22nd Wedding Anniversary Ideas

By Kathy •  Updated: 11/10/21 •  5 min read

Are you going to be celebrating 22nd years with your partner soon? Congratulations on making it to your 22nd wedding anniversary. This is an awesome milestone that is sure going to be special for the two of you. If you are exchanging gifts or trying to plan the perfect surprise, it can be difficult to think of something original for the anniversary. But do not worry; we have your back. Here are some fantastic 22nd wedding anniversary ideas to help you prepare for the day with your partner of 22nd years.

Offer a Keepsake

A 22nd wedding anniversary is a special one. This means that you have to go all out with gifts. For your loved one, you can purchase this amazing 22nd Wedding Anniversary Word Art Block. This is going to make a beautiful addition to any home and act as a keepsake from your special day. It is made from quality beech wood and it has a stunning pattern on the front. This includes having a red 22 heart. Your partner is going to want to have this art on display in your home.

Purchase Engraved Cufflinks

Are you exchanging gifts with your husband for your 22nd wedding anniversary? Perhaps you can think about engraved cufflinks. This is something that every man likes to wear with a special suit. But you can make them unique by having them engraved. You can choose whatever you like for the engraving, such as their initials, the date of your wedding or a birthday. This is going to be a special gift that they are going to love and they will know that you have put in a lot of effort for your wedding anniversary.

Choose Red Spinel

If you are getting your significant other some type of jewelry for your 22nd wedding anniversary then you have to choose red spinel. This is the gemstone that is specially for this year and it is going to look great on earrings, rings, necklaces and even cufflinks. This is going to show your partner that you have thought carefully about their gift and it can make it extra special. In years to come, this can be a special piece of jewelry that means something, as well as being a lovely gift that your partner can wear every day.

Take a Helicopter Ride

If you want to do something really different and exciting for your anniversary, we suggest arranging a helicopter ride. There are a lot of opportunities to go exploring in the sky and see the world from a different angle. In particular, it is simple to arrange a helicopter ride that is just the two of you. This way, you can go exploring together and enjoy some beautiful sites. Just make sure that you or your partner are not scared of heights for this one, as a helicopter can still go pretty high in the sky!

Plant a Tree

If you and your partner have a yard that you love, perhaps it is time to plant a new tree. Trees often have meaning and they can be symbolic. For example, the fern tree is known to symbolize honest love, while the cherry blossom tree with its lush flowers is also a symbol of love. You can allow your gift to your partner to have a deeper meaning on your 22nd wedding anniversary and planting a tree can show that your love is going to continue for many years to come.  This is also an activity you can do together in the yard.

Buy Huge Balloons

Not a lot of couples can say that they have spent 22 years together. This means that it is time to celebrate! Whether you are having a party or you want to celebrate at home with just the two of you, we recommend taking a look at these huge number 22 balloons. They are around 44 inches in size and they are going to stand out with their silver coloring. They are made from aluminum foil and they can even be used more than once. So, you can even reuse for another event, such as a birthday.

Engrave a Trinket

Does your partner leave their jewelry lying around? Perhaps you can buy them a special trinket so that they do not lose any of their necklaces or rings. Of course, a trinket is a popular gift to give to someone. Everyone loves them and there are a variety of designs you can choose from. But, what can make a trinket extra special is if it is engraved. You can have a loving message engraved for your partner and you can wish them a happy 22nd wedding anniversary. You can put your initials or the date of your wedding. This is something that you can get personal with.

Arrange another Honeymoon

When was the last time you went on vacation just the two of you? Being together for 22 years means that you are going to have to think outside the box when it comes to romance. But, arranging a fun and unique vacation can be like having another honeymoon. You can surprise your partner with a trip away. Perhaps this is somewhere they have always wanted to visit. This can be a nice break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and you can celebrate your 22nd wedding anniversary in style.

Buy a Special Whiskey Glass Set

Are you looking for the perfect 22nd anniversary gift for your beloved husband? If your other half loves to drink whiskey then we cannot think of a better set for him than this whiskey glass one. The box is engraved with a special message for your husband, as well as having a variety of items inside. This includes two whiskey glasses, slate coasters, steel cooling stones and tongs. The glasses are elegant and amazing for a drink, being hand-blown and made from ultra-fine crystal. They have a thick heavy base and offer 13 oz in capacity.

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