6th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Are you looking for 6th wedding anniversary ideas? It can be difficult to choose a gift or arrange a day out when you have been together with your partner for a while. But, with some thought and careful planning, you can ensure that it is a day to remember.

To help you out, we have done some digging and found some thoughtful and fun 6th wedding anniversary ideas. There is something that everybody is going to love. Without further ado, here are some things you can arrange or buy for your 6t wedding anniversary.

Choose Personalized Chocolates

You have probably bought your sweetheart chocolates for an anniversary present before. Indeed, this is something that is always going to be appreciated. But, for your 6th wedding anniversary, you can take it up a notch. Why not splash out and choose personalized chocolates? This is going to give you the opportunity to give your partner a special message. This can be fun, as well as sweet. What’s more, you can both dig into the lovely chocolates afterward! There are a lot of personalized chocolates you can choose from only that will be perfect for your anniversary.

Purchase a Gold Necklace

If you are choosing to give your wife a gift for your 6th wedding anniversary then you have to make sure that it is special. For example, why not buy your wife a sparkling new necklace? Gold is going to be appreciated and show that you have chosen the best for your significant other. You can choose a special charm that is going to mean a lot to your wife, whether this is a heart, bird or stone. They are going to love receiving this gift and it is something that they can wear every day and remember this special milestone.

Enjoy Rooftop Dining

There is no doubt that dining al fresco is fun and refreshing. But have you ever had a meal on a rooftop? There are a lot of restaurants that are now offering this fun experience and this is something you can do to put a twist on your 6th wedding anniversary. You can make it an evening meal and enjoy the views as the sun sets over the city. Of course, this is also a romantic spot that can give you and your partner some alone time away from the house and if you have kids. Can you think of anything better than a good meal, company and view?

Go to a Show

Do you and your partner enjoy getting dressed up and heading out? For your 6th wedding anniversary, you can arrange to see a show for you and your partner. This can be something that you can look forward to and something that is different than your ordinary routine. You can spend the evening together in each other’s company and escape the outside world for a while. Your partner is going to appreciate the fun gesture and the thought you have put into the anniversary gift. It is something you can both enjoy together.

Splash Out on an Engraved Watch

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, you always want to splash out and go big for a present. If you are looking for a gift for your husband, we recommend taking a look at an engraved wooden watch. This is a vintage and thoughtful gift that is going to be very special for your husband. What’s more, it is not just a lovely watch made from quality wood, but it also has a special engraving underneath the face. This allows you to leave your husband a special message and wish them a happy 6th wedding anniversary. Do not worry if you are buying a gift for your wife. There are also some special watches you can have engraved for a woman too. Again, you can choose the personal message.

Get Matching Tattoos

Are you feeling adventurous and spontaneous on your 6th wedding anniversary? Well, we have a fun idea that might suit you and your partner. Have you ever thought about getting matching tattoos? This is definitely an idea for people that love to do something different and this one will certainly make your 6th wedding anniversary memorable. You can choose something that has meaning or a tattoo that is going to be matching in some way. This is going to be with you for life and be a reminder of the love that you share. But, you may want to ask your partner in advance before you arrange the appointment!

Let’s Have Coffee Engraved Spoon

Would you like a loving yet funny gift for your partner for your 6th wedding anniversary? Well, we have something that you are going to adore. Take a look at this ‘let’s have coffee together forever’ spoon. This is going to be great for couples that love coffee and it will make a special gift that portrays your love. Of course, it is also humorous too. The spoon is perfect for coffee and espressos, made from stainless steel with a quality engraving. This is definitely a present they will not have been expecting. But, they will love it and it is something that they can use every day and think about you over coffee.

Enjoy A Personalized Bottle of Wine

There is no better way to celebrate than with a glass of wine in hand. This is definitely something that you should be doing on your 6th wedding anniversary! You can have a low-key celebration with your partner and a glass of wine in the evening. But to add a twist on this lovely time together, why not buy a personalized bottle of wine? It is not possible to have the label customized so that you can give your partner a loving message for your anniversary. This can be a bit of fun and your partner might even want to keep the bottle afterward as a keepsake. Of course, there will not be any wine left!

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