4th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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The celebrations do not stop after you get married to your partner. In fact, it is only the beginning! You still have to celebrate being together as a couple and this includes having a special time for your 4th wedding anniversary. You can arrange a day out that you can enjoy together and it can be just the two of you. Alternatively, you can buy your partner something special. If you are running out of good ideas for your 4th wedding anniversary, we have you covered. Let’s check out our ideas.

Go to your First Date Location

Let’s be honest, it is quite difficult to remain original with wedding anniversary presents when you get to your fourth one. So, if you have already bought flowers and all of these gifts before, why not take a trip down memory lane? You can take your partner to the place you had your first date. Perhaps this was a café or restaurant. You can arrange to go there and have some fun. This is a good way to rekindle the romance and remember how exciting it was when you first met. Your partner is going to love this type of gesture and it can show that you have put some thought into your 4th wedding anniversary.

Bake a Cake Together

Everybody loves cake, so you can spend your 4th wedding anniversary making a special one for your celebration. Whether you love lemon drizzle or are a fan of chocolate, it can be fun to spend this time with your partner. What’s more, you can enjoy the cake together afterward. You can get creative and bake a cake that you can give out to family members too. This is going to go down well if you are having a gathering or celebration with others. Make sure you find a good recipe and get all the ingredients in advance.

Head to the Lake

Water can be healing and it can also be fun to spend some time at the lake. You can hire kayaks or a boat for the day and get out and have a good time. Not only can you enjoy the fresh air and the views, but you can also do something exciting and different with your partner. Getting outdoors can be just what you need and you can spend quality time together on your anniversary. Be adventurous and do something that you would normally do!

Look at Wedding Photos

Looking back at memories is always fun. So, why not do that for your 4th wedding anniversary? It is time to get out the wedding album and spend some time looking through them together. You can reminisce and remember the special day, perhaps remembering details you had forgotten about before. You can grab a glass of wine and enjoy the moment, remembering the day and how great it was. Of course, you can also look back on what you have achieved since then.

Watch the Sunset 

When you are busy working or if you have young children, it can be difficult to find time for the small things in life. But, often they are the best. For your wedding anniversary, make time to watch the sunset. This is a beautiful and colorful event that you can watch every evening. But, think about the last time you actually sat down and watched it happen. You can sit with your partner and watch a sunset to spend time together and you can make it romantic. Do not forget a glass of wine or to dine al fresco for this one.

Complete a Wedding Puzzle

Do you and your partner love to play games together? Well, you can arrange a fun game night to celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary. But, instead of playing the same games, you can always purchase a custom wedding puzzle. You can choose any wedding photo that you like and have it made into a puzzle. This can be a fun activity you can enjoy together with your partner, piecing together your wedding photo. Plus, it is a puzzle that you can keep for the future too.

Arrange a Surprise Party

If you really want to have a celebration for your 4th wedding anniversary then there is one thing that you have to do. You have got to throw your partner a surprise party. It is time to get out the address book and invite all of your close friends and family. You can have this gathering at your home or book a venue. This is going to be a wonderful surprise and a fantastic way to spend your 4th wedding anniversary. You can socialize and dance the night away with each other, forgetting the stress of everyday life.

Make a Ring

We all know that you exchange rings on your wedding day. But, we have a fun idea for your 4th wedding anniversary. How about you try to make a ring for your significant other? This can be a personal gift and it can show that you have put a lot of effort into it. There are ring making kits you can purchase and this can be something special to give to your partner. You can create a shape and design that they are going to like and you can enjoy a proposal all over again for your anniversary.

Buy a Personalized Mirror

One thing that every woman needs in her handbag is a compact mirror. This is an essential accessory when you are on the go. This makes it a great gift to purchase for your wife on your 4th wedding anniversary. There are some lovely compact mirrors that you can buy that have messages on them. For example, this compact mirror says on it ‘to my beautiful wife never forget that I love you, your husband’.  This is always going to make your wife smile. There are also other compact mirrors out there that you can purchase and you can have your own message engraved onto it.

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