10 Short Best Man Toasts

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There is a lot of pressure when it comes to the best man speech at a wedding reception. This is something that a lot of people look forward. It is renowned for being funny and entertaining, which means that the best man is going to have to put a lot of work into it.

At the end of the best man speech, it is traditional to make a toast to the happy couple. This is a good gesture and an easy way to end the speech without it being awkward. After all, the best man is often the last person to speak and this happens before the beginning of the meal. Are you not sure what to say during a toast? Here are some short examples of what you can say and this can give you some inspiration for your own speech.

The Simple Toast

Sometimes, there is no need to make things complicated. Instead, you can make your toast straight forward and to the point. After all, the purpose of the toast is for everyone to wish well to the bride and groom on their wedding. In particular, this involves enjoying some champagne. So, here is a simple toast that you can say at the end of your speech:

‘It is that time where you can join me in raising a glass. We are going to make a toast to the new bride and groom. Let’s toast to the new Mr and Mrs!’

The Wishful Toast

It can be nice to end your speech with some wishes for the couple in their new life. This is a good way to show you care especially if you have been making fun of the groom for most of the speech! This is a nice way to end the speech after everyone has been laughing. After all, you are all there to celebrate the wedding and want nothing but the best for the happy couple. So, here is an example of a wishful toast you can make at the reception:

‘I think you will all want to join me in making a toast to the happy bride and groom. We all wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness together, as well as wealth, love and success.’

The Thankful Toast

Let’s not forget that it is an honor to be chosen as the best man in a wedding. This means that the groom thinks you are their best friend and appreciates you being there for them. This means that you want to show how grateful you are when it comes to the best man speech. This is something that you can do during the toast at the end. Here is an example of how you can show that you have been touched by the groom’s selection:

‘I would like to say that it is a great honor to be standing here as the best man today. Let us all raise a glass and toast to the wonderful Mr and Mrs!’

The Inspiring Toast

The best man speech has a lot of freedom to show your personality, as well as entertain the guests. In particular, if you are someone that likes to uplift others and create positivity, then you are going to enjoy making an inspiring toast. This is going to leave everyone with a smile on their face and allow the reception to move on on a happy note. Here is an example of an inspiring toast you can make to the couple:

‘As they say, love is an adventure. Indeed, the bride and groom are about to embark on the best adventure in life together. Without further ado, let’s raise a glass and toast!’

The Love Song Toast

Everybody loves a reference to a love song. What better time to mention one than in the best man toast? This can be a good way to end the speech and show that the love between the couple is the most important thing. Here is an example:

‘Love is all you need’, as John Lennon once said. So, let’s toast to the special bride and groom today!’

The Funny Toast

Keeping things light-hearted and funny is what a lot of best mans like to do. Indeed, if this is what you are doing for your speech, you are going to want your toast to be the same. There are a lot of jokes out there about marriage and there is going to be an appropriate one for the couple. Here is a suggestion of what you could say:

‘for this marriage to be long-lasting, you are going to need humor and selective hearing! We are sure you will make it work Mr and Mrs!’

The Congratulations Toast

Getting marriage is a huge achievement in your life and the best man might want to congratulate their best friend on this next step. So, the toast can be all about raising a glass in celebration. Here is what you can say:

‘Congratulations to my best friend and I hope you have a long and happy marriage together – you deserve it’.

The Celebratory Toast

Let’s remember that weddings are celebrations and they should be fun. The speeches that come before the best man can be emotional and loving. But, if you want to lighten the mood and get everyone back to being in high spirits and having fun, you can do this with a celebratory toast. For instance, take a look at this one:

‘Now if I may, let’s make a toast and congratulate this fabulous couple on their wedding. Let’s have some fun, drink and dance the night away!’

The short and Sweet Toast

Sometimes, there is no point in beating around the bush. You can keep your toast short since the best man speech is last on the agenda. Here is an example of how you can keep a toast short:

‘To the amazing couple; Mr and Mrs…’

The Privilege Toast

Let’s not forget that it is an honor to give the best man speech. So, when you are giving the toast, you can make a big deal of this and show how serious you have taken this gesture by your friend. Here is an example of a toast:

‘I cannot believe I was chosen as the best man and it has been such an honor. Here is to the new couple!’

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