10 Chic Birdcage & Blusher Veils

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It has been a tradition for decades for the bride to wear a veil at their wedding. While it used to be symbolic for many reasons, it is now seen as a beautiful accessory that can transform the wedding look. Indeed, there are a lot of veil styles you can choose from that can make you look stunning on your big day. This includes the birdcage veil and blusher veil. If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding, here are our top 10 chic designs.

Heread 1920 Crystal Bride Wedding Birdcage Veil

Let’s start off with a traditional style of birdcage veil that is back in style. We love how it includes a metal comb, which adds a beautiful accessory. It has crystals and pearls that are going to complement a wedding dress with similar embellishments. It is made from soft materials and is white in color. This makes it perfect for the bride on her big day. You can bring back the 1920s style!


SAMKY 2 Tier Silver Pearl Wedding Veil

If you are looking for a fuller veil, we recommend this one from SAMKY. It is around $42, which makes it affordable yet not the cheapest one out there. This can make you feel satisfied that you have allocated your budget to finding a beautiful veil. It has two tiers for interest, as well as being hand sewn. It has a beaded edge, with silver beads, pearls and rhinestones. This means that you will be sparkling on your special day.


Yean Bride Birdcage Veil White Flower

Next up is this stunning birdcage veil that is going to make you feel like a million dollars on your wedding day. Yet, it is very affordable and is just what you need to finish off your dressing and style. Enjoy having quality French netting, as well as a comb. This features beautiful rhinestones that are going to shine and sparkle on your big day. This birdcage veil was made by hand and it is unique for your wedding.

Emondora 2 Tier Short Sequin Pearl Edge Beaded Bridal Veil

Introducing this stunning bridal veil from Emondora. This is white and handmade just for you. The veil is made from a soft tulle material, as well as having two tiers. This is something that gives it that chic style you have been looking for. It is attached securely with a comb that is provided. What’s more, you are going to love the hand-sewn beading. This adds a lot of interest and makes the wedding veil special. It includes beads and crystals.


Denifery Headband White Birdcage Veil

If you like the style of a birdcage veil, you are going to love this one from Denifery. While it is very affordable, it looks stylish and modern. It is white in color and the veil finishes at the tip of your nose. The birdcage veil is handmade, which adds that special touch to your wedding day. It has a minimalist style and it fits securely thanks to the white headband. There are also small pearls for some interest.


One Tier Pencil Edge Bridal Wedding Veil

Another favorite that we just had to add to our list is this one by SAMKY. It is a beautiful ivory color that is around 36 inches in length. This means that it is a fingertip length, which a lot of brides love. It has a fullness of 72 inches, which is going to fall beautifully and the veil will make you feel special on your big day. There is a sewn-on metal comb, which is going to keep your veil secure during the ceremony.


Aimimier Single-Layered Short Birdcage Veil

There are a lot of bridal veils you can choose from with a chic style. This includes this veil from Aimimier. It is a single-layered birdcage veil, which features a comb. It is made from a soft material that is very light. It also features beautiful pearls that are going to add a little bit of sparkle to your wedding day outfit. In fact, what we like about this birdcage veil is that is going to complement any style of wedding dress. But it will also make a great statement piece at the same time.

Passat One-Tier Pearl Ivory Bridal Veil

Would you like to wear ivory on your wedding day for a change? Then we would suggest taking a look at this bridal veil from Passat. It has one tier, which is made from a soft tulle material. It also enjoys a stunning ivory color that is going to make your special day unique and memorable. There is a metal comb on this bridal veil so that it can fit securely. What’s more, there are some lovely embellishments you can enjoy. This includes a rose gold embroidery that has been sewn on by hand. You will love the crystals and beads on the edges.


Cibelle Women’s Two-Tier Lace Wedding Bridal Veil

If you are looking for a two-tier wedding veil, you are going to love this one by Cibelle. It is a short veil with a metal comb for security, as well as having two beautiful tiers for interest. We love the lace pattern that makes this bridal veil special. It is constructed from high-quality tulle, which also makes it soft to wear. If your wedding dress also has lace detail, this is going to complete it perfectly. What’s more, this bridal veil is affordable, which means you can stay on budget for your wedding.


Zoestar Lace Birdcage Wedding Veil for Women


Last but not least we have this lace birdcage wedding veil from Zoestar. It is made from soft tulle, as well as being especially handmade for your wedding. This is going to make you feel special without having to pay a fortune. Of course, the veil is white and it is one layer. We love the chic style, with a metal comb attached. This design will complement most wedding dresses and it has an elegant design that will make people look.

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