Top 10 Wedding Venues in Seattle

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A wedding is an important day of someone’s life as it signifies the start of something new and beautiful. To enjoy your big day, you need to choose the right wedding venue.

Seattle is an extraordinary wedding destination because of its diverse nature and rich and vibrant culture. It ranges from having historical places to modern places that you might be interested in to tie the knot.  However, finding the best wedding venues in Seattle is not easy.

Listed below are the top venues in Seattle that will make your wedding dream a reality.


TreeHouse Point

Address: 6922 Preston Fall City Road SE. Issaquah, Washington 98027

Phone number: 425-441-8087

The Tree House Point is for nature lovers and adventurers couples. It is 30 minutes drive from Seattle and is popular for its magnificent forest view. The bride and groom with their guest get to enjoy the adjacent forest view as twinkling lights surround them.

It is created along the Raging River and it has an exquisite picturesque site with towering trees as the backdrop. The sound of the water flowing can be heard and the fresh air is something that both the couple and their guests will love.

The Tree House has a beautiful and warm Pond Room, which is lined with cedar. This room is perfect for dinner, dancing, and cocktails.


Seattle Aquarium

Address: 1483 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101 

Phone number: 206-693-6215

If you and your partner are sea lovers, then the Pier 59 would be an excellent venue to declare your vows on Pier 59. You can say “I do” while standing at the edge of Elliot Bay and enjoy the gorgeous view of the blue waters and the Seattle skyline.

You will also get to watch different types of swimming fish in their live décor on Washington Waters in the Puget Sound Great Hall. No doubt that this venue will make your wedding day unforgettable.


Sodo Park by Herban Feast

Address: 3200 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134

Phone number: 206-932-4717

Sodo Park was built in the year 1970, and it is in the Sodo district in Seattle. The site is reputable for being modernized while maintaining its historical importance. It offers a unique combination of urban and traditional charm that would be splendid for a wedding ceremony.

The open space design allows you to design the place to your liking. Crafted with exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, and magnificent original widows with multiple planes, this wedding venue will give you a perfect setting for a romantic ceremony. What’s more, the classy reception will blow your guests’ minds.


The Ruins

Address: 570 Roy Street Seattle, Washington 98109

Phone number: 206-285-7846

Located in the lower Queens Anne Hill, this venue is unique and top choice for most couples who want to host their wedding. The courtyard will lead you to discover a collection of outdoor spaces and rooms filled with stunning antiques, eccentric art collections, and hand-painted images.

You will be provided with the hole building upon purchase. You can use all the different rooms for different occasions during your wedding day including your bridal party. Plus, there is a magnificent ballroom that has immense chandeliers to host your reception.


Chihuly Garden and Glass

Address: 305 Harrison Street Seattle, Washington 98109

Phone number: 206-905-2180

This venue is unique because of its surrounding glass house. It is an ideal choice for couples looking for a wedding venue with indoor and outdoor availability. It provides an outward scene that is perfect for out-of-the-world couples. It is going to add elegance to the couple’s day.

The artistic and historical significance of this structure is exceptional. If you are looking to host a large wedding, you will be pleased to know that it can accommodate up to 1500 individuals.


Fremont Foundry

Address: 154 North 35th Street Seattle, WA 98103

Phone number: 206-588-6981

This is yet another outstanding wedding venue in Seattle for couples to consider. When you rent this venue, you can turn the whole place into whatever you want it to be. The forum comes with their inventory and their planning software, which will take the work of planning off your hands. The rooftop has a magnificent view of North Seattle.

The Fremont Foundry interior has a great, vast skylight where the light flows in. When you choose this venue, your guests can have a good time in the courtyard, which is illuminated by market lights. The yard gives you an urban oasis vibe.


The Arctic Club Seattle

Address: 703 3rd Avenue Seattle, Washington 98104

Phone number: 206-631-8041

The Arctic Club Seattle was founded in the year 1900 and was originally used as a place where Yukon’s travelers gathered and told their stories. The Club has a flourish Terracotta walruses. The magnificent glass ceilings, which have historical value and the Rococo motifs, make this venue unique.

Besides, it is a great venue for couple who are after venues that incorporate both the historical and modern values. Better yet, the Club extends a honeymoon suite to the newlyweds if they wish to stay and enjoy Seattle.


Fairmount Olympic Hotel

Address: 411 University StreetSeattle, Washington 98101

Phone number: 206-621-1700

This hotel is luxurious and perfect for newly engaged to say ‘I do.”  The best thing about this wedding venue is that it allows you to choose where you want your wedding to be hosted, whether it is in their lavish indoors garden, multicultural Metropole Room, or their majestic Spanish Ballroom, everything is just excellent.

The hotel takes the liberty to handle all the details to bring your dream into reality. Interestingly, the hotel provides a waiter to care for 10 guests and their amenities are exquisite. The hotel also offers gift to the newlywed, including a night at the hotel with lots of strawberries and champagne.


Melrose Market Studios

Address: 1532 Minor AvenueSeattle, Washington 98101

Phone number:209-932-1059

The large space gives you the freedom to host different events of your wedding in one location with varying moods due to the lighting, which can be dimmed. The building has a historical significance as it was built in 1927 and was later renovated in 2010.

Therefore, exchanging your wedding vows in this venue will give you a feel of historical and modern times. The venue offers scrumptious cuisine prepared by the Tuxedos & Tennis Shoes, who are the caterers.


JM Cellars Winery

Address: 14404 NortheastWoodinville, WA 98072

Phone number: 4254856508

Nestled in seven acre land, this wedding venue gives a nature and urban feel. It is loved by couples who want something casual and classy. The winery is perfect for outdoor weddings as it features a courtyard that is designed with market lights. It is also surrounded by beautiful, natural vegetation.

For couples that prefer an indoor setting, there are exquisite rooms like the Barrel, Tasting Rooms, and the Fireside. The place also has the Bridal Room with lush furnish and even makeup stations. The Game room for the guys has a fireplace, wraparound deck, and a pool table.



The stress that comes with planning a wedding sometimes makes the process overwhelming. If you are searching for the best wedding venue in Seattle, use this guide to help you find the most ideal place to exchange vows with your partner.

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