Traditional Order of Wedding Speeches

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If there is one thing that everybody looks forward to a wedding it is the speeches. This is the opportunity where guests get to listen to the happy couple and their loved ones. Everyone likes the loving sentiments and to be able to laugh altogether. They often take place at the wedding reception after the ceremony. They can be before or after the dining.

But, if you are getting ready and planning your wedding, do you know the order of the wedding speeches? If you want to stick to tradition, this is something that you are going to need to know. So, let’s take a look at the traditional order of wedding speeches and a little bit more about them.

The Order of Speeches

First of all, let’s have an overview of the speeches you can expect and the order they are going to appear in. First of all, there is going to be the father of the bride standing up. This speech is usually followed by the groom, best man and there can be other toasts involved too. For example, over the years, more brides are now choosing to give their own speech. In addition, the bridesmaids and maid of honor can stand up and say a few words of their own. One thing that is traditional is that the best man’s speech will go last in the order.

1. Father of the Bride Speech

To begin the wedding speeches, the father of the bride will stand up. They have a big role to play in this part of the wedding, which is be excited for some and nerve-racking for others. When it comes to the speech, the father of the bride normally welcomes the guests that are at the wedding. They also thank them for attending, in particular, acknowledging the family of the groom. In some cases, the father of the bride will raise a toast to loved ones that are no longer there.

Of course, the father of the bride will be expected to share stories of the bride and show how proud they are of them. In addition, they can make comments about the bride and groom as a couple and how they wish them well. Their speech normally ends with a toast.

2. The Groom’s Speech

Another highly anticipated speech during the reception is the groom’s speech. This is his opportunity to stand up after the wedding and carry on from the toast led by the father of the bride. Again, it is traditional to thank all of the guests for attending the wedding, as well as show appreciation for any gifts that have been given already. In particular, parents of both the couple are thanked as they are likely to have made a great contribution to the wedding, whether that is through paying or giving their help.

The groom’s speech is going to reflect on how he met his bride and how happy they are together. Perhaps there is a funny story about them he wants to share or a loving memory to reflect on. Again, the groom’s speech can involve a toast at the end.

3. The Best Man Speech

A lot of people are going to look forward to the best man speech. Often, this is a funny or engaging time at a wedding reception where guests can have a laugh and have fun. In fact, some grooms are nervous about what might come up in a best man speech! This can mean there is a bit of pressure on the best man to deliver a humorous speech.

Often, the speech will follow on from the toast and the best man thanks the bridesmaids. In particular, compliments to the bride and groom are expected. Often, the best man speech will be kind to the bride but make fun of the groom! In particular, they are likely to be best friends with the groom and have known them for many years. This means that they have a lot of stories they can share about them. Of course, they are going to be funny but the age of the audience should be a factor in the stories they share. Again, the speech will end with a toast to the bride and groom.

Other Wedding Speeches

Of course, we mentioned that other people can make speeches at the wedding. This includes a bride giving a speech or a bridesmaid. They are going to be situated somewhere in the middle of the speech order.

The Bride Speech

There are a growing number of brides out there that want to stand up and give a speech at their wedding. This is something you can do if you enjoy it and want to address your guests. This can include thanking them for being there, as well as paying tribute to the parents that helped you on the special day. In addition, brides also like to thank their bridesmaids for all of their help.

In addition, brides are going to make similar speeches to the groom in that they talk about memories and special stories of their love. It is also a great opportunity to compliment the groom and show how excited you are to get married to them. A toast at the end of the speech will be appropriate and guests will love to raise a glass with the bride on their special day.

Bridesmaids Speech

If one of the bridesmaids wants to give a speech at the reception, this is going to happen before the best man speech. Again, it is likely that they will complement the couple and share some funny or loving stories about them. In particular, they are going to know the bride best and have likely been friends for a long time. Thus, they can share stories that the groom may not be familiar with. There is normally going to be a toast at the end of the speech too and everyone is going to be happy to enjoy champagne.

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