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Are you going to get married? Congratulations! Your wedding is going to be the happiest day of your life and you want it to be unforgettable. But how do you know where to start to organize it? There is so much to prepare and anticipate. Do not panic! It is important that preparing for your wedding is fun, not stressful. To help you, we have selected 5 books specially dedicated to the organization of a wedding.

How many people are we going to invite? What is the caterer’s budget? When choosing your wedding dress? Here are so many questions that you will ask yourself during the months preceding the D-Day. To not forget anything, write them down in your special wedding journal which helps you to organize everything. Are you running out of ideas for the theme or decoration? Take a look at your book to make the wedding of your dreams come true. And above all, enjoy it!

Looking for a book to organize your wedding? I’ve got just what you need! And since I’m not chauvinistic, I’m not just showing you mine, but also introducing you to other wedding bloggers just as savvy in the field! All links are under the article in green, you just need to click to be redirected.


Our Selection of Best Wedding Planning Books


1. Storied weddings- by Seattle-based planners Aleah and Nick Valley of Valley and Co.

Take this wedding diary with you which will follow you throughout the months leading up to D-Day. Write down all your ideas, and list all the things you have to do: no more stress and forgetfulness. last minute!



2. A Great party- by Bryan Rafanelli

In this book, find the precious advice of Vogue’s favorite wedding planner, themselves married, throughout the organization of your wedding. No step is omitted, and each element is detailed to give you maximum reassurance in the preparation.



3. The wedding book – by Mindy Weiss

Discover all of the essential things to know when planning your wedding. Whether it’s establishing a budget, respecting your schedule, or even creating a wedding in your image, everything is there!



4. ALL The essentials wedding planner – Alison Hotchkiss

The editor of the Angry Bride blog worked with Les Paresseuses to create a customizable wedding planner! This diary is also full of info, tips, and DIY activities for a successful wedding!



5. Fête: The wedding experience – Jung Lee

To organize your wedding stress-free and on time, this book is what you need. He follows you for the months before the wedding, but also for the “after-wedding” that we too often forget.


6. Wedding planning for Dummies- Marcy Bloom

I am not presenting this “For Dummies” collection to you: with its black and yellow graphics, it is now known to everyone and comes in a multitude of themes and subjects, each more different than the next. It was written by a journalist and a wedding planner and covers all the main aspects of the wedding.



7. BrideChilla wedding planning survival guide – Aleisha McCormack

From formalities to the ceremony (religious or not), including budget management or the deadlines to be met for each provider, this guide is very comprehensive and adapts to all types of weddings. The smart marriage Useful books to prepare for your wedding This book was given to me by my godmother a few weeks after the wedding announcement.



8. Celebrate everything! – Darcy Miller

I find it complementary to the first one and it even goes even further, giving you budget ideas, back-planning, and even some DIY ideas! It served me throughout the wedding planning, even today (as of this writing, I’m getting married in three months !!).



9. The essential wedding planner – Grace Lorenzen

So much for books on the organization, management, and preparation of marriage. But there is also another book that I recommend: it’s more of a souvenir album than a book itself, but it will allow you to record all the little details of your story, your marriage and much more.



10. Equally wed – Kristen Palladino

This book is highly recommended, it is not a book for just a few months before the wedding. This is a great gift for a future bride … or a future groom, by the way, no discrimination!



11. Emily’s post-wedding etiquette- Anna Post & Lizzie Post

I’ll explain the principle to you. It is a journal-album to fill, to retrace our love story, the preparations for our wedding, the memories of the wedding, but also all our post-wedding projects, the birthdays of cotton/tin/porcelain/diamond… Four whole pages are also dedicated to the little words of the guests, to slip into small colored envelopes.



12. Fluytco Wedding planner and Journal organizer- by Fluytco

It is a veritable collection of memories that I am sure will follow us throughout our lives and that we will enjoy browsing in the years and decades to come! And the design is great: pastel colors, pretty writings, little relief gilding, I’m in love with this object, you will understand!

13. Kate Spade New York Un-dated Wedding Planner- Kate Spade

You will have all the pieces of information you need to provide on your special day to be prepared for any possible concern. Thanks to this superb book, you will be able to anticipate and be prepared for all situations.



14. Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist- Amanda Pendolino

For an infallible organization, a chapter of this organization guide is devoted to the listing of guests. All you need to do is enter the contact details of your guests and the number of people accompanying them. Then, all you have to do is check the boxes to indicate whether they will be present at the reception and the dinner.



15. Bridal Bullshit – Bridey McBride

In this book, you will find: A to-do list so you don’t forget anything, it is essential to take note of everything you think about. Putting everything together in one place means you don’t forget anything.



16. Vera Wang on Weddings – Vera Wang

Part of this book will give you valuable advice on decorating and organizing the room. What size of table for how many people, rather round or square, the layout and decoration of the room are important to make the best use of the spaces you have available.

There are also checklists to have a clear and visual organization. No more post-it notes, this wonderful guide will allow you to approach all the organizational aspects of your wedding with complete peace of mind. Quick and concise, you will find all the information you need straight away.



17. The Budget‑Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer- Jessica Bishop

You will also find the “Questions asked to…” section to think of everything when you share a project with the professionals you are going to call on: for the reception venue, the DJ and the caterer. Be sure that they understand your expectations, this book will help you formulate everything you need to know (there are no silly questions!), Communication is the key and information sharing is also the key to avoid no surprises when the time comes.



18. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer- Carley Roney

The big day has arrived, you are finally getting married but the organization scares you? Don’t panic, this organization book is here to help! Choose the Ring-bound model or the hardcover model to accompany you throughout these many months of preparation. As beautiful as it is practical, in this book you will find everything you need.


19. Wedding Planner and Organizer- Sarah Taylor

But in fact, this binder allows us above all not to lose the business cards of the providers, the receipts of the purchases for the wedding, the signed quotes, and indeed follows us everywhere, during the appointments with the providers. , especially.


To Conclude


Congratulations, you said yes to getting married! Because of this, you will soon be starting a new stage in your life, but if you are swimming between happiness, excitement, and panic, rest assured that is completely normal. Indeed, the prospect of hosting an event celebrating the love you have for your other half is exciting, but the stakes can also be intimidating (let’s face it).

Your wedding will probably remain one of the defining moments in your life and that is why we have created this list of wedding diaries and books to allow you to organize the wedding of your dreams in great detail and without stress! From a simple journal with tables that are easy to complete and spaces dedicated to writing down all your ideas as well as reminders (things to remember for example).

So you can organize and record all your ideas while making sure you don’t forget anything! All of these guided planners will fit perfectly and easily into your handbag and make life easier for the future bride! Most of these books include a note section so that you can write down everything you need, sketch your seating plan, note the contact details of the professionals with whom you want to associate. Do what you want with it!

These books have many surprises in store for you, it would be a shame to reveal them all to you here! Planning a wedding is stressful, which is why most wedding planner agencies recommend having a planning book, which will greatly facilitate your preparations.

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