3rd Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Is your 3rd wedding anniversary coming up? This means it is time to start thinking about the gift you are going to buy your significant other. Of course, there are a lot of lovely presents out there. But you can also arrange a nice day out so that you can spend quality time together.

But, are you low on ideas for your 3rd wedding anniversary? Do not worry. We have come up with some awesome ideas for gifts and days out.

Enjoy a Spa Day

So, you have been married for three years. You are going to know better than anyone that a good marriage takes work. There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days too. The most important thing is that you put in the effort with your partner. So, for your 3rd wedding anniversary, why not get away with your loved one and enjoy a spa day? This is going to be a time for you to relax with each other and be pampered. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect.

Personalize Wine Glasses

It is always essential that you purchase your other half a special present for your wedding anniversary. The time it gets to your 3rd one, you might be running out of ideas. But we have a great one if you and your partner love to enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings. How about buying personalized wine glasses? You can have a his and hers glass so that you have your own one for relaxing in the evening with your favorite bottle of wine. This is a lovely gift that is also practical.

Go Camping

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can get to you after a while. Indeed, it can make romance hard. But your 3rd wedding anniversary calls for something special. So, why not go camping together? You can choose a campground in a beautiful spot in nature and you can relax together. You can enjoy what nature has to offer and without your mobile phone and the stresses of work. This is your opportunity to spend some quality time together and really relax. It is just what the two of you need!

Give an Anniversary Keepsake

Is your partner someone that loves keepsakes and mementos? Then we have the perfect one that you should get your significant other. We are talking about an anniversary keepsake. This is a special figurine that can proudly sit on display in your home. It is made from 24K gold and it features genuine crystals. What’s more, it has on it ‘happy anniversary’ engraved. Your partner will cherish this keepsake for many years to come.

Write a Love Letter

It is easy to take your partner for granted sometimes. But, since it is your 3rd wedding anniversary, you will want to do something special for them and show that you care. You can get out the pen and paper and write them a love letter. This is a simple gesture but one they are going to love. You can put down all of your feelings on paper and remind your partner that they are your world. What’s more, they are going to keep this love letter for years to come. It will be something that they can look back on in the future. Why not write a love letter for every wedding anniversary?

Visit a Comedy Club

There is nothing better than laughing with your partner. If you have ran out of jokes, why not visit a comedy club? There are always different acts on and this can make a fun anniversary evening. Look out for open mics in your area and you may be surprised at what you can find. You can complement this with a nice meal and you can spend some time away from the kids. A comedy club is sure to boost your mood and strengthen your bond with your significant other. Why not enough a laugh together for your anniversary?

Go Ice Skating

In movies, you always see couples enjoying ice skating together. So, why not mix it up and try this out for your 3rd wedding anniversary. Perhaps you and your partner can discover that you are both really good at ice skating. Alternatively, you both might be as bad as each other and you can have a laugh together. While not everybody is going to live in a colder climate to enjoy outdoor ice skating, there are a lot of indoor venues you can check out too. Do not be afraid of taking on a challenge with your significant other!

Buy a Special Cake

If there is one thing that is sure to go down well for your 3rd wedding anniversary it is a special cake! There are a lot of talented bakers out there that can make you any type of cake that you want. Whether you want this cake to have a theme or to feature a photo from your wedding on the top, you have a lot of freedom to create a wonderful cake to give your partner. Of course, the best part is that you can both enjoy it together.

Personalize a Hip flask

Is your partner an enthusiastic drinker? Then they are definitely going to need their own hip flask. This can allow them to enjoy their favorite beverage on the go. But, you do not have to purchase a generic hip flask. You want to ensure that it is special for your 3rd wedding anniversary. In other words, you want to make sure that it is personal. You can easily have a hip flash customized. This can wish your partner a happy anniversary or simply have their initials on it. You can even leave a loving note for them. This is completely up to you. Not only will they love the gesture, but it is a practical gift that they can use all the time.

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