Top 10 Wedding Venues in San Francisco

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Choosing a venue for your ideal wedding can really put a lot of pressure on you. Look no further because San Francisco is an ideal tourist destination for the perfect wedding.

Below are ten (10) expert-approved choices of wedding venues in San Francisco which may ease you up in exploring the right option.


The Cliff House

Established in 1863, the Cliff House serves the finest cuisine. Exchange your vows in this breathtaking place with ocean views of the Pacific Ocean, Marine Coastline, the famous Seal Rocks, and the Ocean Beach. From the view at the terrace, you will be elated by some sightings of flocks of pelicans and seagulls, a usual scene in the bay area. There is also an occasional glimpse of seals, dolphins, or whales.  It will be truly a wonderful San Francisco experience, celebrating your wedding day in such an amazing setting.

If ocean views are your idea of a dream wedding, then Cliff House is absolutely fair for you.

Address: 1090 Point Lobos Avenue, San Francisco CA 94121

Phone Number: (415) 386-3330


Presidio Log Cabin

This is a historic log cabin built in 1937. The venue has a lavish lawn overlooking San Francisco Skyline and Golden Gate Bridge. This is undoubtedly a dream place for couples who specifically wanted a barn wedding.

Fully recommended, make it one for the ages.

Address: 1299 Storey Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone Number: (415) 561-5300


Foreign Cinema: Whimsical Industrial Chic

Currently, it offers private dining for intimate events like a wedding for a small group. There is a canopied courtyard exclusively for the ceremony.

Foreign Cinema is popular for its incredible food. The dining venue is in an outdoor courtyard where you can enjoy both your dinner and a movie. Isn’t it a very whimsical one?

There are only two reasons to choose this, the ambiance and the fantastic food.

Address: 2534 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 9411

Phone Number: 415.648.7600 ext. 124

San Francisco City Hall

The San Francisco City Hall may not be an ideal spot for weddings but the elegant style of architecture applied makes it beautiful in a dramatic and eye-catching way. Focusing on the grand staircase as well as a backdrop would do the trick in creating an idyllic mood for the couple. The ceremony may take place in the Rotunda. The City Hall, by the way, has over 220 state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures that brighten the exterior during the evening. When celebrating events often, there are special lighting schemes done, inviting a romantic atmosphere.

This is recommended to couples who love fine arts and architecture. This place is for you.

Address: 1 Polk Street, San Francisco CA 94102

Phone Number: 415.554.6079


Bently Reserve

Dream of welcoming your guests to the charm of old San Francisco? Bently Reserve is known to be an epitome of awe-inspiring greatness and ageless elegance.

This history-laden place (formerly the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), is located at the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. Although historic in nature, its Banking Hall is renovated to adopt modern technology, transforming it into a prestigious and versatile type of event venue. The said Banking Hall is the main event area. It exhibits a large bronze door and a majestic staircase that dramatically leads to the open mezzanine and stunning balcony where you can host cocktails.

This certainly is a captivating venue to look forward to, to couples out there.

Address: 301 Battery St., San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone Number: 415-294-2226


Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco

This church is described as a perfect and memorable setting for a wedding ceremony. This National Historic Landmark depicts a picturesque ambiance in the Pacific Heights neighborhood.

This is ideal for couples who love the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. The ceremony will be celebrated in the rustic chapel and reception at the lush flower-filled garden. Its private cozy atmosphere makes it suitable for small weddings. And as the church is a Christian denomination centered on Jesus Christ, you are welcome to have the wedding ceremony be customized. They are open to all backgrounds of people.

By celebrating the most momentous time of your life here, you unfold yourself into the core of San Francisco’s vibrant history.

Address: 2107 Lyon Street San Francisco California 94115

Phone Number: (415)3466468


Julia Morgan Ballroom

Julia Morgan Ballroom takes pride in providing you a more-than-usual glimpse of its iconic feature. It boasts of its gourmet cuisine, cityscape views, eccentric display of hand-carved wood, and neoclassical art.

The grand ballroom is the principal event space. There is also a lounge area where you can hold a smaller number of people.

You may reach them anytime, convey your wedding objectives and specific needs as the team flaunt excellent service and professionalism. Surely, you will be in good hands.

Address: The Merchants Exchange Building, 465 California Street, San Francisco, California 94104

Phone Number: 415-966-0367


Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is not an average venue. It is also an iconic landmark like the others. A grand hall with a soaring ceiling makes it distinctive and features skylights accenting its fine structure. Located at a waterfront, you have the best scenic bay views.

You might want to consider a World-class culinary marketplace for your big day.

A perfect space for foodie couples.

Address:  One Ferry Building, San Francisco CA 94111

Phone Number:  (415) 983-8030



Farallon is a restaurant located at the top portion of a gorgeous Spanish Gothic-style building called Elks Lodge No. 3.  This building was featured in the first copy of Architectural Digest. The masterpiece of this lodge is the towering double-height swimming pool designed with arches and murals.

“Coastal cuisine” is at stake here, apparently fresh seafood with continuous fine quality menus. Again, if you are a food lover, you would really like to check on it as it offers an affordable price.

Address: 450 Posh St., San Francisco CA 94102

Phone number: (415) 956-6998


James Leary Flood Mansion

It is a Renaissance-style mansion, one of San Francisco pride. The mansion is such a classical and elegant wedding site with an enclosed courtyard made of tiles. It has a very detailed interior that includes impressive painted murals and highly ornate ceilings.

The view from the Grand Hall is the Golden Gate Bridge.

It could be all that you have imagined – a picturesque setting!

Address:  2222 Broadway, San Francisco CA 941115

Phone Number:  415-292-3142

Remember that it is your day and your wedding vision is important. Ten of the most extraordinary dream wedding spots in San Francisco were presented to you to choose from. Wishing you that things will turn out fine with you.  Cheers!

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