Top 10 Wedding Venues In South Dakota

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There is no shortage of beautiful wedding venues in South Dakota. If you are interested in which among them can be considered the best, then you are on the right page. This article contains a shortlist of the top South Dakota wedding venues.

Here are the top 10 wedding venues in South Dakota:

Museum Of Visual Materials

Address: 500 N. Main Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone Number:  605-271-9500

The Museum of Visual Materials can accommodate up to 175 people, including the privilege of having a dance floor, making it perfect for both ceremony and the reception. However, the optimum number is 128 people, but it is worth pointing out that if the dance floor is sacrificed, 236 people can be comfortably accommodate.

Additionally, if you like a black and white motif, then you’ll find this place easy to redecorate. You can also enjoy a weekend getaway in nearby towns of South Carolina, Texas, and Oregon.

Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center

Address: 1500 Shoreline Drive, Oacoma, SD 57365

Phone Number:  888-697-6363

Having located along the Missouri River, Arrowwood Cedar Shore Resort provides scenic views and an opportunity to incorporate nature in the wedding theme. The wedding venue is great, but the most outstanding feature is the room accommodation.

Your wedding guests will not only witness your wedding vows but also have the chance to enjoy probably one of the best vacations in their lives. Aside from amazing cabins and suites, there are cafes, entertainment areas, sports courts, and even RVs for relaxing camping activities.

Besler’s Cadillac Ranch

Address: 19314 Helmer Rd., St. Onge, SD 57779

Phone Number: 605-391-6791

Suppose you prefer the right kind of balance between romantic venues and getaway experiences. In that case, Besler’s Cadillac Ranch may be on top of the list. If you want an outdoor-theme wedding, you may experiment with this venue.

You can have your guests bring their RVs and enjoy camping after the big day. There is also a 3-story barn, with a full-service bar inside, wherein you can hold your reception there. The space is large enough to provide room for dancing.

Black Hills Bridal View

Address: PO Box 707, Lead, SD 57754

Phone Number: 605-777-0436

If you have different ideas for the event, then Black Hills Bridal View can provide variety. The most popular of what they can offer is the ‘Wedding Deck,’ which is perfect for intimate gatherings yet with gorgeous scenery.

This part of the venue features forests and mountains as a backdrop for your photoshoots. You can also choose a non-urban style event at the log cabins and farm as venues. Other choices include “Blackstone Lodge & Suites,” “Roughlock Falls,” “Indian Springs,” and “Snappers.” 

Black Hills Receptions & Rentals

Address: 10400 W. Hwy. 44, Rapid City, SD 57702

Phone Number: 605-342-8888

For 25 years and counting, Black Hills Receptions & Rentals has been hosting outdoor wedding events. With 10,000 acres of Forest Service Land as a backdrop, imagine just how tranquil that ceremony will be. It also has a room that can accommodate 300 guests.

For the center stage, you can avail either of the 2: The “Grand Gazebo,” which is an elegant place with a fountain courtyard, a large chandelier, and a fairy garden, or the “Cinderella Gazebo,” which has the aristocratic vibes and a spacious area. 

Blue Haven Barn And Gardens 

Address: 46594 268th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Phone Number: 605-661-4394

With Sioux Falls near to the venue, you can find the location as a breathtaking spectacle. The main event room has very tall ceilings that extend up to 35 feet and can accommodate 300 guests. If you don’t have your own caterer, the Blue Haven Barn And Gardens has their own wherein you can also gain access to their beautiful wooden tables and Chiavari chairs.

This venue may have all you need for your wedding: luxurious suites, a bar with wide-ranging choices, pet-friendly grounds, and a wedding-ready area either in the green yard or inside.

 Buffalo Ridge Resort

Address: 1312 Coteau Street, PO Box 190, Gary, SD 57237

Phone Number: 605-272-7777

If you like the ambiance with historical buildings, Buffalo Ridge Resort has a bunch of them. The landscape also is filled with picturesque views you can use on your wedding photoshoots.

Suppose you wanted your guests to experience a bit of history while enjoying nature. In that case, it is only right that you’ll have an outdoor wedding event. The staff is very welcoming, and the catering team helps you in filling up the perfect menu.


Address: 500 E. 69th Street, PO Box 89021, Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Phone Number: 605-334-8888

As a part of the Sioux Falls community for almost 2 decades, Callaway’s provides customizable wedding packages while enjoying the grandeur of nature. If you want an intimate wedding, you can rent one of their private rooms, which can accommodate 50 people.

You can also avail bundles to include other parts of the wedding event in one package. As for the cake, Chef April Austin is available to customize for your event.

Elk Creek Resort & Receptions

Address: 8220 Elk Creek Road, Piedmont, SD 57769

Phone Number: 605-787-4884

If you haven’t fully committed to an idea for your wedding, you can decide to book Elk Creek Resort & Receptions since they have accommodations most couples wanted. Mostly, their services are very conducive for outdoor weddings.

With so many room accommodations and amenities, you can secure an excellent weekend for your guests. There are also lots of hiking trails which you can use for wedding photoshoots.

Gate City Events 

Address: 47947 US Hwy 18, Canton, SD 57013

Phone Number: 605-214-4604

Gate City Events can accommodate either an outdoor event or an inclusive gathering. If you prefer a simple wedding yet a truly memorable one, you can consider this place on your list.

It has all that you needed: accommodation, catering, entertainment, and easy access to Newton Hills State Park that is perfect for picture taking. 

Final Words

Whatever venue you choose, always consider your budget. Yes, what matters most is the love that you have between partners. Still, if there are willing sponsors and die-hard supporters of your relationship, it is your responsibility to acknowledge them by providing a meaningful and money-wise celebration.

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