5th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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If your 5th wedding anniversary is coming up, you are going to need ideas to make it different. You have already had four wedding anniversaries and now is an opportunity to surprise your loved one. We know it can be difficult to find unique gifts and experiences when you have been together with your partner for a long time. So, we thought that we would offer a helping hand. Here are some amazing 5th wedding anniversary ideas.

Use a Wooden Frame

Did you know what the traditional symbol is for a 5th wedding anniversary? We will let you in on a secret. The symbol is wood. This is to symbolize how strong your connection is and the strength of your love. What’s more, wood is long-lasting, which is another way to describe your marriage. So, you can use this symbol to purchase a gift for your 5th wedding anniversary. For example, you can buy a special wooden frame. You have the opportunity to frame a special photo from your wedding or a significant time in your relationship. For example, you can purchase this 5 Years of Marriage Wooden Photo Frame. What we like about this one is that it counts the months, hours and minutes and even the days you have been together, which is a nice touch.

Purchase a Gold Dipped Rose

Flowers always make the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. But, if you want to change it up for your 5th wedding anniversary, we have a great idea that your significant other is going to love. We are talking about a gold dipped rose. This is a gift that they can keep forever. Of course, a single red rose is going to symbolize your love for your partner, and this is retained using resin. Therefore, this is what is going to make it last forever. It is also dipped in 24K gold so that it is special, with the gold visible on the petals and leaves. This is a luxurious present that is going to be proudly shown in the home.

Wear Matching Rings

Congratulations, you have made it to your 5th wedding anniversary! If you want to make your gift for your significant other special, then we suggest taking a look at matching rings. This can be a fun and loving gesture. You and your partner can wear them every day and it can remind you of your love for each other. You can choose from a lot of materials, such as sterling silver and gold. This is a gift that they can keep for many years and it will also be something nice to look back on in the future.

Buy a Special Hamper

Instead of going out for a meal on your 5th wedding anniversary, why not make it different and purchase a hamper? There is a lot you can choose from now and have delivered to your home. For example, you can choose a hamper with artisan cheese and biscuits, as well as choosing sweet tooth hampers for you and your significant other. What’s more, you can make the day even more special by taking your hamper somewhere to enjoy. This could be a local park, beauty spot or even somewhere to watch the sunset. 

Try a Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Everybody loves something that is a personal gift and that they can keep to look back on in the future. Well, we love this hand casting kit and this it will make a special gift for a 5th wedding anniversary. The purpose of this kit is so that you can create a mold of you and your partner holding hands. This is going to make a wonderful keepsake and something that you are both going to treasure. Of course, it is special because it is the exact molding of your hands, providing every unique detail.

Personalize a Glass Photo

We all know that you can purchase a special frame and choose a wedding photo for an anniversary present. Indeed, this is a lovely gesture. But, now you are on to your 5th wedding anniversary, you may have done this already. Yet, there is something that you might not have realized existed. We are talking about glass photographs. Just as the name suggests, this is when you have a photo of your choice put inside of a glass tile or block. This makes a beautiful gift and one that is going to be special for an anniversary.

Buy a Cuddly Teddy Bear

We do not know anybody that does not love a cuddly teddy bear! In particular, your partner is going to love this if it is specially for your 5th wedding anniversary. For example, we like this anniversary teddy bear. It has an adorable face and it is also wearing a t-shirt that says, ‘happy wood anniversary’. Of course, wood is the special symbol that is used for a 5th wedding anniversary. So, your partner is going to know that you did not simply purchase any teddy bear and you have put in a lot of effort. What’s more, this is a cute keepsake that you can keep and even give to your young children to enjoy.

Decorate Their Favorite Cake

Nothing says celebrating quite like a cake! You want to make sure that your partner feels special and knows how much they are loved on their 5th wedding anniversary. So, why not get your apron on and bake them their favorite cake? You can also make sure that this sweet treat is special by finishing it off with a Gold 5 Years Anniversary Cake Topper. This is going to add the finishing touches and show how much effort you have put in. It is environmentally friendly and made from sparkling tin foil. What’s more, if you are having a party or gathering, you can share out this cake with your guests. Everyone is going to love a taste of the cake with a nice glass of champagne.

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