12th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

By Kathy •  Updated: 11/09/21 •  5 min read

Is your 12th wedding anniversary coming up? First of all, congratulations on hitting this milestone. This is a big one and it is a cause for celebration. Not a lot of couples can say that they have kept their romance alive all of this time.

It is about time you did something special for your partner. After all, 12 years together is a long time. We have some fantastic 12th wedding anniversary ideas that are going to give you some inspiration. So, let’s take a look at them together!

Enjoy Alfresco Dining

Most people are going to go for dinner on their wedding anniversary. But, if you want to make it special, why not enjoy alfresco dining? This can be a good change from sitting inside in a restaurant. You can choose somewhere that can offer dinner with a view. Perhaps this is by the beach or at the lake. Either way, it is going to be a nice setting to enjoy some dinner and spend time with your partner. Just a few hours together can be exactly what you need on your 12th wedding anniversary.

Visit Your Wedding Venue

After 12 years together, you are probably having to think outside of the box when it comes to anniversary ideas. Sometimes, it is the small gestures that can have the biggest impact. Therefore, instead of getting your partner a gift, why not take them back to where you had your wedding? You can enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and remembering where you tied the knot. This can be a romantic day for you both and it can bring back some fantastic memories. You have an opportunity to reminisce and smile together.

Take a Fun Class

When was the last time you did something new with your partner? Since you have been married 12 years, you might be wanting to enjoy something fun and different. So, you can check out the classes that are running near you. For example, if you both like to paint, there are going to be some painting classes where you can have some fun. Alternatively, you can try a cooking class or something totally different. This is going to be a good surprise gift for you and your partner to enjoy together. You can laugh, strengthen your bond and enjoy building your skills.

Rewrite Your Vows

Before your wedding day, you spend a lot of time perfecting your vows. After all, you want to describe how much you love your partner and what they mean to you. While you could reread your vow to your partner on your 12th wedding anniversary, a lot has probably changed since then. Therefore, why not rewrite your wedding vows and celebrate your anniversary this way instead? Your partner is going to be over the moon with your gesture and they will know how much they are loved. Take the time to write loving vows and reflect on the last 12 years together.

Enjoy a Drive-In Movie

Do you want to have a classic date night? Then we cannot think of anything better than going to a drive-in movie. This can be a romantic evening spent with our partner for your 12th wedding anniversary. You can take a blanket and sit in your car watching a good movie. Not only can you get away from the house and children, but you can also talk and enjoy the movie together in your car. Sometimes, this can be better than a movie theater. Just do not forget some snacks and drinks!

Dance to Your First Song

Can you remember the first song you danced to as a married couple? If the answer is yes, then you have to play this song for your 12th wedding anniversary. You can encourage your partner to get up and dance with you to have some fun. This is a good way to bring back the memories of your wedding and take a moment to have fun with your partner. Even if you are not the biggest fan of dancing, your significant other is going to love the fact that you can remember your first song as a married couple.

Go on a Hike

When was the last time you went on an exciting hike? If you cannot think of the last time you were out in nature, this is going to make a great day for you and your partner on your 12th wedding anniversary. Exploring the outdoors can be so much fun. Not only can you feel good from exercising, but you can also spend the day together. Pack a lunch and this can be your reward from reaching the top. There are lots of trails out there to explore so try to head somewhere new for the day.

Visit the Gardening Center

A 12th wedding anniversary is very special. Perhaps it is time to plant a tree or some flowers for you and your partner. This is going to make a fun day out for you and your significant other and you can head to your local gardening center. You can take a stroll around and browse all of the plants that they have on offer. You can take the ones you like home and give your yard a new makeover. You can spend some time with your husband or wife and do something productive outdoors too.

Watch Your Wedding Video

Did you have a wedding video created on the special day? Perhaps it is time to sit down and enjoy together. This can be a great way to remember the big day and it can bring the romance back to your marriage. You can reminisce and share your stories that perhaps you had forgotten about. Not only can you watch it as a couple, you can also make a family gathering. For example, you can invite your kids to watch it with you, as well as other members of the family that were present on the special day.

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