Top 10 Wedding Venues in the US

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For some brides picking their wedding venue is a piece of cake, but for others, it’s sleepless nights and endless viewings. With hundreds of beautiful locations to host your dream wedding at, is it not surprising if you are torn between where to tie the knot? In this day and age, anyone can wed anywhere! Weddings are no longer just church -bound ceremonies which begs the question. What style and qualities do you want from your venue?

Do you want to host your nuptials at a gorgeous rustic barn or perhaps a beautiful 18th-century vineyard? Or do you picture your big day at an elegant mansion?

Filtering locations by price, facilities, and style can massively help whittle the choices down but it is still an extraordinarily hard decision to make. To help make that choice we have pulled together our top 10 wedding venues in the US.

10) French’s Point – Stockton Springs, Maine

This beautiful private estate is the ideal getaway and wedding venue for any coastal-loving couple! You will be spoilt for choice, with the option of over 9 different ceremony venues and 14 gathering options to choose from! Overall the estate boasts an impressive 20 acres of land with 3 large properties that offer spectacular views of Penobscot Bay.

Type: Coastal inspired – Private estate

Need to know: The average event holds 50-100 people but this venue can hold up to 200 if needed. There is also lodging included for up to 62 guests with plentiful of nearby accommodation.

Cost: $10,000- $48,000 (dependent on how many properties you rent, season etc)

9) The George Peabody Library – Baltimore, Maryland

Cultivate a timeless and memorable experience in the reading room. The reading room is the main area in this exquisite library and is notably a work of art in its own right. The marble floors and giant columns are just some of the details that make this Baltimore’s most popular wedding venue.

Type: Historic Library and incredible Baltimore landmark

Need to know: There is room for a reception of up to 250 guests. If you decide to wed here, you must take out liability insurance covering up to $1million.

Cost: $5500 – $9900 rental fee then around $1000 for the ceremony fee.

8) Key Largo Lighthouse – Key Largo, Florida

Let the sunshine over you in your very own tropical paradise wedding. At Key Largo Lighthouse you can choose between two private beach venues (Coral Beach or Hidden Beach) for your day. Both venues come guaranteed with sunset backdrops and luscious palm trees.

Type: Seaside inspired – Private Beach & Resort

Need to know: Day packages and short stay packages are both available.

Cost: $1700 for the rental fee and between $65 – $160 p.p.

7) Bellagio Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Home to one of the most famous water features in the world, the Bellagio hotel has an undoubtedly picturesque backdrop for your wedding.

Type: Easily one of the most iconic buildings in Las Vegas, the Bellagio is a glamourous hotel and casino in the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Need to know: Perfect for a large wedding, the reception capacity holds as many as 300 people.

Cost: $2,600 – $16,500

6) The Little Nell – Aspen, Colorado

Despite being a popular skiing destination, The Little Nell has picture-perfect backdrops 365 days a year. Sat 3 miles above Aspen, the Little Nell offers multiple venue options for your ceremony including the Sundeck, Wedding Outlook, and Aspen Mountain Club.

Type: Mountain Resort with views of Elk Mountain range

Need to know: The Little Nell can hold anything from a modest 20 to a staggering 500 guests!

Cost: $4000 – $75000 (dependent on ceremony location)

5) The Plaza Hotel – New York

Glamour radiates from every inch of this gorgeous hotel. Known for its beauty, the plaza is no stranger to a film crew and has featured in many blockbuster movies including the hilarious “Bride Wars”.

Type: Extravagant and World Famous Hotel overlooking Central Park

Need to know: The Plaza can hold up to 500 guests.

Cost: $12,000 which is the fee just for the ceremony. On top of that, you can expect to pay anywhere from $350 – $370 p/p.

4) Treehouse Point– Issaquah, Washington

A magical forest retreat complete with over 4 acres of breathtaking greenery which can be enjoyed from one of the seven treehouses!

Type: Woodland venue with treehouse and cabin accommodation

Need to know: Ceremonies are typically arranged in a small landscaped garden.

Cost: Treehouses can be separately rented for the night between $375 – $600 depending on the season. Alternatively, you can choose one of the exclusive wedding packages that start at $8500 and will include accommodation for 18 people.

3) Haiku Mill – Maui, Hawaii

This historic sugarcane mill on the tropical island of Maui blends industrial ruins with European elegance. Watch the night sky come to life through the array of botanical arrangements and retro chandeliers that delicately drape down into the mill.

Type: Tropical inspired wedding at a Historic landmark

Need to know: Inside the venue can fit up to 100 guests.

Cost: $3000 +

2) Malibu Rocky Oaks – Malibu, California

Proudly overlooking the valley, Malibu rocky oaks is a luxury villa complete with an infinity pool and impressive panoramic views of malibu. Many couples chose to host their ceremony here on the helicopter pad where the seating can be arranged beautifully in a semi-circle formation.

Type: Romantic villa sat in the mountains

Need to know: This venue can comfortably fit 40 to 160 guests. Due to its unique location, is it advised that you hire a valet service and shuttle bus to transport your guests up to the property.

Cost: $10,000 – $35,000 (Dependent on Month, Day and Season)

1) Cedar Lakes Estate– Port Jervis, New York

Step into a woodland fairytale. Cedar Lakes Estate is 500 acres straight out of snow white’s wildest dreams.

Type: Nature inspired wedding- Private Woodland Estate

Need to know: CLE only takes a limited amount of bookings throughout the year to ensure each event is perfect.

Cost: $70,000+

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