How to Make a Balloon Wall

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There are a lot of things you can do with balloons. Indeed, this is not just a party accessory that is suitable for birthdays. It can also be enjoyed at other celebrations, such as wedding and anniversary parties.

In addition, you can do more with balloons than ever before. People are getting creative and there is a lot of exciting decorations you can make with balloons. In particular, a lot of people are loving a balloon wall. The good news is this is something you can make yourself.

What the Benefits of a Balloon Wall?

It can be difficult to find different ways to decorate for a special event. If you are looking for something unique and fun, we recommend a balloon wall. This is going to look color and attractive and it is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

What we like about a balloon wall is that it makes a fantastic backdrop for a celebration. It is fun and exciting, with everybody wanting to take their photo in front of it. Indeed, all of your guests are going to love it and it will definitely appear on Instagram.

Since you are making the balloon wall by yourself, you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Everyone is going to be asking about the decoration and you can feel proud of all your hard work. It will be something to remember for the celebration. Plus, if you are having a surprise party, your loved one is going to appreciate the hard work you have put into the décor.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make an amazing balloon wall for any celebration.

Gather Your Tools

There are few things you are going to need ahead of time so that you can get started on your balloon wall. Preparing in advance is going to ensure you can finish your balloon wall in no time. So, you are going to need to get your balloons. You have a lot of freedom over this one and you can select a balloon design, size and color that you like. Just make sure that you have a lot of them.  You also want a hand pump, which is going to make it easy to fill up all of those balloons for your wall.

Then you are going to need tools to create the wall. This includes a glue gun. Namely, you want this to be a glue gun with a low temperature. The reason this is so important is because high temperatures are going to burst your balloons.

Next, you will need a foam board. This is going to be what you attach all of your balloons to, as well as a strong tape. You can also add other decorations for your balloon wall, such as tassels, flowers and streamers.

Start Inflating

The first thing on the agenda is to start inflating all of your balloons. This is going to take longer than you think. But, when you have a hand pump, you can save your energy for the celebrations later on. One thing to remember is that you are going to want different sizes of balloons. This will make your wall easier to make and lead to better results. So, inflate some balloons so they are large, as well as making some small and medium sizes. Inflating all of your balloons to begin with can mean that you can work quickly on the wall and not have to stop and start.

Create the Backing

Now that you have all of your balloons ready, it is time to create the backing. This is where you are going to use a foam board base. You can make this any shape you want and this is going to form your balloon wall. You are going to want to attach the foam board to the fence or wall where you are going to have the decoration. You can do this with a strong tape so that it is secure and going to stay in place for the celebrations.

The good thing is, once you have attached your balloons, you are not going to see the foam board. So, this is not something that you are going to have to worry about. You can make it any shape or size you want.

Attach the Balloons

It is now the moment you have all been waiting for. It is time to attach all of the balloons and make some progress with your wall. So, the best technique for building the best balloon wall is to grab the bigger sizes first. This way, you can build the fountain and the smaller balloons can be used to fill in the gaps.

In order to secure the balloons, you can use the glue gun. You have two options. You can glue the balloons to the foam board. Alternatively, you can glue the balloons to each other. Either way, this is going to be safe and you can enjoy peace of mind during your celebration. Again, once you are finished, you should not be able to see the foam board.

It is best to think of your design in advance and take your time while you are gluing. For example, you will want to take into account the colors and designs and how they are going to work on the foam board. This is going to be completely up to you and you can get creative with the design.

Add Any Finishing Touches

By this point, your balloon wall should be almost done. You may be happy with the finished result and want to get started on your celebrations. But, you might also think you want to add some more accessories to finish it off. Well, once you are done attaching the balloons, this Is when you can make some finishing touches. This could be anything from fairy lights and flowers to glitter and tassels. You can truly make a balloon wall special and worthy of taking Instagram photos.

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