Top 10 Wedding Venues in Phoenix

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Love is as beautiful as it is hard, and planning a wedding can be the same, just not in a wholly similar light. The process itself takes up a lot of energy that you might find yourself getting stuck in decision-making. This is especially true when you’re at odds on choosing the best wedding venue for the big day. So, if you’re considering Phoenix as the best city for your celebration, then you’re in luck.


We have listed our top 10 wedding venues in Phoenix. These offer a wide array of services and amenities for the best experience, whether the set-up is intimate or grand. Let’s get started.


An Old Town Wedding-Event Center

Address: 8276. W. Monroe St., Peoria, Phoenix

Contact: 623 412 7797

Channeling the whole 1940’s vibe is this red brick beauty surrounded by vast gardens of lush green. Mainly offering an outdoor wedding area and indoor reception, this venue can cater to 300 guests. This is a practical choice for every type of ceremony, whether it’s just a civil union, or vow renewal, or an elopement. In addition to that, this place can be wonderful during the nighttime, if ever you prefer a celebration under the stars.


The Teapot 

Address: 818 N. 5th Ave., Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 623 522 6027

With a hint of British aesthetic blended with the Phoenix charm, this is a simple and straightforward venue for almost every event, whether personal, celebratory, or corporate. While it is not as grand as most venues, this is great for you if you’re on a budget—no need to worry at all because the establishment doesn’t compromise quality at all. The Teapot is known to provide delicious food with exemplary service, so you’ll surely be back for more.


Desert Botanical Garden

Address: 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix

Contact: 480 941 1225

A unique take on a wedding would have it in one of Arizona’s most beautiful botanical gardens. The establishment offers options on what fauna and botanicals surround you on your big day, and their venues can hold up to a hundred guests. This is among the best choices for intimate ceremonies, but be sure to take your camera so you can capture all the beauty that surrounds you.


Venue at the Grove

Address: 7010 South, 27th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 602 456 0803

Experience your big day under a canopy of lush green branches in this redefined ranch venue. As its name suggests, the venue is surrounded by a grove of pecan trees that offer a naturally picturesque backdrop for your celebration. A night under the stars is as compelling as the experience during the day, and you’re guaranteed such lovely views from the French doors of the reception hall.


Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Address: 16026 N. 36th St., Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 602 867 8975

Semi-industrial, exotic, and enchanting, the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens’ outdoor set-up is indeed an incredible sight. While the on-site accommodations may be limited, you are offered one of the most beautiful places in Phoenix for a day as big as a wedding. The best thing about this venue, aside from its great food and service, is how “alive” the whole place is. Once you get the tour, you’ll for sure be captivated.


Tercero by Aldea Weddings

Address: 5130 N. 43rd Ave., Glendale, Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 623 692 4604

With its rural bohemian style and neutral color schemes, you can only find an elegance in the simplicity of Tercera by Aldea. Both with an indoor and outdoor space to accommodate the guests, you can invite up to 300 guests to this venue. This is a place that was designed with years of experience, so you can only expect the up-to-par service, the exceptional planning assistance, and even a luxurious limo transfer as part of the package.


Whispering Tree Ranch

Address: 5901 West Elliot Road, Laveen, Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 480 415 3387

With its vintage bistro vibe meshed with a farm house’s workings, this ranch venue is akin to the oasis of a desert. Not only is your reception area surrounded by vast greeneries, but native birds may occasionally visit your ceremony. It can hold up to only a hundred guests, so this is especially ideal for intimate celebrations. Also, consider this the best place to disconnect from the modern, and reconnect with nature.


Antigua Garden

Address: 2645 N. 16th St., Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: 602 759 0042

This one executed the 1940s Southwestern vibe into the aesthetic quite well. The Antigua Garden actually used to be a Spanish Colonial church before it was renovated to be a standalone venue for weddings and other ceremonies. The rustic structure is surrounded by expertly maintained landscape and beautiful substructures that can hold up to 220 guests. If you’re big on rustic Architecture, this venue is for you.


The Croft Downtown

Address: 22E Buchanan, Phoenix

Contact: 602 462 9700

The most modern of this list’s options is The Croft in Downtown Phoenix, but it doesn’t stray from the classic rustic charms that the city specialized in. Their luxurious high-ceiling interiors give a timeless image for your big day, and the whole decorative set-up is just stunning. This can be attributed to the expertise of their staff in planning and execution. If you have the budget for it, this place is totally worth the investment.


Hope Barn and Gardens

Address: 26525 N. 19th Ave., Phoenix

Contact: 623 565 8076

Cozy, rustic, and naturally enthralling, the Hope Barn and Gardens offer a modest take on weddings without you having to break the bank. At such an affordable price, you are given access to many amenities and plenty of picturesque views worthy of note. This is a favorite among religious celebrants because of its earth-toned overall vibe, clean and simple interiors, and wonderful service.



Phoenix, Arizona, is a great place to spend your big day, especially if you like anything floral, earth-toned, and rustic. While these choices lean more on modest instead of grandiose, you are guaranteed only the best service from each of these establishments. We hope this helps!

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