National Boyfriend Day – Top 5 Ways To Celebrate

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The last few years have seen the rise of an unorthodox national holiday called National Boyfriend Day. The unofficial holiday is on October 3rd and is purely dedicated to boyfriends everywhere in all their glory!

With his birthday, your anniversary, and Valentines’ Day, there are many holidays to celebrate your man. Not that we don’t love our boyfriends to pieces but it does beg the question, does he need another day? Well after a quick scour through the internet, it turns out the holiday was actually created to counter the creation of national girlfriend day (which has been celebrated August 1st since around the year of 2002) so it is only fair we reciprocate the effort.


What Happens On National Boyfriend Day?

National Boyfriend Day is an unofficial holiday to express appreciation and gratitude to your boyfriend. There is no official ruling on how to celebrate national boyfriend day so it can be confusing on how to spend the day.

Much like Mothers and Fathers Day, Boyfriend Day is a day that warrants buying gifts and planning activities for your loved one. With little to no information on the internet, we have done the hard work and pulled together the ultimate survival guide to celebrating National Boyfriend day!

Top 5 Ways To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day

Here are our top 5 ways to celebrate and show your boyfriend just how much you appreciate him and everything he does in service of you.

5) Cook His Favourite Dinner

The old saying is true. Food is the way to a man’s heart. Whether it’s a classic steak dinner or a personal favorite, cooking for your boyfriend is the ultimate way to show him how special he is to you! If cooking is not your forte, don’t be ashamed to order in from his choice restaurant!

4) Buy Him Sports Tickets

Every man likes sport and live game tickets to his beloved team is always an excellent present. Soccer, Ice Hockey, American Football, Basketball, and Baseball are all top choices.

3) Gift Box Package

Make him a thoughtful gift package including his favorite snacks, number one perfume, and a personalized coupon book with redeemable things you can do for him. You can make the prizes as naughty or PG13 as you like! Coupon prizes could be cleaning his car, giving him a massage, baking him a treat. Try to think of things personal to your relationship and prizes that he would genuinely enjoy.


2) Organize him a day out with his bros

Let’s face it, girls. Nothing makes him happier than quality time with his friends. Treating your boyfriend to a bro-date is the ultimate way to show him how much you care about him! Think paintballing, go-karting, or supercar track day. If you are on a budget, some more affordable options are bowling, cinema or golf.

1) Fulfil His Deepest Fantasies

Turn the heat up in the bedroom by dressing up in sexy lingerie for him. For ladies with gamer boyfriends, try to find out what their favorite character pin-up is and dress up like her. For ladies with a sporty man, try wearing an oversized team tee and long socks.

5 DIY Presents Ideas For Your Boyfriend


Handmade gifts are the perfect sentimental present and ideal if you are on a budget. From our experience, handmade gifts go a long way with boyfriends. They probably won’t tell their buddies about your thoughtful gift however they will treasure it forever. Below we have pulled together our top five DIY present ideas for you to make.

1) Memories Scrapbook

Get all of your best couple photos professionally printed and collage them in a binder scrapbook. Do not forget to annotate your best memories! For my less creatively-inclined girls, you can always display your photos in a classic photo album. It will still make for a beautiful account of your precious memories!

2) Compliment Jar

Fill a mason jar with hundreds of little shreds of paper. On each slip of paper write a compliment about your boyfriend. You can make this gift as personalized and creative as you like. For an extra special present, you can even create a color-coded system and fill the jar with memories and gratitude as well! For example, Green is for compliments; Yellow is for memories and Orange is for gratitudes.


3) Treasure Map

Hide some treasure and leave your boyfriend with a treasure map. Not only does he get a present but a treasure hunt is a fun and affordable activity for both of you. You can craft the treasure map from scratch or you can buy one and doodle over it! Bonus tip: Use a wet tea bag to stain the map and give it that vintage pirate look.

4) Keepsake Necklace

This gift is perfect for long distant lovers. Fill a little bottle necklace with something that represents you. This can be as simple as some earth, shells, or sand from where you live. Then he will always be close to you. Equally, you can make one for yourself, with elements from his hometown to make a matching set.


5) Sexy Calendar

Be his monthly pin-up girl, all year long with a sexy personalized calendar! Take 12 photos in different outfits to mark each month. You can theme your Outfits on the seasons or personalize the theme to his favorite film.If you don’t feel comfortable taking photos of your body. You can always take the more family-friendly option and make the calendar with your pet dressed up in cute outfits. Once you have your photos, there are plenty of companies on the internet that can print your calendar in a glossy or matte finish.

We hope his guide has helped inspire your celebrations! Remember relationships, come in all shapes and sizes these days. There is no perfect present for every man. The real perfect gift for your man is taking the time to plan a special day for him.

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