Train the Perfect Husband: Tips & Tricks

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When you first get married, everything is wonderful. You are enjoying the honeymoon phase where you and your partner are having a lot of fun and married life is bliss. But as the months start to pass and your new life begins, some cracks can start to form. Small things can start to irritate you and arguments can begin. While everyone is going to have problems in their marriage, there are ways you can train the perfect husband and do your best to avoid them. Here are some tips and tricks for the best marriage. 

Realize that Complaining Does Not Work

When things annoy us, it is easy to sit and complain about them. For example, this could be leaving dirty dishes for hours in the kitchen or it can be not tidying away clothes at the end of the night. No matter what is annoying you, you have to learn that nagging is not always going to be the way to fix these things. In fact, a lot of women have reported that it can have the opposite effect. In other words, their complaining goes in one ear and out the other. Instead, you need to take a different approach to train your husband to act differently around the house.


Tell Him What You Want

So, what can you do that is different? The first tip to train your husband is to simply tell him what you want. It is very easy to complain and say what you do not like and leave them guessing about what you actually want. However, you can be upfront and direct by telling him what you would like instead and this way, he knows exactly what he should be doing.

A lot of people tune out when someone is nagging them constantly. But making a request that is understandable can be a good way to combat what you do not like and that you want to change. After all, most husbands want to make their partner happy. But, sometimes they will require instructions in order to do this successfully. Therefore, be direct and tell your husband something they can do differently. This might be just what is needed to change their ways.

Be Patient

Once you have told your husband what you want them to do, make sure that you are patient with them. It might not start to happen straight away or if it is a complicated task, it can take some time to get used to. In order to not go back to square one, you need to be patient and allow them to take baby steps. This is easier said than done. But if you have waited this long on something, you can wait a little longer to see some progress. If it solves the problem once and for all, the wait will be worth it.


Make a Compromise

Be aware that there could be things you could do differently too. For example, think about the situation that you want to change. Is there anything you can do to help your husband and to achieve the result that you want? In other words, is there a compromise you can come to that is going to make you both happy? This can make your partner more willing to change their ways. Therefore, think of ways you can be more accommodating so that you can both move forward together and be happy.

Be Grateful and Thankful 

A lot of people are quick to complain when something is not going their way. Indeed, this often means ignoring the things that we like and taking them for granted. But this is not going to be a way to train your husband and ensure he is doing everything that you love. You have to make sure that when they do things that you like, you are appreciative and thankful. Being nagged all the time can take its toll and create negativity. However, when you thank him and are grateful for the things he does, he is more likely to do them again since it creates praise. He will like this type of attention and think he is doing good. Again, husbands want to make their partner happy and they like to be appreciated. Thus, make time in the day to thank them for tasks they do and you can show your appreciation.

Know You Cannot Change Someone

There are always going to be things that irritate you. This is true no matter what your relationship is like with your husband. In fact, the same principle applies to family members and other people that you love. There are just going to be some things that get under your skin.

Sometimes, you have to realize that you cannot change someone else. In other words, there are going to be times when you are going to have to let things go. Weigh up if what is bothering you is really that big of a deal. Just like you will come with your flaws, so will your husband. Always remember that you cannot change someone if it is part of their personality. If everyone was the same the world would be a boring place to be!


Always Communicate

If you are annoyed about something, it is easy to go in the huff and ignore your husband. But nobody can read your mind. The best thing you can do is always communicate with your partner. Be direct and tell them how you are feeling and what is going on. Often, your husband can think that something is not a big deal. But when they learn it is something that upsets you or is irritating, they will want to change their ways. Again, unless you tell them, they will often not know or not realize how serious something is to you. Therefore, always make the effort to sit down and clearly discuss what is going on with your partner. Solving the problem might be easier than you think.



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