Top 10 Wedding Venues in St Petersburg, Florida

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While it is true that every wedding-related decision has a significant role in shaping your big day, some choices still make a greater impact that carries how well the others will come together. And there is probably nothing greater than planning for where the wedding will come true – the wedding venue. The location contributes to the overall tone of your once-in-a-lifetime event, which is a reason why making a choice is undeniably imperative.

No worries, though, as we will provide you with a list of our top recommended venues right at your disposal. So sit back and relax as you choose among the top wedding venues you can find in St Petersburg, Florida.

1. Sirata Beach Resort

Address: 5300 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706, United States

Phone: 8553445999

Sirata Beach Resort is your go-to place for beach weddings and events – in fact, it is an award-winning venue in Florida. With those picturesque beach settings, clear waters, and romantic sunset, anyone who loves the beach would love their wedding to take place here. Aside from the amazing views, Sirata Beach Resort offers a vast array of event spaces to choose from, with services fit for an ideal beach wedding scenario.

2. 737 Event Venue

Address: 737 3rd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-821-1926

This venue is situated right in front of Mirror Lake, a pool of water surrounded by trees, perfect for couples who want a private wedding. With its intricate designs on the floor and white walls that extend to a ceiling so high, you can plan an intimate and classy wedding with this location. The couple will also say their vows on an intricately-designed platform, making a picture-perfect scenario. This venue also shines with lots of chandeliers, giving a historic era vibe to your most awaited day.

3. Doncedy Hall

Address: 3600 76th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-345-8235

If you are looking for a venue that can accommodate many guests, then this one’s for you. With its wide space intended for entertainment, this hall can fit up to 325 people. With its shiny gymnasium-like flooring style and a huge stage for entertainment, this venue can give you nostalgic 90’s vibes like no other. It is also perfect for a do-it-yourself kind of event, so you can style your wedding the way you want it to manifest.

4. Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club

Address: 6000 Sun Boulevard, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-906-4752

Here’s another choice if you want to pull off an extraordinary beach–vibe wedding. With its private beachfront and tropical feel, Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club are considered one of the top choices to achieve your wedding bliss. Couples can exchange their vows in front of a gazebo or even at the seaside. If you think it’s too hot outside, ceremonies can be accommodated indoors according to your preference.

5. Poynter Event Space

Address: 801 3rd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-553-4712

The entire place is surrounded by an elegant glass-paneled skylight, making the room lit up with natural light—perfect for an enchanted kind of wedding. Sophisticated mahogany wall panels, mahogany tiles, and square-shaped columns lined up the place, adding more intensity to the room vibes. High windows lined up the walls, which overlooks a cool reflection of an outdoor pool and the Bayboro Harbor. If you want a stylish and kind-of-nostalgic kind of wedding, this is your go-to place.

6. Rococo Steak

Address: 655 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-822-0999

Known for its mouth-watering steaks, this place can be a host to an immaculate event. You can book this place for an intimate wedding set, which calls for their Napa Room. For large wedding settings, the grand ballroom, which can accommodate 250 guests, can be utilized. Aside from the place, their recipes are one thing to look forward to when booking your wedding in this place.

7. St. Petersburg Women’s Club

Address: 40 Snell Isle Boulevard Northeast, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-822-4982

Exchanging vows in a green garden while under the shade of a huge tree sounds like a fairy tale, isn’t it? In this venue, you can experience it all. With its huge picture windows, neutral floor carpet, and polished wood floors, together with twinkling lights, a stage covered in champagne-colored curtains, and intricate woodworks, this venue exudes tropical yet classy and romantic vibes for your wedding.

8. St. Petersburg Museum of History

Address: 335 2nd Avenue Northeast, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-894-1052

Aside from the nostalgic feeling of the place, you can choose where you want to exchange vows in this place—whether on the grassy lawn, waterfront, or under a tree canopy. Ceiling-high windows also overlook the well-known Vinoy Hotel as well as the Central Yacht basin. There are also event coordinators that can help you wrap up your big day.

9. Sunken Gardens

Address: 1825 4th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-551-3102

Here’s for the couple who wanted a glamorous garden-style wedding for their big event. This garden’s wide array of colorful plants and flowers makes it a remarkable place to consider as a wedding event. It can host from 80 to 200 people, so you wouldn’t have a problem in case you wanted an intimate or a huge wedding. It also has an indoor banquet hall with exposed metal beams and high wood ceilings that can be decorated to match your theme.

10. The Historic Manhattan Casino Event Hall

Address: 642 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-256-1807

This place is a good solid choice for a couple who wanted to pull off a low-key kind of wedding. The design is mainly simple – with its neutral color pallets and wooden flooring, you can easily change it to the theme that suits your taste. It also has a lounge-type kind of appeal because of its low ceilings, which are perfect for an intimate and private wedding just between the couple and their loved ones.

Final Words: Cheers to the Wedding Bells

From intimate and indoor weddings to beach and garden weddings, the list above can help you narrow down your choices so you can have your once-in-a-lifetime event manifest perfectly. Though it might be stressful to choose your venue, nothing feels more blissful once you achieve your desired outcome than your most-awaited day. Hoping we have helped you choose your venue, and cheers to the wedding bells!

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