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Why Consider a Flower Crown for Your Wedding


With thousands of wedding photos posted on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest every day, it can be hard to come up with your own unique ceremony. All couples want to stand out from the crowd and give their family and friends an experience they can remember for years to come. Even more importantly, you want to look back on your wedding photos and know that it was truly the ceremony of your dreams.

Flower crowns are a great way of injecting a personal touch into your bridal outfit. Being able to select the flowers and design for your special day gives you the chance to inexpensively express yourself and your relationship through their natural beauty. Flowers are a versatile accessory, they can be styled up for extravagant ceremonies or subtly designed for more intimate affairs. Despite being outlets for so much creativity, they’re relatively easy to make.



Buying a Professionally Made Flower Crown


If you don’t have the time or crafting skill to make your flower crown, there’s always the option to purchase a premade or custom-made one. This allows you a certain freedom when designing your crown, you can fulfill your wildest ideas with a talented professional. Many florists are capable of creating beautiful flower crowns upon request, if you’re lost on where to start, they may even offer to design it from the ground up using your ideas as inspiration.

This can be a great idea for a number of reasons. Their work may be more stable and durable for your wedding day. They can even take the time to create many crowns if you’d like other members of your wedding party to wear them too. You won’t have to worry about testing out your skills and potentially going through a number of flowers in the process either.


Making Your Own Flower Crown


Of course, there’s nothing quite like wearing your own personal crown on your special day. Why not give it a shot and see how you fare? Following these simple steps, it’ll be pretty easy, and you’ll be done in no time! You’ll need to gather a few supplies for this method: thick wire (like vine wire or paddle wire), soft wire (like floral wire or craft wire), floral tape, scissors, wire cutter, and your desired flowers.

Measure the circumference of your head at the place you’d like the crown to sit. For example, if you’d like the crown to sit at the top of your head, measure it horizontally. If you’d like the crown to sit at an angle, measure it diagonally with the back being a little lower.

Use this measurement to cut the thick wire to size, leaving a little extra room so the edges can overlap and be twisted together. This will form the base of your flower crown. Bend it into a circular shape, making sure it fits comfortably on your head. Wrap the overlapping area of the wire in floral tape so the edges don’t stick you.

Cut your flowers so that one or two inches of the stem remain. Place the flower on the wire base at the desired position, then tightly secure the stem to the base wire by winding the softer wire around it. Wrap the softer wire in floral tape so it doesn’t unravel or stick you. Continue adding flowers in the same direction until all your flowers are affixed. Congrats! You’ve just made your own flower crown.


Planning and Designing Your Flower Crown


So now you know how to make your own flower crown, but there are a few things you should think about before you get started. There are so many different features and styles of crowns, it can leave you at a creative dead end. Here are a few things you should consider when planning and designing your flower crown.



White seems to be the go-to color for wedding flower crowns. It’s the traditional color of western weddings and it sometimes feels right to adhere to it. Those seeking a more traditional wedding with a flare of new fashion may consider beautiful White Rose or Baby’s Breath flowers. This also keeps with the theme of a ‘white wedding’, especially if you’ve chosen a white wedding dress. However, for those going the alternative routes, you may consider selecting lighter or darker colors to bring your wedding attire and theme together.

But there are ways to add a splash of color without upsetting the color theme of the ceremony. You can match your bouquet colors with those of your crown. It’s common to have a variety of colors in your bouquet, so matching your crown with them will appear natural and attractive to the eye. The accent of these colors against your gown will make for some excellent photos with a rich color palate.





There’s a reason you should select your colors before choosing the types of flowers you want. If you set your heart on Lavender flowers, you may have a hard time finding them in yellow, red, or white. Choosing a color palate then selecting from the available flowers your florist offers will make the process a little easier. Of course, if a particular flower holds sentimental value for your family or partner, for example it’s the flower your partner first gave you during your relationship, they should definitely be on the table!

Flowers often hold sentimental value. Think about the flowers you’re drawn to, or those that have a special meaning for you. Some flowers even have meaning all their own, it’s well known that roses symbolize romantic love, but there’s a lot of flower history out there to draw inspiration from. For example, the heliotrope flower signifies devotion, while the honeysuckle flower suggests the bonds of love. You can consult your florist and do a little research to find the flower or flowers that embodies your love, bringing a subtle meaning to your ceremony.



Flower crowns are beautiful and magical in their own right, but you may not have to stick with the “crown” if it doesn’t suit your tastes. There are many ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding hairstyle. Some brides may prefer a tiara to a crown, so the flowers rest at the front of the head instead of all around. This style can be accomplished using the same wire method explained above and simply affixing the flowers differently to suit, or by using a real tiara base.

Combining the flower crown concept with combs, pins, or headbands allows you to explore different options. If multiple members of your wedding party will be wearing flowers as well, this may be a good technique to add a little variety or set your own crown apart. For more relaxed or informal ceremonies, you may even consider incorporating the flower crown on a bridal hat. The groom can also wear a flower crown or a wreath crown if he desires. There are many ways to play with the crown, like placing it atop or beneath a veil. Don’t be afraid to experiment!



Crowns That Last Forever


Your flower crown will be among the most unique mementos of your ceremony you can keep for years to come. However, they will surely change. The flowers will become naturally dry and brittle. The colors of their initial beauty fading and being replaced with an exquisite and delicately aged beauty as the years progress. Some might find charm and poetry in this process, but others may want to look through their mementos and vividly remember the day as it was. Both are valid sentiments.

If you’d like a flower crown that will last for generations to come, you don’t necessarily need to use organic flowers. There are many beautiful faux flowers on the market that are almost indistinguishable from organic flowers. Alternatively, you may lean into it and get a custom metal flower crown made. A metal flower crown will shine with the grace of an elegant piece of jewelry, while still retaining the delicate essence of the flowers it embodies.



Styling Your Hair to Suit Your Flower Crown


Flowers are often incorporated into bridal hairstyles, sometimes through braiding or other accessories. But in terms of a flower crown, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Mermaid Waves often suit the down to earth essence of flower crowns. Flower crowns give you the option of wearing your hair down while still looking stunning for this special occasion. Of course, if you want a more complex style you can still achieve that boho look with a loose braid topped off by a wild-flower crown. Alternatively, an angled crown or a tiara may better compliment a sophisticated updo.

The idea is matching the theme of the hairstyle with the theme of the crown itself, they’re meant to work together in achieving your look, not against each other. This is why it’s important to consider your entire outfit before you start designing your crown. With these insights, you should have a better idea of where you want your flower crown to take you, and with that in mind it’s time to get started!

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