Top 10 Wedding Venues in Philadelphia

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Are you newly engaged and looking for the perfect spot in Philadelphia to tie the knot? If so, then you are in the right place.

Philadelphia is considered an ideal wedding destination thanks to its rich history and award-winning venues. There are numerous wedding venues that couples marrying in Philadelphia can choose from, that match any wedding aesthetics.

To help you with your hunt for the best wedding venues in Philadelphia, here are the current top ten wedding destinations the state has to offer.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Address: 1020-South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2157330390

For couples who are big on culture and art, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is a stellar wedding venue known for its funky ambiance. This property is essentially an art gallery that has both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The property is notably popular for its mosaic installation, which took over 14 years to finish. Moreover, the entire venue space is packed with an array of various textures and colors, a number of folk sculptures, and a range of handcrafted tiled mirrors and other one-of-a-kind art pieces.

The Bartram’s Garden 

Address: 5400-Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2157295281

Garden has been one of the premier wedding venues in Philadelphia for a number of good reasons. In fact, the property was the very first established botanical garden in the country.

This wedding venue is ideal for small and more intimate outdoor weddings given the scenic views the property provides. Moreover, the Bartram’s Gardens also offer a stunning garden venue setting that couples can use for their wedding ceremony.

When you choose to tie the knot in this wedding venue, you’ll enjoy the majestic views of the Philadelphia skyline as your wedding backdrop.

Beat Street Station

Address: 4401-Cresson St., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2155083000

Formerly a transportation facility for the residents in Manayunk before being transformed into an exquisite event venue, the Beat Street Station is hailed as one of Philadelphia’s most prized secrets.

The venue is perfect for couples who are on the lookout for a place with a historic ambiance with a combination of modern touches. The Beat Street Station offers a remarkable cosmopolitan style and feel.

Lastly, this three-story wedding venue offers event space for intimate weddings involving a max of 50 guests and a more spacious reception that can accommodate up to 250 guests.

Knowlton Mansion

Address: 931-Rhawn St., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2157228082

The Knowlton Mansion was originally designed in 1879 by the well-renowned architect Frank Furness and was later renovated. The property’s structure has remained intact and the renovation has only made a number of modern touches to the place.

The mansion boasts a similar style to the Victorian era, which makes the entire property look and feels exceptionally luxurious. All weddings held at the Knowlton Mansion definitely enjoy the unique warmth and lavish ambiance the place offers; thus, making your big day a bit more special and romantic.

Marry Me Philadelphia

Address: 8111-Oxford Ave., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2155897000

Just as the venue’s name suggests, Marry Me Philadelphia is one of the top-notch destinations for wedding events in the state. This wedding venue is perfect for couples who desire to have an elopement-style wedding with the people closest to them.

This small two-story brick townhouse offers a unique indoor space with small seating space, hardwood flooring, contemporary interior pieces, and an abundance of natural light.

Lastly, Marry Me Philadelphia also provides a photography service that couples can use for their big day.


Address: 401-S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2159232500

If you are looking for a unique wedding setting where you and your future spouse can exchange your vows together, then you need to check out Moshulu. This historic sailing vessel was built by William Hamilton & Company in 1904 and it is also among the oldest vessels of its kind.

This wedding venue has been one of the top wedding destinations for couples who want to have an impeccable and one-of-a-kind wedding storybook while enjoying exceptional outdoor and indoor settings.

Ballroom at the Ben

Address: 834-Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2156275100

The Ballroom at the Ben is a world-class wedding venue in Philadelphia widely-renowned for its timeless sophistication and elegance. The entire property gives off a European feel with its mezzanine level overlooking the property’s majestic ballroom and dazzling chandeliers.

When you choose to rent the venue for your wedding day, you, your future spouse, and your guests will definitely enjoy the exquisite culinary masterpieces prepared by the Finley Catering Company.  

Stotesbury Mansion

Address: 1923-Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2155672910

Those who are searching for a wedding venue that showcases historic elegance and exceptional architectural sophistication would definitely fall in love with the Stotesbury Mansion. This three-story mansion has been one of the go-to venues for traditional wedding celebrations in the state.

The wedding venue boasts its Stotesbury Ballroom which is spacious enough to hold both a wedding ceremony and reception. Moreover, the mansion’s second level features a couple of bar areas while the third level serves as a cozy space for relaxation.  

The Liberty View

Address: One North Independence Mall-West, 6th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2159652300

The Liberty View is a first-rate wedding venue in Philadelphia that features the majestic vistas of the Independence Mall. This wedding venue boasts a number of lavish amenities such as its Liberty View grand ballroom and terrace, a massive hall, a pre-event room, and another smaller terrace.

All of the exquisite features and amenities provided by The Liberty View make the entire venue inexplicably romantic; thus, allowing couples to achieve their perfect wedding.  

Cescaphe Ballroom

Address: 923-N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA

Phone Number: 2152385750

The Cescaphe Ballroom is perfect for couples who are on the lookout for a wedding venue that is able to accommodate up to 300 guests. This wedding venue is essentially a movie theater that provides the ultimate sophistication and elegance that allow couples to turn their dream wedding into reality.

Moreover, the Cescaphe Ballroom offers a number of exceptional amenities including two spacious cocktail areas, an outdoor garden yard, and an indoor lounge.


There you have it! These are some of the best wedding venues in Philadelphia to tie the knot. We hope this guide makes it easy to select the perfect wedding venue in Philly.

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