My Husband Lost His Wedding Ring – What To Do

By Kathy •  Updated: 11/10/21 •  3 min read

Have you lost your wedding ring? Have you tried to look for it and cannot find it? This article will give you advice on how to find your wedding ring if you have lost it. You will learn what to do when looking for your wedding ring.

What to do when looking for your wedding ring?

When looking for your wedding ring, you need to check every place where you think you could have lost it. You should also look in places where you think it is unlikely that you lost it. For example, if your wedding ring was not on your finger when you took off your jacket, it is unlikely that you lost it in the jacket pocket. The best place to look for your wedding ring is where you normally keep it. Check under pillows and behind cushions and bedding. Also check the drawers of your nightstand or dresser. If possible, try to take off some of the furniture in your bedroom and place them back in place. Look on the floor in front of any doors that lead into a bedroom. Your ring may have fallen down behind the door or have slid under the door frame as someone opened the door while you were trying to find it on a different floor.

If you cannot find your wedding ring anywhere else, then try calling up all of the places where you regularly wear jewelry (e.g., at work, at school). You should also contact any friends or family members who may have seen or heard something about what happened to your wedding ring since it was lost. Ask them to tell you if they have seen your wedding ring or any other jewelry. If you have children, ask them to search through their toys and games for your wedding ring. You may also want to contact the police or emergency services if you are not sure what happened to your wedding ring and you are concerned that it may be stolen.

How to keep your wedding ring?

Put it in a safe place

You may want to keep your wedding ring in a jewelry box or similar container, especially if you have children. However, you should only keep your wedding ring in the box if you can remember where it is at all times and put it in a safe place. You should also consider putting a note on the box to remind yourself of where it is at all times. If you lose your wedding ring again, then you will know exactly where to look for it and be able to retrieve it without difficulty.

Do not use your wedding ring when you do your activity

Do not use your wedding ring when you work. It is not necessary to wear your wedding ring when you are working, gardening, or doing other activities. Also, if you lose your wedding ring while wearing it, then you will have difficulty in trying to find it again.

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