10 Hippie Wedding Ideas

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If you are someone that loves nature and has a hippie side, you may want to make your wedding reflect your style. The great thing is, there are plenty of ways you can do this even if you are on a budget. Let’s take a look at 10 hippie wedding ideas and how you can have the best day ever!

Send Handmade Invitations

If you are wanting to have a hippie theme for your wedding, you have got to start by sending out invitations. The best style to match this type of wedding is going to be minimalist and handmade. Not only can this allow you to choose a design you love but it can also show that you have put a lot of effort into your invitations. In particular, cream colors and neutral shades are going to complement a hippie theme well.

Arrive in a VW Van

So, let’s begin by thinking about your big entrance. Every bride wants to ensure they arrive in style and make a lasting impression at their wedding. But instead of arriving a limousine, you can choose to enjoy your hippie style and hire a Volkswagen van. If you are a fan of the culture, you will know the icon Volkswagen Type 2 van that became popular during the 1960s. They are cheerful and fun, adding some hippie style to your big day. There are lots of companies you can hire this fantastic van from for your big day. There are even different colors and styles.


Enjoy Having Peace Symbol Décor

If there is one sign that everyone associated with the 1960s and hippie style it is the peace symbol. It was originally designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom and it was promoting nuclear disarmament. The great thing is, it is still popular today and there is a lot of décor featuring this symbol. In other words, you can easily add some peace symbols to your wedding day, whether they are in flower, wood or other materials. This can really create a hippie vibe and make the day beautiful and relaxing.

Choose a Beautiful Dress

The good news is, there are a lot of hippie and boho style wedding dresses out there. This is going to make sure you arrive at the ceremony in style. There are dresses that take on a vintage look and bohemian style, with the ability to choose everything from long sleeves to lovely lace. There is something out there that every bride is going to love. What’s more, you can accessorize with a flower crown for the ultimate hippie look at your wedding.


Of course, the groom does not have to miss out. There are plenty of ways that he can enjoy a hippie style too. For instance, there are a lot of colored suits and shirts that you can buy now for a wedding. In particular, blues, brown and grey are popular colors. You can even go brighter if you are feeling bold. There are also fun and color ties you can choose so that you are different from the traditional look at weddings. In fact, you could even give up your tie if you are searching for a casual look.

Have an Outdoor Wedding

Nothing says hippie quite like having an outdoor wedding. Instead of gathering in a venue or going to a church, why not marry your partner outside and surrounded by nature? There are a lot of open spaces you can hire for the special day and you can make it your own. The sunshine and fresh air will feel amazing and it can add some tranquillity to the big day.

Set up Tents and Teepees

If you are having an outside wedding, you need somewhere to relax and socialize with your guests. To have a hippie wedding, you can set up tents and teepees, which can offer some shade from the sunshine. You can use floating materials and they do not have to be fancy. They will fit in well with a hippie theme and still appear casual.


Use low Tables and Cushions

So, you are having an outdoor wedding and have all of the tents and teepees set up. Next, you need to think of where all of your guests are going to be dining. Instead of choosing traditional tables and chairs, why not choose low tables and cushions? This creates a more relaxed atmosphere and it is a lot different from the norm. It can complement a hippie theme well and you can accessorize with colors you like. Guests will find it a novelty and something memorable that they cannot wait to tell their friends about.

Show Off Colorful Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and they are a natural way to decorate for your wedding. You can choose a lot of colors to feature at your venue and this is going to be true to your hippie theme you are creating. They can also create beautiful scents and really put a smile on everyone’s face.

Offer a Grab a Blanket Option

If you want your guest to enjoy nature with you, you might want to stay away from traditional furniture. This is particularly true if your wedding and reception are going to be outside. Of course, your guests will still need somewhere to sit. One cool thing you can do is offer a blanket for them to grab. This is a fun touch and allows everyone to relax together and have a relaxing time.

Choose a Casual Officiant

If you are wanting to have a hippie wedding, you probably want to stay away from tradition and formality. Well, this means that you will have to do something different when it comes to the officiant at your ceremony. The good news is that anybody is able to get ordained to make your wedding ceremony legal. This means that you can have a friend or family member marry you on your special day. This allows you to customize your day and really allow it to complement your hippie theme.





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