Creating Mood Boards for Your Wedding

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If your wedding is coming up, you have a lot of planning to do. Of course, we all know that a lot of hard work goes into creating the perfect wedding. You want to ensure that it is a special day you will remember forever. But one of the most difficult things to do is get started on the planning. You can have some many ideas flying around and it is hard to get them all down and consider them. But this is where a mood board comes in. A mood board can really help you plan your wedding style and find the perfect one for your big day.

What is a Mood Board?

First of all, it is important to understand exactly what a mood board is. This is going to allow you to utilize this tool to the best of your abilities for your wedding. Essentially, this is a visual tool that you create to show the ideas and concepts you have for an event. You can cut out ideas from a magazine, from out images from the internet and take photographs. Then you can group them all together in order to visualize your big day.


What are the Benefits of Creating a Mood Board?

Having loads of ideas flying around in your head can make you stressed. In fact, it can completely stall your wedding planning. You need to get out all of your ideas and be able to view them. This is where a mood board is going to help. A mood board is going to allow you to see your ideas on paper and visualize what your wedding style can be. For example, you can have difficult mood boards to help with materials you want to use for your dress, the style of the venue and for the overall color and theme you want to have. Being able to see everything with your own eyes allows you to know what idea is going to be best for your big day.


Think about a mood board as a good starting point for your wedding. It marks the beginning of your planning and can help you to relieve stress and the pressure of arranging your special day. It is a lot of responsibility and you have to take your time. Again, a mood board allows you to visualize your big day and then go on to make decisions you are happy with. Being able to see an idea in front of you is much better than just imagining it in your head.

In addition, it is often difficult to communicate the ideas you have for your wedding to others. They may not be able to imagine what you are describing and this can become frustrating. In fact, you may start to think other people are not very helpful for your big day! But with a mood board, you can clearly demonstrate what you are thinking for your wedding. It is an expressive tool that allows you to share your vision with others, whether this is a wedding planner, caterer or just family and friends.


How Can I Create a Mood Board for My Wedding?

First of all, you want to brainstorm the type of wedding you have in your head. While you might not have a clear vision yet, you can start planning some simple things. Start by taking a bunch of magazines and looking through the photos, taking in the images and seeing if you can find anything you like.

Then you can start collecting the images that are inspiring you. This can be from magazines or even Pinterest. Cut out all of the images you like, whether that is photos of a venue, patterns of a dress, colors for outfits or even themes, such as traditional or bohemian.


When you have collected a lot of photos, it is likely that you will see a theme emerging or several ideas. This is a good sign and it is going to allow you to create sections on your mood board. For example, a lot of brides and grooms find it useful to create an idea for the ceremony, celebrations and for themes. Creating a separate section for each one is a good way to stay organized and know what colors and themes work best for each part of your wedding.

When you are organizing your mood board, do not forget to get rid of the inspiration you no longer want. This is going to allow you to create a consistent theme and see where your wedding is going. You will be able to see your favorite images clearly and you may find that you creating your own inspiration from the few photos that you are keeping.


Next, it is time to assemble your mood board. In other words, you are going to place all of your images onto your piece of paper or PowerPoint. When it comes to formatting and style, you can do whatever you want with your mood board. It is about doing what is best for you and that is going to help you plan your special day. You can also add notes, sentences or just simple words that are going to help pull your designs together.

You can decide when you are finished your mood board. Hopefully, this is when you have decided on how your wedding is going to be. Make sure that you keep your mood board handy as it is going to help with all of your planning. Everyone that is involved with arranging your special day is going to find it helpful to look at your mood board. This is going to keep them on track and ensure that they do not lose sight of your original vision. What’s more, after your wedding is over, your mood board is going to be a special keepsake. It can be where your big day started and how you brought it all to life with your partner.

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