Top 10 Wedding Venues in Wyoming

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Because there are numerous wedding venues to choose from in Wyoming, selecting the best one can be quite tricky.

This quick guide brings you the top ten wedding event properties in the state to help you narrow down the options.


Address: 1535 North East Butte Road, Jackson, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-734-7333

The Amangani is a Jackson-based wedding venue that welcomes you to the majestic vistas of the Jackson Hole and Teton Mountain Range.

As the venue allows you to celebrate any wedding on their property, you and your life partner can genuinely make your dream wedding turn into reality in this place.

Aside from wedding ceremonies and receptions, the Amangani can also host pre and post-wedding celebrations such as rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties, bridal showers, intimate family dinners, and more.

Diamond Cross Ranch

Address: 24340 Diamond Cross Road, Moran, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-543-2015

The Diamond Cross Ranch is a stellar event venue widely popular for its massive red barn nestled on a 14,000-square-foot ground.

Given the property’s substantial space, the venue is ideal for holding both private and grand weddings as it accommodates up to 750 guests.

Aside from the stunning views of the property’s surrounding nature, the venue also boasts its first-rate amenities that will surely make every wedding held in the place spectacular.

Jackson Lake Lodge

Address: 101 Jackson Lake Lodge Road, Moran, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-543-3005

If you and your partner dream of celebrating your most awaited day at a magical place along Grand Teton National Park, then you need to check out the Jackson Lake Lodge. This popular event venue is well-renowned for providing couples with several wedding setting options across the property.

When you choose to tie the knot in this outdoor wedding venue, you will have exquisite views of the Grand Teton Mountains as your wedding backdrop.

Moreover, you also have the option to hold your wedding indoors at the venue’s upper lobby in case the weather is not in favor of you during the big day.

Hotel Terra Jackson Hole

Address: 3335 West Village Drive, Teton Village, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-201-6065

If you wish to have the magnificent views of the Grand Teton Mountains as your wedding background, then you definitely need to check out the Hotel Terra Jackson Hole.

Moreover, apart from the stunning vistas surrounding the property, this venue also provides top-notch event hosting services to help you achieve the best wedding experience.

The Hotel Terra Jackson Hole offers several stellar wedding settings that you can rent for your wedding ceremony and reception. Moreover, the venue’s dedicated staff can help ensure that everything flows accordingly during the big day.

Moose Creek Ranch

Address: 2733 East 10800 South, Victor, ID

Phone Number: 208-787-6078

Surrounded by a lush forest and an abundance of gorgeous wilderness, the Moose Creek Ranch is definitely the perfect wedding venue for couples who are big on nature.

The venue provides couples and guests with several lodging options, including the Twin Cabins, Rendezvous Cabins, and Glamping Cabin. Each cabin comes with first-rate amenities to make you stay exceptionally satisfying.

If you and your loved one dreams of having the perfect wedding at a place that offers the utmost relaxation, the Moose Creek Ranch is the way to go.

Rancho Alegre Lodge

Address: 3600 South Park Loop Road, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-733-7988

The Rancho Alegre Lodge has been one of Wyoming’s most popular event destinations, especially for couples looking for a stellar facility to hold their wedding day in. The venue welcomes couples and guests to a luxurious, comfortable, and spacious home.

The event venue is not only an exceptional place for holding wedding ceremonies and receptions, but it is also ideal for hosting pre and post-wedding celebrations.

Thus, if you are also on the lookout for a first-rate venue for your dinner rehearsal, bridal shower, cocktail party, and whatnot, look no further than the Rancho Alegre Lodge. 

Snow King Resort

Address: 400 E. Snow King Avenue, Jackson, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-733-5200

The Snow King Resort provides all the possible amenities you could need to make your dream wedding come true.

The venue features multiple wedding spaces for couples to choose from depending on their style, preference, and the number of guests. If you plan on having a smaller and more intimate wedding, then the venue’s Fireside Room is the perfect area for you.

On the other hand, if you plan on having a luxurious wedding, the property’s Teton Ballroom allows you to have up to 350 guests.

Teton Pines

Address: 3450 N. Clubhouse Drive, Wilson, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-733-1005

The Teton Pines Country Club is undoubtedly one of the best wedding avenues in the state of Wyoming for several excellent reasons. The property offers a serene, elegant, and inexplicably romantic ambiance, making every wedding held in the place feel magical.

When you choose to tie the knot in this venue, you don’t only get the magnificent Teton Mountains as your wedding background. Still, you also get the help of expert staff who can make your dream wedding come true.

The Wolcott Galleria

Address: 136 S. Wolcott, Casper, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-247-0495

Constructed in 1952, the Wolcott Galleria is a world-class event venue that has been providing top-tier wedding hosting services for years.

When you choose to hold your wedding in this venue, you get to pick one of the beautiful event settings, including a historic theater, a romantic ballroom, and a private room for intimate celebrations.

The property also offers a wide range of stellar amenities to make your wedding remarkable and exceptionally magical.

Trail Creek Ranch

Address: 7100 West Trail Creek Road, Wilson, Wyoming

Phone Number: 307-733-2610

Nestled in a 20-acre secluded land, the Trail Creek Ranch is the perfect wedding destination for couples who want to have the ultimate wedding celebration while enjoying the utmost relaxation.

When you choose to hold your big day in this venue, you get to choose from several event settings. Each event setting comes with a porch and stunning vistas, which make perfect wedding backdrops.


Now that you know ten of the best Wyoming wedding venues today, it’s about time you chose the perfect place where you and your life partner can celebrate your most special day.

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