also want to file a case against him for domestic violence and ask that he be prohibited from coming near you or any other family members until he gives back the ring or files for divorce.
  4. If your husband has already filed for divorce and is contesting your claim of adultery, it is important that you prove this charge with hard evidence such as photographs of him committing adultery or testimony from other witnesses who saw him commit adultery.
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