Top 10 Wedding Venues in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma is an excellent wedding destination because many geographical wonders surround it. On top of that, this is a state that not only embraces diversity in many aspects but also offers you so many creative options for your wedding.

If you are interested in having your wedding in Oklahoma, then you are on the right page. This article contains a shortlist of the top 10 wedding venues in Oklahoma.

Daffodil Hill

Address: 3801 North College Ave., Bethany, Oklahoma

Contact: |

The Daffodil Hill is a great choice for intimate weddings. It can hold up to a hundred guests for the celebration. The venue is elegant while remaining affordable. It also offers you your dream wedding with convenient packages and exceptional staff service.

Suppose you particularly love being surrounded by ample flora and fauna on your wedding day. In that case, this is a location worth considering for that reason

Oklahoma City Zoo

Address: 2000 Remington Place, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 425 0289

It may seem quite odd to be married in a zoo, but this is more than just a trend in Oklahoma. With a cantina that can hold up to 250 guests, and a staff team geared to help events flow smoothly, this zoo can give you unparalleled views for your big day. Although you may not be able to use every bit of the outdoor space, this venue is a great option for the many opportunities for photoshoots. This is a perfect option if you have a love for animals.

Skyline on Bricktown Canal

Address: 12 E California Ave., Ste 300, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact: / 405 698 1757

The Skyline in Bricktown Canal is a classic favorite for both daytime and nighttime events. It gives you a spectacular view of the canal and downtown Oklahoma as you go about your celebration.

It has an indoor ballroom that can hold up to 250 guests and offers you access to their rooftop patio spaces. The best thing about these venues is that you barely need to do redecorating to make the place suit the wedding.

The Capitol View

Address: 5201 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact: / 405 641 3711

Modern and elegant, here is another venue that offers you a great rooftop view of downtown Oklahoma. However, this venue is a blank canvas that will give you so many opportunities to practice your creativity, and the accommodating staff will be there every step of the way.

Their amenities can cater to 200 guests and are even insured and accessible to the handicap. Off the bat, this is one of those wedding venues that will just cut it for any couple to be married.

The Palace Event Center

Address: 2310 N. Banner Rd., El Reno, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 350 7438

With its Old World interior style and lavish furniture, the Palace Event Center will transport you to a new place in time with its beauty. You have two options to choose from in this venue – whether to use the Palace for your wedding package or to use the Chateau instead. The former can hold up to 300 guests, but the latter is ideal for more intimate celebrations with a little over a hundred guests.

Clauren Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Address: 6000 W. Waterloo rd., Edmond, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 412 8630

This is yet another unique venue for a wedding, but a winery reception isn’t new to Oklahomans. This is among the options that offer rustic elegance, homely comfort, and a full house of wine tasting. The indoor and covered outdoor event space can cater to 150 guests, and it is the perfect choice for wine lovers and connoisseurs.

Esperanza Ranch

Address: 23400 North Luther rd., Luther, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 380 8868

Wide enough to accommodate up to 200 guests and just the right amount of bareness to spark your decorative creativity, the Esperanza Ranch offers the classic Oklahoman country wedding.

You are offered vast picturesque views surrounding the venue, and it promises you an experience that is just far from the city. This venue also offers a wide array of amenities to give you a comfortable and convenient experience.

Gaillardia Country Club

Address: 5300 Gaillardia Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 302 2875

Traditional, straightforward, and nothing short of grand, the Gaillardia Country Club can accommodate up to 400 of your guests in its well-lit classically-designed banquet halls for the reception

Ceremonies can be held at the gazebo of the golf course. At the same time, you are all subjected to panoramic views of lush greeneries and water features. The staff also helps in making the whole program flow smoothly for everyone’s convenience. 

The Patriot Golf Club

Address: 5790 N Patriot Drive, Owasso, Oklahoma

Contact: 918 272 1260

If you’re one for outdoor ceremonies, then the Patriot Golf Club is a good option for you. It can accommodate up to 300 guests for your wedding, and you will all be subjected to an amazing view overlooking cityscapes, valleys, woods, and landscaped grounds. This is a particularly ideal choice if you prefer a surrounding open space with ample sunlight for your event.

Rose Briar Place

Address: 11900 N Council Rd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Contact: 405 603 7673

This venue has made its name over the years and garnered awards for its excellent service and straightforward functionality. This is a great choice because you’re on a budget and would prefer not to fuss over any details.

Furthermore, Rose Briar has plenty of in-house amenities and services that can help the overall flow of your celebration, and you won’t even have to worry about things going wrong. Basically, their team says, “bring the dress, and we’ll do the rest.”

Final Words

To conclude, we have laid out all the best options you can choose from for your wedding ceremony to the reception – from indoor beauties to outdoor spectacles. Oklahoma is a beautiful place to tie the knot because it has so much culture and character to it. With that, we hope this helps you in determining which of these will suit you best. Good luck!

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