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Best Wedding Nails – Ideas for the Perfect Bridal Manicure

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The wedding, the opportunity to celebrate love with great splendor and also, a lot of organization! Location, placement of guests, wedding dress, decoration, makeup and wedding hairstyle: the list of preparations for a wedding is long! Besides, have you thought about your manicure for the big day? Rest assured, we will guide you to choosing the most suitable manicure for your wedding.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you, the photographer will immortalize you for posterity, so it is normal to want to be the most beautiful on the big day. If hairstyle and makeup are generally scheduled without batting an eyelid, a manicure is too, often goes by the wayside. Everyone will want to see you arch your hand to make your wedding ring sparkle, so don’t overlook it!

A gel manicure, nail polish, patch, or false nails for my wedding?

Before going on a limb and choosing a random color or style on your nails will wear on your wedding day, ask yourself which option is most suitable for your big day.


The semi-permanent


While the classic manicure with traditional nail polish is the most common option, the gel manicure has the advantage of not flaking and lasting longer. If you treat yourself to a getaway right away, no need to worry about the condition of your nails!




Have you heard of patches, such as sticky stickers? Forget! Difficult to install correctly, and often very fanciful, we keep them for fun during the holidays, but in no case to get married!


Fake nails


Abandoned for a few seasons in favor of gel, false nails can nevertheless save a wedding manicure. If you bite your nails, they are badly damaged or you don’t like their shape, they will be your pretty hands allies for your wedding day! Today there are resin solutions to be installed in a salon that can be trimmed to the length you want, even for a clear, square manicure.

The classic nail polish


If you opt for a manicure with very classic nail polish, then plan a good top coat (to shop easily here) to ensure a nice shiny and durable finish.

Choose your manicure wisely, because not all colors are available in gel, nail polish, or patch. This will allow you to see more clearly.


A pink, beige or white manicure for my wedding?


In the varnished shelves or in front of the thousand and one color palettes stretched out by the beautician: you can quickly lose your Latin and no longer know where to go. It must be said that sometimes the difference between two shades of nail polish is so subtle that you don’t notice it.

Our advice: choose your wedding manicure according to your skin tone and the color of your wedding dress.


With an off-white or ivory dress


If your wedding dress is ivory, avoid shades that are pink or white and opt for those with beige undertones to keep your look harmonious.


With a white dress 


If your wedding dress is white, the must is to bet on pastel pink colors highlighting the hands, complimenting the nails (and the wedding ring!) … without them stealing the show. Do you have dark

skin? Instead, head for beige nude which will highlight your complexion. Avoid shades that are too pink, which will not enhance your skin tone and can sometimes appear too “flashy”. With a white dress Do you have fair skin? These are the pinkish hues that will sublimate you! Avoid beige tones which will appear bland against your skin tone. Another option: the French manicure.

Please note, a successful French manicure is a French manicure that gives the impression of clean, neat nails! The demarcation between pink/beige (the base of your French is to be chosen according to your skin tone) and white must be almost invisible. If this is not the case, one can quickly capsize in the vulgar. Clever, do you know the accessory for an amazing French manicure?


A more original manicure for my wedding? 


If pink and beige are shades that you hate, take a look at other pastel colors such as sea green, baby blue, lavender mauve, or even very pale yellow. Dark or bright colors should be avoided on D-Day as they attract attention. Unless you are getting married in dark or very colorful outfits.


Bridal manicure: 3 tips for the big day


Take care of your nails and hands beforehand Moisturize your hands for a month before your wedding! Especially if your nails have been lying fallow for ages and your cuticles haven’t seen a drop of oil in centuries, don’t expect your hands to be Pinterestable on your wedding day.

So take care of it several days beforehand. Twice a week, make a mask for your hands, and regularly nourish your nails. Also think about food: garlic, yogurt, almonds …

In the week before, try several shades 


Plan for your wedding manicure. Don’t be caught off guard in the emergency of the day before!

In the week leading up to your wedding, try out manicures like trying on dresses or hairstyles. This time allows you to try out several shades of nail polish. If you are hesitating between two colors, try them on each of your hands! The day before Taking care of your hands and nails on Friday: dip them in a bowl of warm whole milk with a tablespoon of coconut oil, and let soak. At night, coat your hands with a good moisturizer and wear cotton gloves. You can also, opt for a special hydration hand mask that you put on using gloves provided for this purpose.


Buy a bottle of the polish you will wear


If you opt for nail polish, consider buying it to slip it into your wedding beauty kit. You never know, if you should need a touch-up. Especially if you have opted for a classic polish, if your varnish is chipping, you will have the right shade on hand to correct.


Bridal manicure: the 5 mistakes to avoid


Choose a nail polish just because you like it

It is important that we like the nail polish we choose to wear on our wedding day … but we must not forget that it must also sublimate us! Keep your feet on the ground and go for something that compliments you.


Do your gel manicure a week before the wedding


Although ideal for a wedding, the gel manicure does not come too long before the wedding. Indeed, the gel polish loses its shine over the days, and your nails grow, thus creating a demarcation between the varnished nail and the bare nail. The solution? Perform your gel manicure the day before or the day before the wedding.

Do your nails yourself at the last minute


Not only will you be particularly stressed, but you will also be very likely to chip your varnish, or worse, to stain your wedding dress. On D-Day, we do nothing!

The best thing is to treat yourself to a manicure session in a salon with your bridesmaid, your mother, your sister, and why not your future mother-in-law. If your budget does not allow it, nothing prevents you from organizing such a session in your living room the day before your big day. Chat, cakes, and nail polish will help you relax!


Extra-long resin nails 


Starlets around the world swear by XXL nails but we strongly advise against betting on nail extensions for your wedding. The reason? Not only do you risk knocking off a guest, but above all, you could make a mess in your wedding dress.


#Fail Nail art


Love it or hate it, nail art is not a go-to option on your wedding day. The reason for this is simple: nail tuning is subject to trends, while your wedding is timeless. Better to opt for something subtle and classic. If you really can’t do without nail art, then go for something simple.


What colors of nail polish to favor according to the shape of our nails?


If you have short nails, the choice of varnish color aims to lengthen the nail. Instead, we prefer light shades to dark shades, which will accentuate the small size of the nail. The French manicure is also a must-have to create the illusion of a longer nail. The trick to refining your nails is to leave “grooves” on both sides of the nail, applying the polish in the middle. This will stretch the nail. This is called an Italian manicure.

If we have wide nails, we avoid the white, which will give a flattened effect to our fingers. We prefer dark and mat colors, which will refine our nails. On the other hand, if we choose glitter or iridescent nail polish, they will capture the light and accentuate the width of our nails.

If you have very long nails, it’s up to us to choose the color and the varnish materials that we prefer.