11th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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Struggling to come up with 11th wedding anniversary gifts and ideas? After being married so long, you have probably done all of the common presents before. Of course, you will want to make this day special for your partner and show that you truly care. To help you with this, we have come up with nine 11th wedding anniversary ideas. Let’s check out what they are and get something in the diary for your special day.

Drink from Steel Mugs

Do you know what the traditional gift is for an 11th wedding anniversary? It is actually giving your partner something made from steel. If you are not sure where to start, we suggest with this pair of steel mugs. These are special and meant for a loving couple, with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ engraved onto them. Of course, they are made from quality stainless steel so that they are special for your 11th wedding anniversary. The great thing is, they are also awesome mugs for keeping your drinks the right temperature. They have double wall insulation, as well as being lead-free and dishwasher safe. This is going to be a thoughtful gift when you are celebrating 11 years being married to your partner.

Enjoy an Edible Fruit Bouquet

After 11 years of being married, you have probably bought flowers on several occasions. But, for your 11th anniversary, it is time to do something different and that will make your partner smile. We have the perfect way to do this. We are talking about ordering an edible fruit bouquet! Just as the name suggests, it is now possible to order a flower bouquet that is actually made of fruit. This is going to make a special gift that is going to taste awesome and be a healthy sweet treat. What’s more, it is going to look fantastic.

Choose Turquoise

A lot of special anniversaries have a gemstone that is associated with it. For an 11th wedding anniversary, it is going to be turquoise. This is a bright and beautiful gemstone that is going to look beautiful on jewelry, plus it was one of the first gems ever used. Therefore, you can make your gift special and meaningful by choosing the gemstone turquoise, not only does it look stunning but it is also going to show your love and how you are embarking on a second decade as a married couple. Plus, the colors found in turquoise are known to symbolize health and prosperity.

Go Wine Tasting

Do you and your partner enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings? Do you like to explore new tastes from around the world? Well, we have the perfect day out planned for you and your significant other. You can visit a vineyard and enjoy some wine tasting. This can be a fun afternoon where you can enjoy a tour of the vineyard, as well as testing out some of the wines on offer. You can get dressed up and enjoy this outing and experience the countryside. Try to choose a vineyard you have never been to before for more excitement.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Are you looking for something exciting to enjoy on the day of your 11th wedding anniversary? Then we think that it is time to enjoy a hot air balloon ride. This is going to be a fun chance to go high up in the sky and enjoy the views. You can go as a party or it may be possible to arrange a private hot air balloon ride. Either way, this is going to be an unforgettable experience that is going to make a fantastic 11th wedding anniversary.

Have a Game Date Night

Your 11th wedding anniversary should be fun. Indeed, it can be with this metal date night dice game. You can enjoy having two different dice, which is going to give you ideas for date nights. You can leave your fate up two them and do whatever it lands on. This can be fun and you can learn your fate together. What’s more, this is a creative way to get out of coming up with your own date night idea!

Give the You Are My Rock Gift

Spending so many years married to your partner is very special. In fact, it is probably hard to imagine your life without them. But, how many times to you actually say this to your significant other? Well, you can try on your 11th wedding anniversary. You can give your loved one this funny You Are My Rock Gift. This is a rock made from solid metal, with a lovely polished shine. It has engraved on it that ‘you are my rock 11 years’. This is going to be a special memento for your partner to keep.

Enjoy A Photo Shoot

Ask yourself this question; how many photos do you have as a couple? Often, the answer is not many or not many photos that you really like. Well, perhaps it is time to change that. You can arrange a photo shoot for your 11th wedding anniversary. You can get dressed up and enjoy taking some wonderful photos with your significant other. A professional is going to know all the right angles and capture some beautiful moments between you. Afterward, you can frame them and you have a new addition to your home.

Gift a 11th Year Anniversary Steel Wallet Card

Do you want to make sure that your husband knows you love him every day? Well, you can buy him a 11th wedding anniversary wallet card. This is a beautiful gift that he is going to see every time he goes into his wallet. It is made from durable steel, which is also the traditional present you commonly give after 11 years together. It is a sweet saying engraved on it that is going to ensure that your husband feels loved. The stainless steel will not tarnish, as well as the message being engraved with a laser for durability.

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