What to Include in a Wedding Invitation Suite

By Kim •  Updated: 01/29/22 •  3 min read

Luxury in the 21st century doesn’t fit the traditional definition of the word. While the term used to speak of the privileges exclusive to an elite few, its meaning has now expanded to describe rich experiences of beauty in its most profound and most inspiring form. When it comes to wedding invitations, luxury denotes the quality of materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and a well-curated styling that went into its production.

Weddings are the perfect venue to display the beauty of luxury. It is the start of a memorable journey for couples resolute in spending their lives together in eternal bliss. And despite the changing times, we uphold age-old traditions, one of which is sending bespoke wedding invitations to family and friends. If you’re recently engaged and wondering what to include in a wedding invitation suite, we’ve listed down its essential components for your reference.

Main invitation card

The invitation card is the main component of a wedding invitation suite. It includes all the crucial details of your wedding, including the time and venue of the marriage rites and reception venue. Your invitation will also include your name and your partner’s, your parents, and everyone in your entourage. Luxury wedding cards should be the epitome of quality; hence it is crucial to ensure all information are accurate before your stationer starts the printing process.

Supporting cards typically included in a wedding invitation suite are as follows:

Response card

Luxury in the context of wedding invitations is reflected in the cohesiveness of your suite. As most couples desire to archive and keep every aspect of their wedding planning streamlined, a response card is necessary. While it’s easy to confirm attendance these days through texts, calls, and emails, a response card is a formal acknowledgement of a guest’s commitment to attend your big day.

The old-school quality of sending a response through the mail is what adds to the uniqueness and sophistication of your event. Do not forget to include a pre-addressed envelope in your invitation suite, so your guests can conveniently send their response as soon as possible.

Mailing envelope

A mailing envelope is an essential component of your wedding invitation suite for obvious reasons. To make your invitation suite extra special to your guests, look for a calligraphy artist who can write the addresses of your attendees. Most stationers offer this as an additional service or a part of a luxury wedding invitation package.

Inner envelope

You invested many hours in the design of your wedding invitation. To protect your main wedding invite and other essential cards, tuck them inside an inner envelope, one that is slightly smaller than the mailing envelope. The inner envelope will also indicate the name of each recipient. If your guests can bring anyone, the inner envelope should include their name and a generic guest.

Your wedding invitation suite offers the first glimpse into your wedding. Make sure to spend time refining each element to make it truly special for you and your guests.

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