10 Nude Wedding Photo Ideas

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Wedding photos are an essential part of the celebration. They are going to hold a lot of memories that you can look back on in many years to come. But some people get bored of the traditional wedding photos and want to have some fun with different colors. In particular, couples like to be exciting and try out something new. For instance, nude wedding photos have become popular as couples want to create an alternative wedding album to enjoy. If this sounds like something you would like to do, here are 10 nude wedding photo ideas.

Try Boudoir Bridal Photos

Before your special day, you can have some fun and feel good with boudoir bridal photos. If you have not heard of this type of photography before, this is when the bride wears some lingerie and dress or even goes fully nude for photographs. Of course, a lot of brides find this fun and it can be a good way to boost your confidence and feel sexy before your special day. With wedding backdrops, it can be the perfect addition to an album.


Use Flowers for Some Modesty

If you do not want to have fully nude wedding photos, you can always use objects and décor in order to enjoy some modesty. In particular, we all know that flowers are a beautiful addition to a wedding when it comes to décor. But their size and shape can also be used by the bride and other guests. This can be fun and colorful, as well as allowing you to feel comfortable during the photo shoot. This is what we call really making use of your wedding budget!

Enjoy a Beach Theme

You want your wedding photos to have a good nude theme that makes sense. We think that being naked at the beach can be a great venue for your wedding photos. You can dip your toes in the water or pose on the sand. You can also use shells, surf boards and even umbrellas in your photos to take confident and comfortable photos with your partner and anyone else that wants to join.


Hold Candles

Being nude in photographs can be very liberating. In particular, it is something that is becoming a trend at weddings. If this is something you would like to try out, you may be looking for ways to make your photographs modest. We recommend using candles. They can create colors and shapes for your wedding photos, as well as allowing you to be comfortable being nude. What’s more, you can get creative and ask for black and white images while allowing the candles to show color.

Head into Nature

If you are someone that loves nature, you are going to love having this as a thee for your wedding photos. Of course, you can also enjoy being in nature nude and taking simple yet effective photographs. You can use branches and leaves for some modesty and capture all of the beautiful colors you are surrounded by. From being in a forest to having a green backdrop, you can choose what nature scene you love the most.

Have Warm Blankets

Let’s be honest, taking nude photos can be cold! But a good way to stay warm and be creative for wedding photos is using blankets. The couple can use blankets to provide some modest for the images, as well as making sure they do not catch a chill. The colors can be customized to fit the theme of the wedding and they can be used in a variety of backgrounds. You can make anything work as long as everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves.


Stand Behind the Cake

Of course, most nude wedding photos take advantage of structures to create some modest. This allows the images to be tasteful and enjoyable for all. Something that you could use for your nude wedding photos is the wedding cake. With several tiers, a bride and groom can stand behind the cake and take advantage of it. This is also going to make a beautiful scene since your cake will be special at your wedding too. You can enjoy a dining setting too.

Wear a See-Through Wedding Dress

A lot of people do not like to be fully nude for their wedding photographs. Of course, this is completely your decision! But a trend that we like and that may suit your wedding is the bride wearing a see-through wedding dress. This allows you to be partially nude and the ability to see the shape of the body through the dress. But it still creates some privacy and can allow you to feel confident in your photos. In addition, the groom can have some freedom on how he would like to look in the wedding photographs.

Line Up with Your Guests

This next idea can make some wonderful wedding photos. But it will be necessary to make sure that everyone is on board and give people the opportunity to say no. After all, not everyone is going to be comfortable and confident enough to pose naked for wedding photographs. We suggest having a nude line up of the bride and groom, as well as all of the guests. You can provide some modest to each other in the way that you stand and it can be some fun on the day for everyone.


Use Editing Software

Another way to enjoy nude photos from your wedding is to use editing software. On the day, you can walk around freely and enjoy being nude with your guests. But when it comes to the wedding photography, you may be looking for something a little bit more discreet. If this is the case, you can use editing software. In order words, you can insert an image or shape over a nude body so that the photos are modest for everyone to view. This means that you can still enjoy your wedding as you want to but have something different for your wedding photographs that everyone will see.

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