10 Best Engagement Party Cake Ideas

By Julie •  Updated: 01/17/21 •  6 min read

Are you planning on having a special cake at your engagement party? Are you in need of some inspiration? We all know that dessert is an essential part of any meal and you will want to treat your guests during your celebrations. This means that you have to go to have a delicious engagement party cake. But, let’s be honest. You also want it to look great too. Here are 10 of the best engagement party cake ideas.

A Flower Cake

If there is one thing that everybody loves it is flowers. They are also an essential part of the decorations at wedding ceremonies and the reception. So, why not add some to your engagement party too? You can have a delicious flower cake that everyone is going to love. With several tiers, a flower cake can look elegant and eye-catching, with different colors. The flowers are definitely going to stand out on a white cake. Of course, you can also have a cake maker design flowers out of icing so they are edible.


A Love Sign Cake

If you are someone that is romantic and want to show off your love for your partner, we suggest this type of engagement cake. You can have a beautiful cake and have a ‘love’ topper. This is going to be basic but brilliant, showing off exactly how you feel about each other. It is cute and going to make everyone smile.

A Piñata Cake

Are you full of surprises and want to do something fun at your engagement party? We suggest having a piñata cake! This is going to be very exciting since when you cut into the cake, there is going to be a lot of surprise ingredients in the middle. Guests will love it and think it is unique. What’s more, you can choose from a variety of ingredients to be inside to suit your taste.


A Donut Cake

If you are someone that prefers donuts to cakes, perhaps you can merge the two together. Instead of having a traditional cake at your engagement party, you can make one out of your favorite donuts. You can cake it in a pyramid or tiers and everyone is going to think it looks unique and delicious. You can still feature a cake topper on it and have writing on them. Therefore, change your cake and if you prefer donuts, do not be afraid to offer them at your engagement party.

A Minimalist Cake

Some people like to keep it casual. In other words, you are going to love a minimalist cake. This will have a simple and subtle design, which may match your low-key celebrations. It is still going to taste good and it can be a great reflection of the style you like. You can still choose the size and detailing. Sometimes, less is more.


A White Cake

Normally, a wedding cake will be white. This is the traditional color that often symbolizes love. You may wish to keep this theme for your engagement party. A white cake will look beautiful and you can personalize the tiers and add any toppings you like. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to follow tradition and leave any exciting ideas for later. In addition, you can test out what you want your wedding cake to be like at your engagement party.

A Strawberry Cake

There is something about fresh strawberries that people cannot resist. If this sounds like you, maybe you need to consider a strawberry cake for your engagement party. In particular, strawberries are going to stand out on a white cake and you can really adorn the icing with fresh strawberries. You can even add cream to go with this theme. Do not be afraid to mix it up and even add other fruit as decoration. This could include raspberries and blueberries. In fact, you can use most fresh fruit for an engagement party cake. This can make it healthily, right?

A Rainbow Cake

For any LGBT couples out there that are planning to marry anytime soon, there is going to be no better cake to have at your engagement than a rainbow cake. This cake features different layers of color and it is going to be bright, cheerful and meaningful. You will be excited to cut into the cake in front of your guests during the celebrations. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate love with your friends and family. Everyone is going to love how different this cake is and how it is the perfect addition to your engagement party.


A Drip Cake

Are you someone that has a sweet tooth? Would you like to make sure your engagement party cake is going to be the perfect dessert for the big day? We would recommend looking at a drip cake style. This is going to be a beautiful cake that is modern and captures everyone’s attention. It takes the design of an ordinary cake and you can choose the shape and number of tiers. But instead of having ordinary icing, the cake is going to enjoy a drip effect, which you can create with chocolate or a different color of icing. This is going to create a fantastic contrast that will look delicious. Guests will be excited to receive a slice!

A Heart-Shaped Cake

A lot of cakes are going to be round or rectangular. These are the two common shapes that you will find when you are purchasing one for your engagement party. But if you want to be different, why not select a heart-shaped cake? This is going to be an amazing idea for an engagement party and show the love that you and your partner have for each other. It will look great and make guests love your cake too. You can still choose the size of the cake you would like and design. Just be aware that as this shape is not as common as others, it may cost more for your engagement party.

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